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Discussion in 'Mod Discussion' started by Gus, May 13, 2013.

  1. Gus

    Gus Active Member

    For a long time i have been searching for a website that has a list of stable Mystcraft ages all in one place. For lack of this website I have decided to post this thread for people to post their stable Mystcraft ages for public use.


    1. Ages must be habitable and mostly stable (no decay, negative buffs, fire, explosions, meteors, crumble, ect.) (charged is allowed to counteract instability)
    2. All stable ages are allowed, regardless of the usefulness of the age. (Ex: ages purely for cool looks are allowed even if they serve no real purpose.)
    3. All ages must be written according to the current writing system of Mystcraft.
    4. Put a Linking Panel at the beginning of your age, to reduce confusion.
    5. Put a Clear Modifiers page at the end of your age, just in case.
    6. Give credit to the person who wrote the age, if you don't know you don't have to.
    7. Post screenshots (optional)

    8. Age Posting Format:
    a. Pages Must be in order and grouped together EXACTLY like in the notebook before you stick it in the book binder.
    b. Please organize your groups of pages, even though it is not necessary for a stable age, it's just easier for the
    community to read and wright.
    c. Example of a Stable Lava Age (written by direwolf20) (Before Link Panel / Ink Mixer):
    1. {Ocean Biome, Single Biome} {Lava, Stone, Standard Terrain}
    3. {Normal Moon, Normal Stars} {Zero Length, Noon, Normal Sun}
    4. {Red, Sky Color} {No Weather} {Normal Lighting}
    5. {Clear Modifiers}​

    Note: Mystcraft has changed in the latest versions, there are some new pages and some of the pages names have changed, I will replace symbols in the stable ages posted here to fit the current version of Mystcraft.
    PM me if I left something out of the rules that should be there, and tell me if this thread is in the wrong section.

    Thanks - Gus
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  2. Sacrimantius

    Sacrimantius New Member

    I'm pretty sure this isn't how Mystcraft works mate... I'm 90% there is an element of randomness in the generation of instability in mystcraft worlds...
  3. Gus

    Gus Active Member

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  4. Sacrimantius

    Sacrimantius New Member

    Mmmm it may very well be possible to write an age that will never be unstable, however, it is also possible to write an age that generates as stable 4/5 times but still has a chance to roll unstable that 5th time.
  5. Gus

    Gus Active Member

    The only reason that would ever happen is if you have conflicting symbols in the age or if you left something out. Mystcraft is very specific about what it needs for a stable age, and if you put too much in or leave something out there will be instability. But if you wright the age correctly it will be stable 100% of the time. Sometimes, the reason an age is unstable is not obvious, for example if you have: {Zero Length, Noon, Normal Sun} {Zero Length, Rising, Normal Moon} and {Full Length, Normal Stars} This looks normal but Stars symbols do not require a length symbol so this age could generate with a small amount of instability. For someone new to Mystcraft this could be confusing because the Sun and Moon symbols need a Length symbol... So why not the stars? overlooked pages like this are what causes the majority of instability in peoples ages.
  6. Sacrimantius

    Sacrimantius New Member

    By that logic you could add clear modifiers to almost any combination of non-greedy symbols and always get a 100% stable world. I haven't looked into the code behind Mystcraft but I was under the impression that instability isn't a fixed value but more a fuzzy value that allows low instability worlds to generate unstably and high instability worlds to generate (relatively) stably.

    I'm more than happy to concede the point if someone show's me where I am mistaken. I would go about testing personally but I'm running Ultimate in my world primarily and it's bugged too badly for me to give it the patience I would need to conduct thorough testing. Seems like a good start though as it gives a lot of information about which symbols are needed and which ones directly add to the inability of a world. Also it's been a while since I watched DW's Mystcraft spotlight but wasn't he wearing a quantum suit to negate some of the instability of that lava world he generated?
  7. Gus

    Gus Active Member

    You can't expect to get a stable age from mashing a bunch of non-greedy symbols together and throwing in clear modifiers at the end, order is very important and it has to be structured.
    I haven't looked at the code behind Mystcraft and instability either so I could be wrong, but I have wrote, and perfectly duplicated stable Mystcraft ages.
    That link is a great place to find information about the symbols but some of the information on the page is out of date and is no longer true. But the symbols and what they do are up to date.
  8. Gus

    Gus Active Member

    I have read your guide and I was not saying that there was not a place to learn how to wright stable ages. I simply haven't found a website with lots of example ages. I see some people posting their ages in search of help in your thread, but I created this thread so people can post their stable ages that they created, not as a guide.
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  9. Lambert2191

    Lambert2191 Over-Achiever

    You obviously didn't have time to actually read and understand what this thread is about before jumping in asking people to use your guide.
    There is certainly a place for a thread like this and imo one that is very much needed. I hope some people come along with their ages soon for me to steal.
  10. whizzball1

    whizzball1 Forum Addict

    I am sorry, my post was rash and very unneeded. Deleted.
    I see the usefulness of this thread now. I will probably link this in my guide.
  11. Sacrimantius

    Sacrimantius New Member

    I'm back! With bad news... I was wrong... I hate being wrong on the internet :< but I apologise unreservedly Gus.

    Had a brief Twitter exchange with XComp and it appears if a world is unstable it will always be an unstable effect on it. I actually went and decompiled the mod to see what I could learn about the way instability is handled and learnt a number of interesting facts. Note: Whizz there are a number of things in your guide that aren't strictly 100% accurate but it's possible they are updates from the latest version.

    As a little note there are only 4 symbols that deliberately add instability all others are either related to missing symbols/extra symbols
  12. natnif36

    natnif36 Well-Known Member

    Any tips on what those 4 symbols are?
    Apart from the obvious dense ores of course...
    Are they the ore modifiers? Such as diamond ore? But that would bring the total up to more than 4... Coal, iron, lapis, diamond, gold, redstone and dense ores is 7...
  13. Lambert2191

    Lambert2191 Over-Achiever

    This was pointed out within hours of his writing it.
  14. Gus

    Gus Active Member

    No need to apologize Sacrimantius.
    The 4 symbols that deliberately add instability are Charged, Meteors, Spontaneous Explosions, and the fourth one escapes me, Dense Ores will not make an unstable age more stable, it will only make it unstable to begin with.
  15. natnif36

    natnif36 Well-Known Member

    Hmm, ah, I was mixing up the world itself being unstable, and THAT instability, with the effects this can bring, which you are calling instability.
    The fourth is scorched surface, it sets you on fire whenever you can see the sun.
    But however, certain sbols such as dense ores will make an age unstable, regardless of no missing symbols and/or dangling modifiers.
    Anyone know what THESE are? They were what I wanted to know .
  16. Gus

    Gus Active Member

    I think some of the structures like crystals, glowstone crystals, dungeons, and villages can cause instability under some conditions, but I don't know what the conditions are.

    Also, here is a stable void age I made for my single player:
    1. {Mushroom Island, Single Biome} {Void}
    2. {Zero Length, Noon, Dark Sun} {Zero Length, End, Dark Moon} {Ender Starfield}
    3. {Boundless Sky} {Standard Lighting} {No Weather}
    4. {Clear Modifiers}

    This age looks awesome with render distance on far, you can see for miles of ender void and clouds. It is perfect for a nexus on a server. although it will only allow solars to generate as if it were night.
  17. Ember Quill

    Ember Quill Well-Known Member

    Here's a mining age I primarily created to get Apatite. It''s not exactly "useless" for other ores, but getting to the other ores is a PITA since it creates a flat world with a surface somewhere around y level 180. Nothing spawns that high except Apatite and Amber, and you'll get A LOT of excess cobble from a quarry set that high.

    Extreme Hills, Single Biome, Flat (creates a flat, high-altitude, Extreme Hills biome)
    No Weather, Zero Length, Noon, Normal Sun, Normal Moon, Normal Stars (Basically no weather and eternal day)
    Standard Lighting
    Crystals, Glowstone Crystals, Lakes, Lava Lakes (Adds Mystcraft Crystals and Glowstone on the surface, underground lakes/lava)
    Clear Modifiers

    For a lower-altitude, more convenient mining age, replace Extreme Hills with another biome (and ONLY ONE biome unless you replace Single Biome with a different biome controller)

    I had written up a big tutorial on how to write a stable age, but then my laptop died and I lost the whole thing. I was about to rewrite it when I realized I was just consolidating and rephrasing information from the Symbols page on the Mystcraft wiki. Literally everything you need to know about writing a stable age can be found there.
  18. Gus

    Gus Active Member

    Does anyone know of a way to make solar panels generate at full power in an age with {Zero Length, Noon, Dark Sun} and {Ender Starfield}?
    Solars in my void age only generate as if it were nighttime. Is the Dark Sun the problem, or is it the Ender Starfield?
  19. Sacrimantius

    Sacrimantius New Member

    Potentially Gus but I haven't looked into the interactions between mods.

    I've been away for a bit but just got back to my computer and had time to have another look at the code.

    To clarify the 4 symbols that directly add unstable effects to the world are:

    Charged (lightning)
    and Scorched.

    There are however 2 symbols that add an amount or instability which are Dense Ores and Accelerated. These add 600 and 275? instability respectively. This value is then used to determine how many unstable effects are added to the world.

    I also had a quick look and Dungeons, Strongholds, Villages all seem to have a cap of 3 symbols before they beginning adding instability. This seems to be almost globally the case.
  20. connerity1

    connerity1 New Member

    Somewhat related question (and I don't think it deserves it's own topic):

    Do Gregtech's Lightning Rods work with the mystcraft unstable lightning strikes?
    Would be something new to build, unstable lightning power plant.

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