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Whitelist Server Mine For A Cure | DW20 Pack | Whitelisted |Charity Server Project| +14 | All Mods Enabled | 24/7

Discussion in 'Direwolf 20' started by hoodster25, Jan 17, 2013.

  1. Xyrohip

    Xyrohip New Member

    One last thing I still can't join due to the fact that when you were "Investigating" I was banned lol
  2. hoodster25

    hoodster25 New Member

    i dont know if i actually let you back on becuase you have obtained items that are really pratically impossible to gather unless you urself was opped for a short period of time and deopped urself[DOUBLEPOST=1361150670][/DOUBLEPOST]ALSO it would appear that, we might have a mumble server
  3. RavynousHunter

    RavynousHunter New Member

    I've been attempting to join the server off and on for a few days now, but every time I do, Minecraft tells me that I'm not whitelisted. Not pointin a finger or anything, just wonderin what's goin on.
  4. hoodster25

    hoodster25 New Member

    whats ur ign again
  5. RavynousHunter

    RavynousHunter New Member

    Tis "RavynousHunter", same as my username on here.
  6. hoodster25

    hoodster25 New Member

    okay, you should be good now[DOUBLEPOST=1361151351][/DOUBLEPOST]also if u want to talk to over players we do have mumble :D
  7. RavynousHunter

    RavynousHunter New Member

    Aah, rockin, thankee! I'll test once I get the time.
  8. hoodster25

    hoodster25 New Member

    sorry for the inconnvence, i guess when i first whitelisted u it didnt take it on the console side
  9. frogger35

    frogger35 New Member

    IGN: frogger35

    Why You want to join: I'm looking for a server that has a great community and admins/moderators that are actually on who can help out and have fun with.

    Time Zone (or Country): Central Standard Time

    Age: 16 years young ;)

    Do you have Skype, if so, what is it (Optional): I do, do not want to announce it on the forums, if I am accepted(which I hope I will be) I will give it to you in game.

    Past Experience: Months of hardcore grinding and just regular playing of the FTB packs.

    Any Special Skills: jack of all trades, master of the mods

    Do you know anything like lua (ComputerCraft): learning different programming languages right now. Can help with some but not all CC related issues.

    What do you want to build: a huge power plant, workshop, factory for all to use.

    Have you been banned on any other servers: yes for being an associate of someone who duped on a tekkit server. Got banned for just being his friend in-game. Since then I have never been banned and the people who I play with and I all have a great time together.

    What is the reason why you want to help me: I want to help grow the community and help others who may need help in-game. I love a community aspect and your server looks like the right place for a person such as myself to come and help the most.

    Thank you so much for your time in reading this post :)
    Hope to see you all in-game!
  10. hoodster25

    hoodster25 New Member

  11. Xyrohip

    Xyrohip New Member

    Yes i obtained those unabtainable items from a admin Ninja something I don't remember after I showed him how to use the Nei Enchanting that includes the arrow, stick, thaumic stuff and armour[DOUBLEPOST=1361205656][/DOUBLEPOST]
    Yes I believe is was NinjaFishScale you can ask him if you want.
    Thanks :3
  12. hoodster25

    hoodster25 New Member

    its safe to update, I have updated the server
  13. Gelock4285

    Gelock4285 New Member

    Why You want to join:Because i'm looking for a server thats is cool.And accept younger People.
    Time Zone (or Country):Germany (sry not so bad english.)
    Do you have Skype, if so, what is it (Optional):yes i do have skype.
    Past Experience:I played around with Thaumcraft 3 and RP2 and some other Stuff like IC and i played around with Computercraft.
    Any Special Skills:Thaumcraft and cool and Modern Buildings.
    Do you know anything like lua (ComputerCraft):Not so much but i'm learning and i'm accepting help.
    What do you want to build:I wanna build something like a flying city where any mod has his own section i think that would be really cool.
    Have you been banned on any other servers:No i don't think so.
    What is the reason why you want to help me:I love FTB and wanna see more cool Servers so i help anybody and it would be cool if the Server stays long online.
  14. Kiwi

    Kiwi New Member


    Why do i want to join:i have been looking for a nice FTB server that has all the mods enabled so i have a varity of mods to go with

    Age:13 but rest assured i am mature for my age


    Do you have skype:no but i have mumble (prefer to contact through email)

    Past expirence:i have played with a lot of IC2,making a few contraptions of my own such as a sorting machine.I also have some expirence in BC,Twilight Forest and Mystcraft.

    Any special skills:I have some experience in building using microblocks and also good at IC2

    What do you want to build:robably a base for myself and someone i team up with in game and also a public workshop with shared resources?

    Have you been banned on any other servers:No dont think so,here is my MCbans status http://www.mcbans.com/player/_mrkiwi_

    What is the reason why you want to help me:I really love the FTB modpack and starting up a server for other players to enjoy out of your own pocket is something i really respect,i would like to help the server community as much as i can.
  15. hoodster25

    hoodster25 New Member

    the server now runs on the latest dw20 pack now (5.1.1)[DOUBLEPOST=1361385197][/DOUBLEPOST]
  16. hoodster25

    hoodster25 New Member

    server is going to be down for a little bit, doing a manual back-up
  17. Kiwi

    Kiwi New Member

    Are mystcraft ages enabled?
  18. hoodster25

    hoodster25 New Member

    Yes but for the moment everyone is not allowed to make any
  19. Xyrohip

    Xyrohip New Member

    Hey hood ima mke u admin on enjin kk[DOUBLEPOST=1361629689][/DOUBLEPOST]Also just cause im not on can a few friends of mine join?
  20. blakc725

    blakc725 New Member

    hey umm hoodster25 im just wondering i submitted an application and i dont know if i was acceped or declined can you let me know plz.

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