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Pulverizers really.. slow?

Discussion in 'General FTB chat' started by tyler f, Feb 21, 2013.

  1. tyler f

    tyler f New Member

    I have never used a mostly MJ based system and I wanted to try it. I usually use rotary macerators+induction furnaces. Induction smelters are extremely powerful but I have been trying to make use of pulvs and I have 3 pulvs set up for two quarries intaking 12 mjt each so the output isn't a whole lot. Anyways, the pulvs are just sooooo slow it seems like even though they're powered by dedicated magmatics(4 mjt) for each of the pulvs. Is there something I am missing here or do people only call them overpowered because they're cheap? If so, what should i use to macerate ores that uses mj?

    I am also using the pulvs for sand production via cobble but only just enough to keep the smelters stocked, all the rest goes into void pipes
  2. CapturetheBomb

    CapturetheBomb New Member

    Pulverizers are not fast, they just give chance of extra dusts. I.e. Copper ore has a chance of producing gold dust.
  3. Greyed

    Greyed New Member

  4. Geometry

    Geometry New Member

    Thermal expansion machines are very intelligent. They will automatically adjust their speed according to the available amount of power. True, that they are probably not as fast even on full power as say a rotary macerator, however they do have their own perks. And if compared to a simple macerator, then they totally excel at the factor of speed not to mention that they are significantly cheap as well.
  5. Neirin

    Neirin New Member

    If you're using induction smalters you don't need pulverizers (other than those keeping the smelters full of sand). Using ore blocks will yield 2 ingots and a chance at rich slag which can be set used in place of sand to triple output (instead of doubling) for any ores you might want more of. It's still slower than a rotary macerator+induction furnace setup, but it's not all that bad.
  6. tyler f

    tyler f New Member

    Wait.. What you're telling me is, I don't need pulverizers at all?
  7. CrazyCoco

    CrazyCoco New Member


    For Induction Smelters, you can get the effect of doubling your ores without pulverizing them. This, however, requires the use of sand + ore, and gives you 2 ingots. So while you don't need a pulverizer, you must make up for it with lots and lots of sand.
  8. tyler f

    tyler f New Member

    Oh god, I have been doing it all wrong with pulvs then.. prepare for lols. Sorry for the second display, cba. I have been pulverizing and then smelting it with sand *facepalm*[​IMG]
  9. JasonZZ

    JasonZZ New Member

    Need them? No. But if you pulverize (many/most) ores first, you get a chance at one piece of secondary dust. Gold is the only common dust-producing ore I can think of that doesn't give you extras.
  10. Mero

    Mero New Member

    You need them to pulverize obsidian which is very necessary.

    You need to make hardened glass for Redstone conduits, Liquiducts, tanks and both frames. Both are far superior to BC conductive pipes and waterproof pipes.
    I also use them to pulverize cobble for sand to cook my iron with to get the rich slag from. I then use the rich slag for cooking my copper since that is the ore that I need more than anything.

    It's just not needed to double your ore output anymore.
  11. noskk

    noskk New Member

    Pulverizer now has 10% chance of getting extra dust, while induction smelter is @ 10% rich slag for gold ore and 5% for the rest, so you can choose which one you prefer..
  12. tyler f

    tyler f New Member

    Ok, another problem. The quarry will hit a vein and the induction smelter will only smelt two of the dust, so sometimes it gets jammed with only 1 of any given dust until it hits another vein of the same kind, how do you guys combat this?
  13. CapturetheBomb

    CapturetheBomb New Member

    Pipe the ore into hoppers to act as buffers. May need to make 2 or more, depending on flow.
  14. dc0110

    dc0110 New Member

    The hoppers will still feed in odd amounts though, you could use a filter or similar to only supply even numbers of ores.
  15. Memorian

    Memorian New Member

    use a buffer chest, to keep the ores inside, then add a sorting machine infront og that set to automatic sucking items out add the different ores and amount into it and set the tube to connect to a hopper above the furnace.
    You'll now have a timeless auto sucking system with overflow protection that only takes even amount of ores and have spares wait in the chest til others show up
  16. Vans321

    Vans321 New Member

    use a relay as a buffer as it will automatically eject items into the pulverizer, and it has 9 slots compared to the hoppers 4
  17. zilvarwolf

    zilvarwolf New Member

    I'd have to echo the above comments that say don't pulverize your ore before putting it in the smelter. For one thing, it does lead to the possibility of getting jammed up (and depending on where you get your sand from, it can take more power...if you create your sand, it looks to take right at the same amount). Unless you have a specific smelter for each ore type you're just better off feeding the ore directly in.

    My system keeps up with a single quarry pretty easily and is easily expandable. I have two igneous extruders feeding cobble into two pulverizers, which feed sand into two induction furnaces (and gravel into the void). The rich slag from those two furnaces runs into a relay that keeps a third furnace filled, and the only thing that one smelts is whatever ore I might be lowest on that is useful to me (gold, right now). Pulverizing the ore first is an early game solution that I try to move away from just as soon as I can.
  18. Mero

    Mero New Member

    I don't process ores directly out of my quarries. Everything goes into storage and then I process as needed or in anticipation of products that I will need that ore. Not that storage space is limited but ores take up less space than the doubled output.
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  19. KirinDave

    KirinDave New Member

    You can also use golems. Golems do this really well.
  20. King Lemming

    King Lemming New Member

    A single pulverizer should handle a max speed quarry without issue, it's just an issue of buffer space.

    Personally I feel that the ninja-speed IC2 machines are a bit much. Conversely, the IC2 guys feel that TE stuff is apparently OP. Meh, that's fair.

    In general they aren't super cheap, and the power generation is way more expensive on a base level - you just have a small chance of getting something extra. The Induction Smelter is technically faster and simpler in some sense, the bonus % is lower, but it does effectively allow for a transmute as well.

    It really just depends which resources you're going after and how you want to get there. 4 MJ/t is actually quite fast - it's about 1 operation per 5 seconds. Same for the Smelter. Amortized over time, a quarry doesn't find valuable stuff more often than that. Don't get me started on Dense Ore worlds. ;)

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