[Recruit]Murder at Monocon Reborn!


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Nov 27, 2012
Greetings good sir and madames! This is murder at monocon, a classic werewolf game from way in the beginning of the second wave of werewolf. Back before we really got organized with it actually. Anyways, this is a relatively simple game, no hidden rules or roles, but plenty of secrecy and suspicion! However, I may have forgotten a few things here or there, but if I did, I'll make that information public.

Team Werewolf: Wins by outnumbering or equaling the chaps. However, if there are less non-wolves than wolves, some wolves may die in the epilogue.

Werewolf: Generic wolf #1

Moon-moon: Must be dead for the wolf team to win.

Were-vamp: If this role is in play and the wolves fail to get a kill for whatever reason, the werevamp will kill a random player (whatever alignment) and reveal themselves to the town at the same time. If he attacks a vampire with this ability, he dies. If he fails to get a kill with his ability, he dies.

Team Villager: Must kill all wolves to win.

Chap: Generic villager. Can vote twice in one day once per game. This vote is done in secret through PM.

Investigator: The seer. Every night, the investigator checks a player of their choice to see what team they're on.

Priest: Hands out blessings. He can only have one blessing active at a time. He can bless anyone except himself. Any blessed player will survive a single fatal event, be that a lynching, wolfkill, wasp poison, etc. A player cannot be blessed the same night they used a blessing. Meaning you can't survive two kills in one night.

Muscle Man: The bodyguard. Can stand outside the door of one player a night. This player then cannot use their night powers and is immune from night powers. If the muscle man is lynched, he duels with the original accuser, being the first person who voted for them that day. Even if they change their vote later. When this happens, the muscle man kills the accuser in the duel and survives to live another day.

Medium: Once per game can ask a yes or no question to a dead person of their choice. The contacted spirit can lie or tell the truth, it's up to them. When killed, he can leave a 3-word message to the living.

Adulterer: Can kill one person per game. Once this power is used, the adulterer is converted to a murderer, and joins team CROST, switching to their win condition.

Team CROST (Chap Robbing Organization Syndicate Thingie): Wins individually. Players win by surviving to the end of the game. Every member loses if the investigator is alive at the end.

Nobody: Nobody actually has this role, but he's the bellhop who's been embezzling from the hotel. This is the typical nobody.

Identity thief Generic criminal #1. Has the same extra vote as the villager.

The Unicorn: Can check one player per night to see their role. Also has 3 decoys he can use to change how the searched player looks to the investigator. The possible roles to change to are Chap, Identity theif, or Wolf. This does not affect that player's role or win condition, only what the investigator sees when he scans that player.

The Wasp: Can kill one person per game, granted that player had voted to lynch the wasp at one point or another. The person is notified that they were poisoned and if the wasp dies that night, then the poisoned player will be cured.The poison takes a full day to take effect.

Vampire: feeds off of the blood of the dead. If nobody dies in any night, he kills a random player and reveals his identity to the town. If he kills a wolf, he dies. If he fails to get a kill when it triggers, he dies.

Murderer: Converted adulterer. Nothing special. Looks like a chap when they're checked by the investigator.

Order of Operations: Lynch, muscle man, wasp, blessing, investigator/unicorn, adulterer, wolf kill, vampire attack.
Chap and ID theft votes are technically day powers and activate during the lynch.

There can and probably will be duplicate roles. However, there are only one unicorn, wasp, and moon-moon.
Standard werewolf rules apply. One note being the wolves do not need to make an attack each night if they don't want to.
There is a nobody. If he's killed, it counts as a mortal kill to vampires.
If you have any qquestions or concerns, feel free to ask away.

Player list: Village wolf Crost
  1. Strikingwolf
  2. sgbros1
  3. Pyure
  4. SoraZodia
  5. RJS
  6. Someone Else 37
  7. the_j485
  8. eeffoc
  9. VictiniX888
  10. VikeStep
  11. fowltief
  12. SpwnX
  13. Lethosos
  14. Jus2beast
  15. LivingAngryCheese
  16. ljfa
  17. Shazam08
  18. dylanpiera
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