Percy Jackson and the Mafia of Olympus [Closed][signups]

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    Camp Half-Blood, Half-Blood Hill, Farm Road 3.141

    Long Island, New York 11954

    Oh hello there? Oh yes you! Please step over here, Welcome young demigod to Camp Half-Blood! It appears you are in fact new here! That’s just marvellous! Just marvellous indeed…
    So what are your particulars? I’ll need those for signing you up of course. Also take this folder, it includes the rules of camp


    - Due to recent events, days are 24H and midnight happens at 8pm CEST. I have no idea what Hemera is up to.


    - The gods—besides a few—still have complete power over the world. Ignoring their wishes, is a dead wish. Oh and if they have the desire to change something, perhaps a rule about camp, they will. Trust me.

    - If you’re late for a phase change, don’t expect it to be taken in account to what happens. Even if the update is posted late.

    - Nothing stops you from talking to other campers!

    - All mobile devices and cameras are prohibited. No pictures.

    - If you stay asleep for too long (2 days), the Cleaning harpies will come and eat you.

    - If there are any complaints, You can file them here.

    - Note by hades: If you try to escape my realm my talking after your dead I’ll personally make sure you’ll get send to the fields of punishment.

    - History is a sensitive subject here at camp. So don’t directly quote anything from your role PM. It may upset people. Including me.

    - Everyone has to wear a camp shirt. If you don’t you won’t be allowed to sign up. So be sure to show you’re wearing one when signing up for camp!

    - If you do not have a shirt, go get one at the souvenir shop there is a huge pile of them, you can just take em. But don’t upset the Dementer kids while you’re there

    1. Erindalc
    2. Fowltief
    3. Profrags
    4. The_J
    5. BigD
    6. Vikestep
    7. So37
    8. Sorazodia
    9. 016Nojr
    10. Shazam
    11. Pyure
    12. Victini
    13. RealKC
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  2. erindalc

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    Looks interesting... in
  3. dylanpiera

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    Will ping everyone in the morning gotta do some stuff now
  4. erindalc

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    I'll do it in a few minutes
  5. erindalc

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  6. erindalc

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  7. erindalc

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  8. erindalc

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  9. erindalc

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  10. fowltief

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    in! I don't know anything about the series...

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  12. profrags

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    In! I absolutely love the Percy Jackson books :D
  13. the_j485

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    Not that I'm joining but you guys really need to read the rules about signing up. I see ZERO proof of t-shirts!
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  14. Bigdbigd03

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    in I'll read rules later

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  16. Someone Else 37

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    I dunno what's going on with the whole T-shirt thing, so I'll just ignore it for now.
  17. SoraZodia

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    I'll wear the shirt if Dylan provides it for us

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    ...I don't remember that one from Greek mythology, Dyl. :p
  20. Pyure

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    I'm in. Couldn't find a decent camp shirt.

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