No-No's of the Nations: The Re-Happening [Game Thread]


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Jul 29, 2019
Welcome back everyone! "an entirely experimental game focused on anarchy."
The experiment continues. And I do hope you will die.

  • There is no lynch. There is no smiting. There are no special roles.
  • YOU Yes. YOU! make the roles and the rules!
This will work as the following:

  • On D1 Everyone posts an idea for either an event or a role. (This will be Italic!) (instead of having a 48h first day it will be 24h)
  • On D2 everyone can vote for one role and one event (This will be underlined!)
  • On D2 everyone must vote on another player to vote them as mayor (This will be bolded!)
  • D2-3 a wolfkill will happen (like any nights from this point on) the top 2 voted events and top 3 voted roles will be implemented in the game and the mayor will be ellected
  • Any day after will have a wolfkill + some stuff done by the mayor + Whatever happens you guys implemented!
  • PS: Any funny way of bypassing any rule (like a role as: Knower: will get to know all players who are wolfs) Will not be valid.
Now in non-logical order. Any notes, Questions and whatnot will be posted below here about the game:

If you remember TTT you will know that everyone is a Terrorist! But only few are Traitors
Everyone in the game has the roll "Villager" But few have the trait "Wolven" and "Mayor"
Wolven Trait said:
Gets to vote for the nightly wolf kill
Mayor Trait said:
Can create, modify or remove an event and a role every night. Every even night(2,4,6) a new mayor is elected. Someone that has been a mayor can not be a mayor again. When killed a random player will be made mayor till next election. In the case where everyone has been mayor once. Everyone can be elected again

Q: What happens if the villagers elect a wolf for mayor
A: Well now the wolf has two traits.
Q: What happens if a new role is created
A: A random person (without a trait [wolven doesn't count]) will get the trait of that role.
Q: Can we create neutral roles(/traits)
A: Yes you can.
Creating of roles rules:
1. Roles may not be immume to wolf kill
2. Roles can only kill one person a day at max
3. Roles can not be given the power to create, modifiy or remove other roles or rules
4. Roles may have a specific win condition (will be a neutral role)
Creating of event rules:
1. Events can not be an outcome. "The whole village dies" is an outcome. "The yearly harvest failed" is an event. That the whole village dies because of that is an effect i'll determine
2. An event can be anything random. example from last game: "The village builds a spaceship and abandon their town to live in low orbit over earth. Heaven knows why." In this case it had no particular event on anyone. But anything could happen!
3. An event like a lynch can kill one person a day at max.
The Following definitions will be followed
Goreae's Definitions said:
  • Rule: something all players must follow. Cannot specifically target any one player, role, trait, etc. Must be something possible for a person in that situation to do. "summon cthulu" does not work. "Go to the clinic each night for mandatory skin inspections" is valid.
  • Role: any job a player has. Seer, sheriff, gravedigger, etc. Roles are randomly given to a roleless player upon creation. Roles only have one effect, and cannot give total immunity, and cannot give lynch immunity.
  • Law: made by giving a sacrifice to the gods. These are powerful private rules that bypass many of the guidelines. These can be used to kill someone regardless of protections, provide immunity to a certain type of damage, reveal, etc.
  • Death: Anything triggered by a death cannot be prevented, but can be deflected. For example, if a vigilante dies they are going to shoot their arrow no matter what, but if their target is protected, they won't die.
  • Action: Anything the village wants to do. This can be starting a new role, rule, or event.
  • Event: anything that the village does together, whether it be "summon cthulu", "build a spaceship and live in low earth orbit" or "paint the town red" doesn't matter. Every event has some sort of impact on the game.
If anything is unclear please ask. I've put together a bunch of text in here. And there are probbably things that are gonna be unclear.

If I deem a Role too overpowered I have all the rights to disallow the creation of it.

Any roles and rules and whatnot will be added to This (New) role sheet.

Day will end 5pm CEST

Now our lovely player list:
  1. Nobody
  2. LivingAngryCheese
  3. Victini
  4. SpwnX
  5. Dragonfang
  6. Shazam
  7. Lethosos
  8. Lenscas
  9. Pyure
  10. The_J
  11. RJS
  12. Fowltief
  13. TheEpic
  14. Eruantien
  15. Ljfa
  16. Fraction02
  17. Duckfan77
  18. Nojr
  19. So37
== Do not post untill I say you can. Thanks! ==
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Jul 29, 2019
You're now allowed to post in the thread!

Today, Everyone can post an idea for either a Role or an Event in the thread. (Atleast 5 idea's)

If you have any questions about if a role or event is valid, or just a general question. PM me before posting the idea.


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Dec 19, 2012
Look behind you
Fine then.
The recipient is given the power to convert one person per night to the villager team. The converted's name is announced the following day, and if they already are on the village team, it is announced as well.


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Jul 29, 2019
So I have a couple of ideas. Not 100% on their usefulness, but I haven't had my second cup of coffee yet.
  1. The role of a random person is released each night - in code, puzzle, or other logic game format (the format must be unique). The first player to correctly identify the person and their role will be granted protection against most forms of death for one night; if they are wolven, they are able to choose either this action, or to convert one villager into a wolf.
  2. The GM rolls a d20. The number it lands on corresponds to the player number in the OP (19s and 20s, as well as numbers for any dead players, are ignored; if the die lands on this number, re-roll). The player selected will be granted a wish (within reason). Examples of acceptable forms of wishes are reviving one dead player, engaging a shield upon themselves or another player, assassinating a selected player, or the like.
  3. The village constructs a bomb silo in the center of town. This will explode in 5 days' time from completion of construction, regardless of the number of remaining players, and will devastate the town. The silo takes two days to build and may be sabotaged during this time, extending its length.
  4. A mercenary may be hired, in exchange for a hostage from the town. This mercenary is guaranteed to shoot a wolf in 3 days or less. The hostage will be taken from the town and put to work in Mr. Twisty's Twisted Cheese Curls factory (for all intents and purposes, he is dead to the town). The hostage does not need to be a proven non-wolven role.
  5. The village is overrun by mole men. Houses collapse and half the town is swallowed into the earth. Half the players die at random (there will be wolves left).
  6. The first snow of winter sets in unexpectedly early, forcing villagers to stay inside. No actions occur for two nights.
  7. All water turns to liquid chocolate. This could prove deadly to villagers, but even more deadly to wolves.
  8. Solar eclipse. All sorts of things go wrong.
  9. The death star fires upon the town. Instant game over. I'm not sure why I included this one.
  10. All players develop amnesia, which only takes effect on the fourth day. Players' roles are scrambled from the remaining pool.
  11. A role that allows arbiting amongst votes. Can take two votes from an event, role, lynch or mayor vote and redistribute them. Not necessarily village-allied.
  12. A role that grants delayed true sight. Can see who performed what actions, two nights after they've occurred.
  13. A role that grants smite power. May instantly kill another player once.
  14. All players are made wolves by the Curse of the Harvest Moon.


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Jul 29, 2019
A whole bunch of stuff
Keep in mind you can not decide on what happens due to an event,
"The village is overrun by mole men." part is valid "Houses collapse and half the town is swallowed into the earth. Half the players die at random" Is invalid.

And how stronger a rule/role is the more a counterpart(s) is needed for it. If there ain't one given, or not enough, I'll decide on it.


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Jul 29, 2019
Role: Jailer. May imprison one player each night. Blocks any ability, and the jailed player is immune to death. Can talk to the jailed player via an alt. May execute one player during the game

Event: Rainstorm. It rains all day, there's no umbrellas and the roofs leak. Wet dog smell anyone?
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Jul 29, 2019
Why don't we just lynch one person each day who is selected through voting like usual?
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Jul 29, 2019
Current list of toughts and idea's: (keep in mind either one role & rule & event for each player)

The_J: [IDEA SCRAPPED INVALID] (Can't alter role of other players)
SpwnX: Paint the town blue. Everywhere.
016Nojr: Giving powerless roles a powerful thing (Be aware of implementation)
TheEpic: Everyone eats carrots from the local pharmacy.
Eruantien: [Please decide whice one you want to pick]
Livingangrycheese: Create a pharmacy to eat carrots from.
RJS: [Please decide whice one you want to pick]
Ljfa: Enact a daily lynch