Murder at Monocon Game Thread!


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Nov 27, 2012
It may be late, but it's here. So here's the skinny:

You pleasant a reasonable chaps are all patrons of the marvelous and illustrious Monocon! You have all by chance ended up staying in the same hotel, the wolderful and luxurious Stashmore! Of course, the first thing you notice is the sign is busted. The little platformy thing at the top of the T isn't lighting up, making the sign read Slashmore. This is absolutely not foreshadowing any future events whatsoever. You have no idea why anyone would think that such gruesome events would take place.

Anyways, as honorable gentlemen, each one of you reported this malfunction immediately to the doorman. He says he knows but thanks for telling him. You say you're welcome.

During the evening, you hear a series of bloodcurdling screams followed by loud clunks. You discover that your windows have been blocked off by Stirling silver shutters. You know of course that this is standard werewolf containment gear and means that a werewolf is on the prowl. Well at least one. You think.

In the morning, you hear the police outside. You ask to be let out. They say no. They also say that they called in for a werewolf pruning squad but they'll take a few days to get there. Maybe a week or two. You are rather disconcerted by this information. They say it'll be fine. They do have a single wolf testing kit after all. They'd have more and a wolf suppression team but they're dreadfully underfunded and anti-wolf stuff is really freaking expensive. You don't even know.

So now, here you are, with one wolf testing kit and not much else. Little do you know however, this kit is expired. It would read positive no matter who you use it on, even if it's a potted plant.

Now you've all decided to vote on who to test. Being fair and democratic and all. (yes this means whoever is lynched tonight will die as normal)

Oh, and all the hotel staff is dead. Did I mention that? I think I may have. At least the wolves were kind enough to stuff all the corpses in the office so you don't have to trip over them. Nothing worse than a discourteous wolf.


Day end:

Player list:
  1. 016nojr
  2. CorpseCat
  3. dylanpierra DEAD - Medium
  4. erindalc
  5. fowltief
  6. frederikam DEAD - Chap
  7. lethosos
  8. LivingAngryCheese DEAD - Identity Thief
  9. profrags DEAD - Chap
  10. Pyure
  11. RealKC
  12. robijnvogel
  13. Someone Else 37
  14. SoraZodia
  15. strikingwolf
  16. vikestep
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Jul 29, 2019
I have my last exams tomorrow so today i'm not gonna be doing much i'll try my hardest to do so D2 tho ;)

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May 8, 2013
vote Robin

And I may change it to something more logical later than usual this time, since I'm pretty busy.

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Jul 29, 2019
*petpets Fred* Don't stress too much, everyone gets one of those days as part of their annual allotment.

Oh, and ##vote Fred

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