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  1. PhilHibbs

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    I can confirm the contents of the chests, I thought that loot was different for different computers doing the generation, but no, I got a full set of steel tools, chestplate, and block. Steel Block! That's a massive step towards Feed Stations. I then got my old world working again after a major Mystcraft crash though so I won't be using this world.
  2. atlaloire

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    Just made a random single player on the Mindcrack ftb modpack and with this seed retrieved with /seed:


    I got a village in a forest directly where I spawned at, complete with both forestry and thaumcraft buildings and npcs, and a blacksmiths, all 3 with decent stuff. The entire forest is kinda a peninsula against the ocean, is also near a glacier biome and this really neat extreme hills style alcove crater thing. A great starter for some single player survival fun. Take a quick look at it :3
  3. 13rett

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    Direwolf20's pack
    spawn at -198 242 110 between extreme jungle, alpine, and shrubland
    at-66 -87 89 there is a thaumcraft monument with a sword of zepher and a disc for blocks 7 tin +others
    -146 200 119 there is another monument with the strad disc 4 iron 10 copper and 7 tin +others
    at around 0 150 there is 3 volcanoes separated by a river
    147 88 there is a mountainous desert village
    and a vanilla swamp and tundra around 97 334
  4. drthmik

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    Pack: Mindcrack
    Seed: Burlly or 2001079354
    Worldgen: Large Biomes


    Spawn within 500 blocks of a village (X: -328 Y: 75 Z: -894) and a Stronghold (X: -474 Y: 40 Z: -538)
    There is a wisp/dungeon/hill/thing near the village


    Deepest Mineshaft I've ever encountered with multiple exposed diamond connected to an extensive mineshaft/cave system connected to the stronghold (though the path is convoluted)

    Another mineshaft directly under spawn

    Tons of exposed ores!
  5. Cityracer

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    Any seeds with a green hills biome near spawn that is far away from areas with denser vegetation than the green hills biome? or a seed where spawn is a mushroom biome. I'm using the FTB Lite pack.
  6. Shizzle T

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  7. MFINN23

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    The one I'm playing currently spawns you in a fir forest but a green hills biome is one over. Definitely the best biome with a lot of silverwoods, my shop is situated between two silverwoods and don't have any problems with flux. I'll grab the seed next time I play and post it.
  8. MilConDoin

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  10. xBCrafted

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    Seed: 2102045648
    Mod Pack: Mindcrack Pack (v8.0.1) 1.4.7
    Config settings: Default world generation settings.

  11. xBCrafted

    xBCrafted Active Member

    Seed: -1578898479
    Mod Pack: Mindcrack Pack (v8.0.1) 1.4.7
    Config settings: Default world generation settings.

  12. IpOnly

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    Modpack: Direwolf 20 v5

    Starts you in a corner of a snow biome near plains and autumn forest. Two villages in walking distance, plus a small volcano.

    Water village chests include 4 thaumium ingots, iron chest, steel sword, steel boots, 3 knowledge fragments.
    Plains village chest includes a thaumium ingot, gold nuggets, glowstone dust. (no blacksmith)
  13. Purge_Hawk1

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    Seed: 2013
    Modpack: Mindcrack v8

    Spawns you in an autumn forest, used by a popular Youtuber; FyreUK
    For more details, visit:
  14. runlvlzero

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    I call this seed desertopia. It is one large desert surrounded by redrock, alpine, swamp, forest, and shrubland. Large biomes. Every biome is within 4 minutes or so of each other by walking in normal survival with no assistive gear.

    The map:
    Spawn in the *edit ~East. Alpine in the South. Redrock in the South West. Shrubland in the Northwest. Alpine in the North. Swamp in the East. Forest in the South East.

    Redrock Village:
    Rivers are near this scenic redrock village which has a mystcraft trader.

    One of the many scenic alpine biomes from the desert. This one is south of the redrock biome.

    A screenshot of spawn:
    There is a large but unremarkable village near spawn. Easy access to rubber trees and forest.

    Overall there are many villages and ruins in the desert and alpine mountains for exploration. I had been looking for a desert with redrock backdrop and this fits the bill perfectly. Even though the world is large biomes you won't want for villages or villagers to trade with. I plan on making mystcraft dimensions for harder to find biomes.

    The seed is 7909713485304520053
    Large Biomes

    Created with Direwolf v5.1.1
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  15. PhilHibbs

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    Pack: Direwolf20
    Seed: 1
    Features: Biggest volcano I've ever seen just to the north-east, two villages not far away to the north and north-west, north one in a very dramatic mountain valley and right next to a Zombie Pigman spawner, also beware of wisps! Not many rubber trees but I found a couple near the spawn eventually.

    *Edit* Oh, and depending on the precise pack version that you are using (since I can't re-create it with 5.0.1 or 5.1.1), the weirdest tree ever:
    Those are Sticky Pistons and Dispensers - the bottom one is a different orientation because I broke it to find out what it was.
  16. zZcube

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    Hello there!
    i was looking for a LONG long for a seed with spawn in a "redrock" biome.
    if someone can reply me i will be very nice... thx!
  17. sjipsdew

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    here: 1232875189
    when u get on check the big map and head towards the village Ps: there is a smithy and tower smithy has 2 steel chestplates, bronze boots, iron legs, steel head, 5 steel, and something else but i cant remember...
  18. RedOwl

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    Maybe this: 1083750426

    Redrock right at spawn. Nearby village with beekeeper. I used Mindcrack modpack.
  19. Bobblybook

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    Seed: 3912962221473464301
    MindCrack Pack (v8.1.1)
    All Biomes enabled in config (I think this is default)

    ---Bee Friendly!!---

    Should spawn in an Autumn Forest (if the seed loaded properly). I was trying to find a seed in an Autumn Forest which bordered a swamp and/or a nice snowy biome.
    At around [290, 250] there is a triple intersection on a strip of land of Extreme Jungle, Snowy Forest and Autumn Forest biomes, a perfect possible location for beehives!

    Extreme Jungle coastline (to the left of above image):

    Also another triple intersection of warm, cold and 50/50 biomes here:

    North of spawn is a large Ice Wasteland (in screenshot above), and northwest of that, a largeish meadow and swamp.

    Up to the northeast border of Autumn Forest, around [360, 30], is the border of some more Swamplands where I ended up starting my base.

    Not sure about village spawns - I play with them disabled in most biomes. Probably a few around.

    I also play with large biomes enabled, but the seed works with or without it. If playing with large biomes ON, just multiply coordinates by 4, it's exactly the same map.
  20. BrokenHearted

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    thank you so much, this is a great seed and for the info on the large biome trick! I had no idea that worked

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