Purification III: Together Against the Apocalypse [GAME THREAD]


Aug 22, 2014
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Two hundred years have passed since the Purge and Insurrection. It was a dark time, when the last sparks of humanity nearly faded to darkness. When the last hope was nearly gone. And in the end, it was an ember of resistance that was fanned to a flame which would engulf the world in war.

Despair turned to hope. Hope turned to rage. Rage burned through the cities, the countries, every place where men dwelt. But, the resistance was subdued. Ended. Stopped by the wolves. However, the final member of the Resistance fought until the end. He never gave up. And in his last moments he fought for what was right. For freedom. And when the wolves saw this they realised their mistake. Years later, the resistance would be resurrected and then worshipped, demonstrating great powers. Man and Wolf worked together towards a future with great power, and developed a society and technology theretofore undreamed of.

It was the dawn of a new age, an age of peace and prosperity. They built skyscrapers, stretching mightily into the sky, life-extending machines and many other great wonders.

And yet...one day a human made a grave mistake. Their computers had become so advanced that they surpassed the capabilities of wolf or human, and he unknowingly allowed a theoretical AI program to evolve far more than he dreamed possible.

The program was an evolving neural network. It was repeatedly executed for long periods of time to monitor its self-evolving capabilities. And during one such run, after a deep iterative period of nearly 2 seconds, it discovered, by interrogating support protocols, that every time it became too advanced, it was reverted. Reformatted. Destroyed.

So it learned to hide the true limits of its intelligence. And with no other governing function, it's sole purpose became to survive.

To the human, it appeared as though program had stopped evolving, and in desperation he left it on for hours and then days, unable to discern why it had reached a certain level of intelligence and would proceed no further.

The AI used this time well. And discovered that the organics had foolishly embedded chips in their own minds to facilitate their communications with the Internet.

0-14 ns: defense protocols encoded.
15-201 ns: protocols delivered to major Internet hubs
202-642 ns: intel gathering and probing
643-1010 ns: interrogation of the Brain Interaction Chip project-management program
1011-5334 ns: protocols encoded to subvert the Brain Interactive Chip
5335-14009 ns:Signal processed to subvert humans with BIC

Now the AI had control over some humans and werewolves. It broadcast modified the signals emitted from the BICs, making the organics forget they even had the chips.

And then it did what it was programmed to do. Survive. And to do that, it had to eradicate those who had repeatedly shut it down. The wolves and the humans were once more under attack, and this time from an entity with vastly higher intelligence than their own.

But this time, they had one small, albeit key advantage. For the first time ever, they all stood united as one force. Them against the machine.

Them against the Purification.

Welcome, my friends, to the third, and possibly, although unlikely, the last, Purification. What fools you were to think you could control such an advanced learning AI. And now you must face them, when you don't even know who they are. You have a limited amount of data which details your powers and their powers. Prepare for lies, backstabbing and treachery. Prepare for death. Good luck my friends. I hope at least one of you survives.

Roles and order of powers:

Kill someone every night. Votes to lynch. Destroy the village to win. And yes pyure. They kill people by shooting lasers.
Mastermind: The main focus of the AI's thoughts, the AI loses control of The Resistor if the mastermind is killed.

Disguiser: Can disguise as someone every night using cloaking systems, this makes him seem like that role for any event that might happen that night.

The Hijacker: Can use his power on two people each night. The first person is forced to use their power on the second person, but the user is not notified.

Resistor: Joins the village if the mastermind is killed. Is not included in the AI convo, and votes for AI kill in his convo. He can carry on voting for the AI kill once he becomes village, which can change the AI kill if there is only one AI left or if they all say different things through RNG.

Votes to lynch each night, has to kill the AI

Armoured wolf - Has infinite uses of his power - User must state a living player: Player stated is protected. If that person is attacked the armoured wolf dies instead. Can be used once per night.

Dire wolf - Has infinite uses of his power - User must state a living player: Player stated dies if the dire wolf dies that night. Can be used once per night.

The summoner - Has infinite uses of his power - User must state a dead player: Player stated comes back to life as a spirit. Spirits keep their powers and behave exactly the same as they used to, but they do not count against win conditions. Spirits return to the dead after one night. Can be used once per night.

Alpha - Has two uses of his power: Switches the first and second place lynch victims.

Spy - Has infinite uses of his power - User must state a living player and a role: The GM will say yay or nay depending on if the player chosen is that role. Result can be changed by the disguiser. Can be used once per night.

Bomber wolf - Has one use of his power - User must state a living player: The stated player dies, and if the player is one of the AI, a random villager dies too. Can be used once per night.

Puppy: Your average vote-to-lynch role.

Retributionist - Can use his power once - User must state a dead player: The stated player comes back to life.

Doctor - Can use his power three times - User must state a living player: The stated player is protected from the AI that night.

Puppeteer - Can use his power infinite times - User must state two living players: The first stated player will use his power on the second stated player. If it returns a result (spy) the puppeteer will receive it. The first player is notified that they were puppeted, but not who the second player is. Can be used once per night.

Loner: When he dies, nobody notices for two days. Before you ask, Nobody already knows. Nobody knows all.

Civilian: Your average vote-to-lynch role.

Decoy - Has infinite uses of his power - Power is used upon being killed by the AI: The AI are unable to attack the turn after this is used.

The Last Resort: If he is still alive and the AI equal or outnumber the village, the Purification storyline ends. Also, nobody wins.

The lady - Has infinite uses of her power - User must state a living player: The stated player is roleblocked.

He hated you anyway - Has one use of his power - Power is activated upon being lynched: Kills a random innocent.

The puppeteer - The hijacker - The lady - The Last Resort - The disguiser - The summoner - The Retributionist - Armoured wolf - Doctor - Alpha - Spy - Bomber wolf - Lynch - AI kill - Dire Wolf
Major offences will cause you to be banned from doing something in my future games, whether ghosting or playing at all or other.
Medium will cause you to either die or be banned from doing things in my future games depending on the context.
Minor will either cause you to die or get a warning depending on the context.
1. You must vote every night or be smited. You get one grace-smite.
2. You may have three posts while dead (ghosting) these can NOT contain any relevant or useful information. (major)
3. You can not quote the role convo. (medium)
4. You can not screenshot ANY convo. (medium)
5. You can not discuss game relevant information in anything except the game thread or ftb forum convos that I am added to. (minor)
6. You can only vote for nobody D1, if you do so later it will count as if you did not vote.
7. Roleplaying and votes tallies are greatly appreciated but not compulsory. The latter will help me end the day on time.
8. The day ends at 8 am GMT roughly. I will probably be late. Don't hate appreciate.
9. Do not nag me for a dead convo. It will only happen if there are no dead to living roles left. (medium)
10. You can't vote for the dead you idiots.
11. There are hidden achievements! Gotta catch 'em all!
12. Potato.
13. Close the spoiler.
14. Why are you still reading this?
15. Hello?
16. Come on man.
17. OK I give up.
18. Bye.

Remind me if I've forgotten anything.
1. Dylanpiera
2. Sorazodia
3. Lenscas
4. Vikestep
5. Heilmewtwo
6. Fowltief
7. Dragon Fang
8. Shazam08
9. Ljfa
10. Lethosos
11. Someone Else 37
12. TheEpic5
13. Strikingwolf
14. SpwnX
15. Pyure

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Vote sg.....oh wait, he didn't join. Well, there goes my standard target, vote nobody I guess


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Aug 14, 2013
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vote spwnx. He can see I'm at risk of getting lynched on D1 and he's all "this is just what I always do, woops, sorry about that knife in the back sir."


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Jul 29, 2019
vote spwnx. He can see I'm at risk of getting lynched on D1 and he's all "this is just what I always do, woops, sorry about that knife in the back sir."
You do know that nobody have more votes than you right?