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Whitelist Server Metafinity |Whitelist | 24/7

Discussion in 'Infinity' started by killacrazy, Apr 16, 2015.

  1. TheMantis

    TheMantis New Member

    IGN: CntrlT
    Age: 18

    I have taken a good 6 months off of minecraft in general for educational reasons but now that exams are over I have the time to play actively.
  2. tntdoesminecraft

    tntdoesminecraft New Member

    Me and my bro want a simple server to play on so here you go
    ign: Coolman916 (age:14)
    ign:timmyrocks88 (age:13)

    Me and my brother have played modded minecraft for a long while now but now days there arent many good server out there hoping this is the one.
  3. Enderdragonmury

    Enderdragonmury New Member

    Hello, my name is Ender and i really want to play on a ftb infinity server with some cool people.
    Ign: Enderdragonmury
    Age: 15
  4. FTBNooB2015

    FTBNooB2015 New Member

    IGN: FTBNooB
    Age: 32
    Favorite mod: thermal expansion and ender I/o

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  5. wackoman6789

    wackoman6789 New Member

    IGN: wackoman6789
    AGE: 17
    i have been playing miecraft since 1.8.1 alpha
  6. Fabio Fernando

    Fabio Fernando New Member

    Hey there! My IGN is 1RobotChicken, I'm 24 yo and I'm from Brazil! I played in a modded server before - for about six months - but the server was taken down and I couldn't find any other server I enjoyed as much as that. I'm hoping this is what I was looking for! :D
    I am always very friendly and I love to do coop projects with other players.
    My fav mod is Thermal Expansion btw.
    Hope to see you guys there!
  7. Tyk

    Tyk New Member

    Still active?
  8. AnnonyMaus

    AnnonyMaus Guest

    I'm AnnonyMaus (also IGN),
    I used to play modded minecraft in the early days (1.2.5) and knew a lot of it back then.
    Now I would like to restart and relearn everything, so I'm looking for a server.
    Please let me know if you would have some free slots :)
    (website down?)
  9. QuinnyPlays

    QuinnyPlays Guest

    IGN: Quintaros
    I have been looking for a server to play on for almost 3 weeks now. I was a Mod, and Beta tester on World OF Keralis, but I had to take a break after the birth of my son. Came back and the server fell apart. Im just looking for a friendly group of people like I see on Hermit Lets Plays on Youtube. Something that is a community of players looking to have a blast and achieve something. Really just looking or a home server again, and to make some good friends. Thanks for reading my post.
  10. resley3

    resley3 Guest


    IGN: resley3
    Age: 21 in january!
    I've never played on a whitelisted server before, most of the mass public servers put me off from going online servers such as lag, griefers, too complex server commands/rules.
    Buuut, I really want a relaxing, fun time with some people on a private server for once, I really hope you can let me join your team :)

    I made a FTB forum account just so i can reply on here :)
  11. GreenNope

    GreenNope Guest

    IGN: SquidQubed
    Age: 16
    Favorite Mods: Blood Magic, Ender I/O, Extra Utils
    Been a while since I've played on a server.

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