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Jul 29, 2019
This Server is closed!
New Server at http://forum.feed-the-beast.com/thr...ogy-1-7-10-whitelist-hosted-in-germany.51942/

Rene8888's Unstable 1.0.8

The goal with my server is to achieve a nice community living in villages around spawn. Nobody should be alone in the wilderness with anybody around.

About me:
I am Rene, 17 y/o and from Austria. I play Minecraft since Beta and modded Minecraft since 1.2. I am almost at any time of day on my Teamspeak (ts3.rene8888.at) open for questions. Most of the time I won't talk, because my mic is pretty broken and I would annoy everybody with the noise... :D

Difficulty: Normal
Banned Items:
  • Tinkers Construct Drawbridges due to crash bug
  • Gany's Nether Inventory Binder due to crash bug
Disabled Mods:
  • Gasses (Why? Everybody was annoyed by this mod...)

Server IP: server.unstable.rene8888.at
Dynmap: http://map.unstable.rene8888.at/ (Currently disabled. Will be back soon!)
Teamspeak: ts3.rene8888.at

  • No Stealing
  • No PVP if not permitted by the Victim
  • Don't build lag machines
  • Ender Quarry instead of BC Quarry (We exchange Ender Quarry for BC Quarry)
  • Don't chunkload unnecessary areas
  • Try to build near spawn or build villages together
  • Don't abuse iteam dupe glitches
  • There is no area protection! Be fair and nice to each other
  • Respect server staff and all other players
  • All other rules like no hacking, cheating, xray, ...

Slots: 16 (can be easily increased)
Server Location: Nuremberg Germany
Server Specs: 32GB RAM, Intel Xeon E31270v3 Quad Core with Hyperthreading, 6GB RAM assigned to this server


Whitelist Application
I handle the application with Google Docs to keep this thread clean:
Registration Form: Rene8888's Unstable Registration
Registered People: Registered People Spreadsheet

I will post an answer if any new people are in. If I forget about you or you are not getting whitelisted please PM me or post it in this thread!

I hope I will see you in the server soon!
- Rene8888
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Jul 29, 2019
Hello there, I've just sent an app and hope you will see it asap as I am eager to join ;)