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  1. antonkudin

    antonkudin New Member

    Here's my attempt. Ive made it more os x style, but it could probably look different with every os (and be more in style with it). For me java apps with "one size fits all" design approach always look jarringly out of place.

    Anyway, functionality wise:
    For me, launcher is for launching my game and, sometimes, tweaking what mods are installed.
    So, that's what i've put upfront. Don't really care for other mod packs, maps etc.

    Regarding mod editing, I also never understood why there are mod/jar/core tabs. Probably developers know the distinction, but I (and users) don't need to know that.

    Filter bar could be hidden via menu item.
    Someone suggested world/save management and backups, so i added hypothetical tab for that. could be useful. What also could be useful if mod edit window would show mod version number and update status. Probably impossible without proper infrastructure but still, just an idea for the future.

    Hope you like it,
    take care!

    ftb.jpg [DOUBLEPOST=1362259039][/DOUBLEPOST]I'm @antonkudin on twitter if you want to contact me.
  2. VikeStep

    VikeStep Too Much Free Time Mod Developer

    This is my favourite look out of every one of them, I have no complaints, and regarding the different mod tabs, if people want to add other mods like Optifine they put it in jar mods but most other mods are in the first tab.
  3. Branndailor

    Branndailor Active Member

    current layout is pretty nice but some changes like these would be cool.
    1. resizeable (win 7 snap compatible)
    2. notification area icon with the different packs/wiki/forum/news selections on right click
    3. wiki and forum direct link button
    4. customization of skins much like winamp... we all know a certain skin won please everyone, so why not give us the choice?

    just some thoughts. :)
  4. jjw123

    jjw123 Well-Known Member Retired Staff

    really nice job, theres a few things we'd do differently (more buttons, some for unannounced features)

    i really like the buttons to change the layout, allows for a lot of future expansion
  5. Lienbt

    Lienbt New Member

    1. I love the store/downloadables idea. It would keep it a lot more organized when they add more packs and addons.
    2. Packs i don't have downloaded from the Free Store shouldn't show up.
    3. The ability to create custom packs and name it. (With the ability to choose from all FTB mods)
    4. (not launcher related) More often UE updates.
  6. IHayzeU

    IHayzeU New Member

    I made a new one!

    Made the Mod list a bit smaller by request and changed a whole bunch of other stuff.

    Hope you like it :)
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  7. Yuka

    Yuka Active Member

    Altho there's a lot of great designs in this thread, I've noticed some tend to neglect adding somewhere showing what Minecraft version the pack uses, which is still quite useful for new players, or to know when a pack finally updates to the latest MC version, since not all packs update at once and there are some that work on older versions.
  8. IHayzeU

    IHayzeU New Member

    The only person who hasnt put the MC version visible when clicking on the modpack is antonkudin and he/she could add it in very nicely. But your point is valid and it is important to put the MC version on there for people to see
  9. Roamingkat

    Roamingkat New Member

    I would like to see a way to automate backup and restores of worlds within the launcher. Nothing worst than playing a world and it becomes corrupted.
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  10. MFINN23

    MFINN23 Active Member

    Don't care, ultimate pack? :D[DOUBLEPOST=1362297725][/DOUBLEPOST]Seriously though, no offense to the people that posted suggestions but the current launcher looks better. Personally I love it, can't see how it can get better. Making it run faster is gunna be awesome though.
  11. FunshineX

    FunshineX Well-Known Member

    Ultimate pack is out ;)
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  12. Looks awsome,I have a mac and it would fit right in, also love the different views and stuff.

    Also in the mod pack select you could have it so that after you click on a pack it asks you which version, and you can also save custom versions
  13. MFINN23

    MFINN23 Active Member

  14. Georgie

    Georgie New Member

    the prerelease is available, but it's a secret. ;)
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  15. MFINN23

    MFINN23 Active Member

    lies... -_-[DOUBLEPOST=1362324180][/DOUBLEPOST]Oh I see now. thanks :D
  16. thelavaknightdm2

    thelavaknightdm2 New Member

    where could one obtain this? or is it for certain people (like beta or the forbidden alpha testers)
  17. Type in ultimate as a pack code
  18. thelavaknightdm2

    thelavaknightdm2 New Member

    i literally just sh** bricks... lol
  19. Quietman

    Quietman New Member

    A resizeable window and I would just like to add that as a partially blind computer user I find light text on a dark background hard to read. Would it be possible to have an option of dark text on a light background?
  20. Sisrace

    Sisrace Member

    IT HAS TO BE BLACK OR DARK GREY! and i want to be able to see what the modpack really is. like playable trailervids etc. I want more info and i want it to be Clear what kind of mods and category it is and so on..
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