Quick and Dirty How to on pink slime.

Discussion in 'Community Showcase' started by Saice, Jun 19, 2013.

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  1. Saice

    Saice New Member

    ok you see how the pipe is more pink. That is pink slime it can not go in the same tank as liquid meat. Just add another tank to the side of the pipe and you will bleed the pink stuff off and meat will start flowing again.

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  2. draeath

    draeath New Member

    Arise thread long since dead!

    I'm having some issues with pink slime. Whenever I try to place it in the world, it just places... a pink slime liquid block - that begins to flow and act like water etc. No pink slimes to murder. I can pick it back up in the bucket just like you'd expect with other fluids.

    ... am I being an idiot?
  3. PierceSG

    PierceSG New Member

    I think you've to let it sit for a while? At least I do not have a problem with it spawning.
  4. casilleroatr

    casilleroatr New Member

    Are you sure its the pink slime and not the liquid meat?
  5. draeath

    draeath New Member

    Yes. I even gave myself a bucket via NEI to be certain.

    I'll have to try letting it sit - I've only let it flow about 5 seconds.
  6. casilleroatr

    casilleroatr New Member

    I knew it was a stupid question I was just going out on a limb. The only other thing I can think of is that it might not work if you are on peaceful, else it might be a bug.
  7. Saice

    Saice New Member

    This would be my first assumption as if your are on peaceful you can place the pink slime block but it never spawns a mob.
  8. Zealstarwind

    Zealstarwind New Member

    I've actually found an easier way is just attaching a loop of liquiduct and two portable tanks, kinda works for me but I only needed pink slime for one, I used slime embiggening serum on my one I spawned till it popped, got more then enough slime for several lasers/chargers I'm a bit curious, what's the actual max for this laser?

    Sorry lemmi explain further since I confused myself with that, I put the four liquiducts on my grinder/meatpacker with the other 2 connections having 2 portable tanks next to each other, I kept making the meat until one filled with pink slime, it almost always outputs to both the one with pink slime and one with the liquid meat.

    Will find a picture if I can..
  9. Saice

    Saice New Member

    If done right this will work fine unless ether of the tanks empties out and then becomes a valid place for any liquid again. Since most running a slaughterhouse are going to want to pipe their liquid meat to be processed more setting up the router means you never have to worry about pink slime going into your meat processing system and locking it up.

    But if all you want is some pink slime then sure that works as you are most likely going to use the meat for anything nor care about it running long term.

    What do you mean Max? Max pre-chargers? That would be 4.
  10. Zealstarwind

    Zealstarwind New Member

    I meant max power it can handle, I've never really gotten past four 36hp boilers. and I even took out the energy cells as buffers since they were lowering the output by a lot more then I realized
  11. Saice

    Saice New Member

    Something like 200k MJ a tick I believe. You can feed it more but that is the most it can use each tick.
  12. Zealstarwind

    Zealstarwind New Member

    I think I have a new survival challenge...
  13. Rixxaw

    Rixxaw Guest

    Do you people SERIOUSLY use those pipes? 2 pages of posts about how to use a broken pipe system? Just throw an extra-utilities liquid tranfer node on the back of the MFR Slaughter thingy i have to do to get a pink slime, and then pop down 2 tanks beside it... Game over man.
  14. Someone Else 37

    Someone Else 37 Forum Addict

    In case you didn't notice, this thread was last posted to in 2013. Extra Utilities did not exist or at least was not well known back then. The only other fluid transport systems available at the time was Buildcraft pipes.
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  15. Watchful11

    Watchful11 Forum Addict Team Member Third Party Pack Admin

    Thread locked due to age. Create a new thread if you want to discuss the topic.
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