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    This weekend, Feed The Beast will be hosting our challenge map tournament series at PAX Prime in Seattle. Episode 1 - The Sentencing will be the first in a growing family of maps, currently identified as the Feed The Beast Trials, developed for the tri-annual FTB PAX tournaments. Participants will be invited to attempt to complete a plethora of herculean mod-based challenges in order to snatch victory from the looming jaws of defeat.

    Your objective? Escape.

    The tournament is currently scheduled for Saturday the 29th in the afternoon at 3:00PM before the CurseForge dinner with a trial run being conducted on Friday around noon. The tournament is open to all registered PAX Prime attendees (with valid Mojang accounts) and admission will be given on a first-come, first-serve basis.

    For this tournament, Curse has provided us with some incredible prizes including high-end gaming peripherals like keyboards, mice, and headsets, limited-edition FTB Tournament shirts, and vouchers for Curse Premium.​

    FTB Meetup:

    Feed The Beast will also be hosting a small meet-up on Friday outside the main entrance of the convention center at 1:30PM. FTB team members tfox83, watchful1, BigBadChris, Fireball1725, and progwml6 alongside some additional members of the modding community will be around to hang out and say hello. As we will be outside the venue, PAX tickets will not be required to attend.

    Be sure to follow the official FTB Twitter Account as well as the team member's personal accounts for more precise times.

    Official FTB Team Twitter
    tfox83's Twitter
    watchful1's Twitter
    BigBadChris's Twitter
    Fireball1725's Twitter
    progwml6's Twitter

    CurseForge Dinner:

    Just a reminder that CurseForge dinner invitations were sent out last week. If you registered, please check your email to complete your RSVP. ​
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    Will these "Trials" maps be available to download through the launcher at some point after each part of the tournanment is over? (As in after a winner is declared this weekend then the pack and map gets put on the launcher for those that couldn't get to PAX to play through at home).
  3. Watchful11

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    Yes, we'll push the map live as soon after the tourney as we have a chance.
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    Will the tournament be live on twitch or something, so we can watch it?
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    It says something when it has to worded that way. At least we don't need a premium minecraft account. That helps.

    I really like this. Though I am not the competitive sort. Still like it.
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    Think about it... How is anyone without a valid Mojang account going to log on for network play?
  7. DeathOfTime

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    I really need to remember to use Kappa. I keep forgetting it and it doesn't help matters much.

    No where does it say we need to log in to minecraft to be eligible for the contest or to participate in it. All it says so far is that we must have a valid mojang account, be attending, and have a valid Pax Prime registration. It doesn't say we need to supply the computer or internet connection either. Will we be needing those? I would hate to see all the disappointed attendees. That brought all this stuff because it wasn't specified what they would need.

    and, just in case.
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    Will We be able to play this at home at any time?
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    I think they supply you with your own, you don't have to psychically take the computer there.
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    He already answered this question.

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    Hey, I did something

    I'm bad at drawing but here it goes...


    (it was a school thing though, I wouldn't do it on purpose.
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    Would you mind putting it in a spoiler :)
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    sorry, didn't knew the image would be so big or that this forum had spoilers lol
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    Not a problem :p
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