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this way by time u wanna banish and rebanish and u need to get in and out, in that second u can be easily one shotted in long endurance runs instead of going into the rift and then start the banish show ...


just curious why you went with firion? I thought he didn't have undead killer? Black Cat Lid is made for the ariande fight: can dualcast 70% AoE lightning resist for 4 turns and shellga to neuter the nukes, 100+% of undead killer innate(up to 150% awakened I think), chance to survive any fatal attack occurring when you have more than 50% hp.....pair her with someone that can remove stop and a good healer and ariande can't stop you. the real trick is surviving yojimbo and coeurls.


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Jul 29, 2019
Impossible to install Material Energy Exploration, because some mods are missing, no longer available and cannot be downloaded from CurseForge.

Please, make all your packs available from the FTB Launcher.

If your mod available from the FTB Launcher, there will be no problem like this; if an author removes the older versions of her/his mod, so the packs (like your ME Exploration) that required those mods will not break, and it really helps the Linux users to easily install your awesome mods.

It isn't listed here, but I hope it is a good place to mention here, becuase it is connected to ME.
I have Agrarian Skies 2 installed, and I find your "Material Skies" map at curseforge, so I downloaded it. When it starts it said something about missing blocks.
I also find a reddit post about ME4, where you said:
"The reason there are missing mods because I build my maps with my own custom modpack, and the modpack on curse is different from the one I used to build the map.
You'll be fine, just continue."

I thought this might be working with the Material Skies map, but it seems not.
When I start playing, I can put/grab the items from ME storage. First it is working just fine.
The issue is that in the next day, the energy runs out, and I can't use the ME system anymore.
I looked at the solar panels, and they are working.
I also go into creative and removed some blocks, and I see the cables are there and connected to the system via an energy acceptor in the bottom. I also saw there are some solar panels on top of the system and I saw cables go into the system. I don't understand why the ME system isn't working.
Maybe some blocks are really missing?

Oh, and this just amplifies the reason why it is a bad idea to put anything on the Curse site...
If all your modpacks, maps and everything you created can be downloaded normally like in the good old days when we aren't cursed by Curse, in a zip file that contains the full pack, map, whatever, -with all the correct versions of the mods that the pack build on- that just be so great.
Or make them accessible from the FTB Launcher that is immune to this stupidity
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