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    All changelogs found here

    Magic Farm 2 version 1.0
    Minecraft 1.6.4
    Author: Jadedcat

    Description: A modpack about surviving. Fight to carve out a safe place for your factories and farms. Try not to starve while you play. Influences are Don't Starve , Diablo 3 , Terrafirmacraft and Farmville. This is meant to be a challenging conversion pack not an impossible task.

    Permissions link:

    Main Thread

    Applied Energistics - AlgorithmX2;
    Biomes of Plenty - Forstride and the BoP team;
    Code Chicken Core - ChickenBones;
    Cofh Core - King Lemming and Zeldo;
    Extra Bees and Extra Trees - Binnie;
    Extra Utilities - RWTema;
    Flatsigns- Myrathi; Forestry - SirSengir;
    Forge - Lex Manos and the Forge Team;
    Hunger Overhaul - IguanaMan;
    Infernal Mobs -- Atomic Stryker;
    Ironchest - Cpw;
    Magic Bees - Mysterious Ages;
    MineFactory Reloaded - Powercystals and Skyboy;
    Mystcraft - XComp;
    NEI - Chicken Bones;
    Obsidiplates- Myrathi;
    Pam's Harvest Craft- Matrexsvigil;
    PowerCrystals Core - PowerCrystals and Skyboy;
    Switches - Myrathi;
    Thaumcraft 4 - Azanor;
    Thaumic Tinkerer - VazKii;
    Thermal Expansion 3 - KingLemming and Zeldo;
    ValvePipes - denoflions;
    Bibliocraft - Nuchaz;
    Infinibow - Myrathi;
    Special Mobs and Deadly World - Father Toast;
    Open Blocks - Mikee;
    Natura and Tinker's Construct - mDiyo;
    Fancy Fences - Koopinator;
    Blood Magic - Way of Time;
    JABBA,WAILA,OPIS - Prof Mobius;
    Mariculture - Joshie;
    Agriculture - Shadowclaimer and the Metallurgy Team;
    IguanaTinkersTweeks - Iguanaman
    Inventory Tweaks - Kobata
    Nei Plugins - Mistaqur
    NEI Addons - blackdew
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    1.0.3 Changelog

    CodeChickenCore -
    CoFH Core 2.0.0.b8a - 2.0.0.b9d
    • Various Bugfixes
    • You will need to pick up your conduits and cuts and put them in a crafting grid to craft them into the new FMP version -- THIS WILL BREAK CURRENT CONDUITS AND DUCTS
    Not Enough Items -
    Tinkers Construct -
    • Fixed FoV Shenanigans
    Thermal Expansion 3.0.0.b8 - 3.0.0.b9d
    • Various Bugfixes

    Config Changes

    Biomes O Plenty
    • Disabled Mud Tools and Armor
    • Disabled Scythe
    • Increased distance between villages
    • Allowed Pam's Harvestcraft Seeds to go into Hunter's Backpack
    Iguana Tweaks for Tinker's Construct
    • Made Rutile Ore (Mariculture) set to harvest level 4 (Bronze Pick +)
    • Enabled Graves
    • Made the Sprinkler have a 1/10000 chance of fertilizing without bonemeal and 1/5000 with bone meal
    Tinker's Construct
    • Disabled the creation of non-metal mattocks
    • Disabled Surface Gold, Surface Iron and Surface Tin
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    Version 1.0.4


    Thermal Expansion to 9e

    Added Redstone Arsenal
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    Version 1.0.5
    Added Mods
    Thaumcraft Mob Aspects 1e-b2

    Updated Mods
    CoFH Core 2.0.0.b9e - 2.0.0.b10
    Magic Bees 2.1.7 - 2.1.9
    MineFactory Reloaded 2.7.4B1-215 - 2.7.4B1-226
    NEI Plugins -
    Redstone Arsenal 1.0.0.b0e - 1.0.0.b1
    Thermal Expansion 3.0.0.b9e - 3.0.0.b10
    WAILA 1.4.1 - 1.4.3

    Config Changes
    • Disabled Graves
    Tinker's Construct
    • Enabled dropping player heads no death
    Detailed Changes can be found here
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    Important: I messed up and in DW20,FTBLite2, and Magic Farm 2 I managed to use different ID's for the ITEM version of conduits and ducts. This conflicts with the universal configs and adds issues when people add specific mods to those 3 packs. This is my fault and not the mod author's.

    The 1.1.0 Magic Farm 2 and the 1.1.0 FTB Lite 2 update will change the ID of the ITEM version to the correct ID for the universal configs. NOTHING PLACED IN WORLD WILL BE AFFECTED. This will only affect conduits and ducts held in inventory.

    DW20 will not be updated until he lets me know he is aware of the change. But as of version 1.0.8 DW20 will also have ducts/conduits in inventory vanish.

    Assuming no other bugs are found these versions of FTB Lite 2 and Magic Farm 2 will become the recommended STABLE release versions.

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