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Discussion in 'Direwolf 20' started by hoodster25, Jan 17, 2013.

  1. killkid3600

    killkid3600 New Member

    Hey hood i am just wondering about my application too could i grab a bit of info on that?.
  2. redfire0

    redfire0 New Member

    Why You want to join: I want a multiplayer server to play on
    Time Zone (or Country):Central USA
    Age: 12
    Do you have Skype, if so, what is it (Optional):yes, ben.lawton99
    Past Experience:I play these modpacks alot and i know most of the stuff
    Any Special Skills:I really know machines than any other stuff
    Do you know anything like lua (ComputerCraft):I dont know any lua i wish i did
    What do you want to build:I want to build a house with lots of machines and lots of stuff you do
    Have you been banned on any other servers:A few that werent ftb
    What is the reason why you want to help me:someone said me and a friend were hacking but we werent and the person that said we were hacking were friends with the admins and owner
  3. hoodster25

    hoodster25 New Member

    I am sorry but I will have to deny your request, mainly because that I am still ify about your age, we do talk about some adult stuff sometimes and the last thing i need as well is a young person like you (people who are as young as you) rage for a small little thing, so I am deeply sorry to say this. Especially becuase I like your build that you had shown me which not many others have actually followed by my application to the note. Also if you are still interest in joining, please do send me a pm.
    As you said in your application you are rusty on the mods and and I am not sure if you will be able to help if you don't know the mods, also you need to elaborate on why you were banned on two different servers.
  4. hoodster25

    hoodster25 New Member

    Hey Guys dont update yet!!
  5. hoodster25

    hoodster25 New Member

    Hello Everyone,
    If you have tried getting on the server and have not been able to get on, this here is the reason why.
    I have currently have quieted my job, even though that I was getting minimum wage I did not mind paying for the server and seeing it was for a good cause as well. Unfortunately since I have quieted, I have no money to fund the server no more, do not worry, I have backed up the server onto my Laptop I do believe, but even then the server actually needed to a map reset anyway too. But do to the series of unfortunate events I cannot fund the server anymore, BUT I have been offered another job at where I go to school (I am in College). In a MONTH time, I will have a new server up and running and better than what I have now, and also another thing that has happened to why I had stopped paying was that it was going to take a far too long to get approved from the Cancer Society to VALIDATE/APPROVE for me to do the charity stream, was told "take over a months time for processing" (direct quotes). So in return unfortunatley I do want to keep in touch with everyone who is interested still in helping me building a map for a charity stream, I would like to change to the Games for kids(cant remember charity name >_<)
    its a charity that buys games and toys for kids that are in hospitals and try to help them coop in what they are going through. This charity is more friendly in having these sort of things, I am already working on setting that up too, so IF YOU ARE STILL INTERESTED IN HELPING ME!!!! PM me your skype so that we can keep in touch, I do not feel comfortable having you all posting that sort of stuff on here. SO do MESSAGE ME if still interested.
  6. Tamsakeer

    Tamsakeer New Member

    IGN: tamsakeer
    Why You want to join: I Want To Join Because Every FTB Server I Go On To, I Make A Big Factory Or An Automated Nano-Suit Builder And It Always Gets Griefed, Some Times Even When Its Protected.
    And So On Those Servers I Wasted My Time And Put A Lot Of Hard Work Into Something That Was Destroyed In A Days Time!So I Want To Join The Server So I Can Build And Create Stuff In Peace, Or Maybe With The Help Of Other Members Of The Server!!!
    Time Zone (or Country): TZ: 1+ GMT, Country: Serbia
    Age: 13 (NOTE: I Am Very Mature For My Age, I Was Admin On Lots Of Servers And The Owner And/Or Admin Trainers Have Teached Me How To Be Mature Just In Case Someone Was Trying To Trick Me Or That I Can Ban Not By Rage But By The Rules!)
    Do you have Skype, if so, what is it (Optional): I Do Have Skype! Just Search: Tamsakeer And I Will Be The Only Pearson That You Find :D (If You Type It In Correctly)
    Past Experience: Past Experience With Staff Is Pretty Good With Me And I Was Admin And Mod On Some Servers!
    And Im Even DEV On 2 Servers I Made!(I Wont Put The IP Here Because I Dont Want To Advertise!)
    Any Special Skills: Well Im Pretty Good At IC2, BuildCraft, EE3, ThoumCraft, Forcefields, And All That Good Stuff!
    Do you know anything like lua (ComputerCraft): I Dont Know LUA But I Know PASCAL!
    What do you want to build: Well As I Said Earlier I Want To Build A Large Factory With Automated Machines!
    You Will See What I Can Do In-Game!(If I Get Accepted)
    Have you been banned on any other servers: Yes, I Have Been Banned A Few Times. But Everyone Has Been Banned At Least Once In Their Life!(I Got Banned For Really Stupid Reasons And Some Times I Was Framed But I Never Got Banned For Grief, Except That One Time I Got Hacked And When I Joined Back A Server I Played On I Was Banned For Griefing O.0 , But In A Nut Shell Im A Good And Honest Player That Plays By The Rules!)
    What is the reason why you want to help me: Well First Of All, I Would Help You Make A Great FTB Community, I Would Help With the Server Builds, I Can Help New Players Get Started, And Lots Of Other Stuff, I Can Watch Out For Griefers And Report Them So The Server Is Totally Grief Proof!

    It Would Be A Honor To Play In Your Server!
  7. UniqueWisdom

    UniqueWisdom New Member

    IGN: UniqueWisdom
    Why You want to join: I wish to gain experience with most of the mods. I've seen Youtuber's making LP's of Feed the Beast, so I've gone to give it a try. Singleplayer is very dull and boring; Multiplayer has the advantage over singleplayer in the fact, that people are able to help.
    Time Zone (or Country): EST
    Age: 14
    Do you have Skype, if so, what is it (Optional):
    Past Experience: Tekkit (BC, IC2, Thermal Expansion)
    Any Special Skills: I'm a good builder; check me out on PMC (UniqueWisdom); I don't have many of my builds uploaded however.
    Do you know anything like lua (ComputerCraft): Nope
    What do you want to build: EVERYTHING! To be honest, I want to have a complex array of machines to gather resources for me, and try out new things. I want to construct a huge base with many different rooms for different functionalities.
    Have you been banned on any other servers: Yes
    What is the reason why you want to help me: Well, if I'm whitelisted, I would be more than happy to help you make the server prosper and thrive.
  8. antenglert

    antenglert New Member

    Why You want to join: I want to join this server in order to build and have fun with the DW20 pack with other players, plus I would love to be able to work with a great community.
    Time Zone (or Country):New York Time, EST
    Age:14, I am a very mature person, and enjoy some more mature topics than most other 14 yr. olds that I know
    Do you have Skype, if so, what is it (Optional): antenglert
    Past Experience: I have been playing since beta 1.5 and have enjoyed the game very much, I started with tekkit and then started customizing with my own mods.
    Any Special Skills :I am a decent builder and can work magic with steam and IC2. I definetly can build some shared stuff at spawn and just for future notice plan to start a Let's Play on the server for fun.
    What do you want to build:I like to build any crazy complex thing that comes to mind, especially when it comes to automation, I can automate almost anything, plus, I definetly would add on to any workshop by adding some public MJ's via steam and some IC2 lava gen.
    Have you been banned on any other servers:No
    What is the reason why you want to help me:I want to help because you seem like a really nice person who appears to be starting a great server and I would love to help contribute and raise some popularity with the people on the server and the server itself. Thank you and I hope you will accept me as part of the community if you accept the application.

    BLINDAO New Member

    Why You want to join: I love the FTB Direwolf Pack, but playing alone its a bit boring, and more difficult, so I want to play in a nice server.
    Time Zone (or Country): Spain
    Age: 16
    Do you have Skype, if so, what is it (Optional): Yes, my skype name is clawdill97
    Past Experience: I played a lot of FTB in single player, and I''m very experienced in most of the mods, specially the technical ones, like IC2, Gregtech, Buildcraft, Thermal Expansion, Applied Energistics...
    Any Special Skills: I can build nice looking things (I don't do those 9x9 houses), and I like to do things the right way.
    Do you know anything like lua (ComputerCraft): No, but I know some of the ComputerCraft and understand a little of the lua code commands, so I can help a bit, but no, I don't know how to program.
    What do you want to build: I normally do a big underground house, but I think this time I'll try to do a big village above ground.
    Have you been banned on any other servers: Yes, I one built on top of a huge underground base, that the admin of a server owned (Without knowing), and he banned.
    What is the reason why you want to help me: I like people that take the "risk" of creating a good FTB server, that are nice and good, and you seem like a nice person.

    BTW: I'm Spanish, but I have a good level of English, good enough to talk English correctly.
  10. HolyMudkip

    HolyMudkip New Member

    Why You Want to Join:Looking for an FTB server with a great community.
    Time Zone or Country:Canada.
    Skype, if so what is it: My Skype is mainly for people I know personally, but I do have a Steam if you want it.
    Past Experience: Played lots of FTB, played Mindcrack, Direwolf, and Ultimate.
    Any Special Skills: I build nicely aesthetically, that's pretty much it.
    LUA Experience: Yup!
    What do you want to build: I usually build the standard factory that has a sorting system, machines room, power generation.
    Banned on any servers: Nope!
    Reason why I want to help you: I want to help you because I think you've spent a lot of time getting ready for this server, and prove to you that you've done a great job.

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