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Whitelist Server Metafinity |Whitelist | 24/7

Discussion in 'Infinity' started by killacrazy, Apr 16, 2015.

  1. killacrazy

    killacrazy New Member

    Website: http://metafinity.enjin.com/home
    Website: http://metafinity.enjin.com/home
    Link to Whitelist: http://metafinity.enjin.com/whitelist

    We encourage Exploration and respectable combat. This means that while combat is allowed it is not the prime mechanic of the server.

    General server rules:
    No griefing
    No stealing
    As of the creation of this post there is only one disabled item:
    The Nuke (IC2) (After a "Accident" in the spawn creation)

    You can apply to whitelist either on our website or here by telling us your minecraft name and a little bit about yourself.

    Server is hosted though NFO servers located in Seattle.

    Thank you
  2. Cory Baxter

    Cory Baxter New Member

    Good server, recommend applying nice people :D
  3. minijordanh

    minijordanh New Member

    hi there. I am looking for a server to commit my self to. as my last server has been down for a week and cant get in touch with the admin. so im looking to start fresh.
    IGN: minijordanh
    AGE: 21
    LIVES: uk
    LOVES: playing with botania, big reactors and quarry's.
    LIKES: to build with full imagination and has never fully finished a project.(there is always improvements that can be done.)
    HATES: greifing, theifs, and people with no respect for my space/stuff/ and builds.
    LOOKING FORWARD TO DO: I got a mad project in my head to build a nice beach house build with a huge secret under ground base with many levels and a military feel about it.
    ONLINE TIME: 3-6 hours on more than most of the week night. and can be for huge amount of time at the weekend. from first thing getting up to going to bed. but as summer comes. my job requires 4 hours sometimes.

    if there is any thing else you wish to know or just want to talk. give me a private message on this site and ill get back to you as soon as im on.
  4. fishcake321

    fishcake321 New Member

    Hi, i've been away from ftb for a while and I'm trying to get back in to it. I've played with mods since the old 1.7.3, can't wait to see what new stuff has come out. I should be able to get on a lot since summer is coming up. If you need more info pm me on the forum, thanks!

    IGN: fishcake321
    Age: 19
    Best mods: computercraft (mostly turtles, turtles are cool, i like turtles), buildcraft, enderIO, thaumcraft, tinkers.
  5. killacrazy

    killacrazy New Member

    All whitelisted to this point
  6. JoKillerPT

    JoKillerPT New Member

    IGN: JoKillerPT
    Age: 18
    Best mods:buildcraft, enderIO, thaumcraft, tinkers industrial craft and applied energistic
  7. killacrazy

    killacrazy New Member

    And it took you less then 2 hours to break the rules. Removed
    Last edited: Apr 24, 2015
  8. Cory Baxter

    Cory Baxter New Member

    It really is a shame that JoKillerPT had to go break rules, hes the first. Everyone else really trustworthy and great on the server though, nice community!
  9. JoKillerPT

    JoKillerPT New Member

    i dont break the rules
  10. SuperSimon

    SuperSimon New Member


    Ingame name: yogsog

    Ive been playing on another server but it kind of feels to easy mode and too much like singleplayer. There is not much contact or interaction between players. I enjoy making interesting energy systems as opposed to simply pumping lava from the nether. I enjoy botania and know how to automate the creation of flowers as well as runes. Thaumcraft is always fun and I haven't reached endgame in that mod yet. I also like to build with some moderate amount of aestethics as opposed to the regular direwolf20 9x9. Seems like this could be the community I'm looking for, we will see.
  11. killacrazy

    killacrazy New Member

    Whitelisting now, can't wait to meet you.
  12. Wiggleswerth

    Wiggleswerth New Member

    IGN: Wiggleswerth
    Age: 19

    Looking for a new start on new server. I look forward to hearing from you!
  13. ThrowStuff

    ThrowStuff New Member

    IGN: ThrowStuff

    Looking for a fun server and a nice community. I hope this is the right place.
  14. CrazyGuynll

    CrazyGuynll New Member

    IGN CrazyGuynl
    old server shutted down so searching for a new one to play on
  15. Spikednate12

    Spikednate12 Active Member

    IGN: Spikednate12
    Other server is down and well, I need a new home it seems.
    I've been playing since tekkit.
    I primarily use Tinker's, Buildcraft, TE, and Forestry.
  16. Dkittrell

    Dkittrell New Member

    IGN: Dkittrell
    Age: 25
    Experience: Ive been playing modded minecraft since 1.4.7. Im knowledgeable in most mods
    Why this server: Im just looking to play on a small server on the west coast for so there is good ping
  17. Reddis

    Reddis New Member

    Server application
    IGN: Born_0f_Fire (zero in of)
    Personal Info: Ryan, 38, married, father to 2 young boys.
    Communication preference: typing chat, not voip.
    Fav mods: Dreaconic Evolution, EnderIO.
    Build type: Technical, not pretty.
    Typical play time: 1-3 hrs / day, usually after 9pm cst.
  18. opt_user

    opt_user New Member

    ign opt_user
    age 26
    i like to build nature type stuff
  19. StreetKing

    StreetKing New Member

    ign: FlubzD
    Age: 19
    Looking for a server with a small community to play on.
  20. DobermanVII

    DobermanVII New Member


    IGN: DobermanVII
    Age: 18
    Preferred Mods: Botania, Tinkers' Construct, Witchery (fairly new interest) and Bees!

    The last server I played on had a small, friendly community. The server shut down without prior notice and we were never told why. I'm just looking for a server to get back into the game.

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