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Whitelist Server LukeyCraft Feed The Beast - Mindcrack - 1.4.7 - 50 Slots!

Discussion in 'Mindcrack' started by AterRuit, Jan 31, 2013.

  1. renjiabarai

    renjiabarai New Member

    IGN: renjiabarai
    Will you obey the Rules?: yes
    Age: 26
    Favorite Mob: Skelators
  2. AterRuit

    AterRuit New Member

    You have been whitelisted!
  3. zCreate

    zCreate New Member

    Whitelist App:
    IGN: zCreate
    Will you obey the Rules?: Yes of course!!
    Age: 13
    Favorite Mob: Pig!
  4. AterRuit

    AterRuit New Member

    See you in game! You've been whitelisted!
  5. coolkieto

    coolkieto New Member

    This is my application:

    IGN: coolkieto
    Will you obey the Rules?: Yes, i will. Without them playing wouldn't be that fun.
    Age: 16
    Favorite Mob: Cows cows cows
  6. ToeGASM

    ToeGASM New Member

    IGN: blister252
    Will you obey the Rules?: yeah
    Age: 20
    Favorite Mob: Slimes
  7. AterRuit

    AterRuit New Member

    CoolKieto and Blister, Both you guys are whitelisted! Welcome to the server!
  8. 1Drous1

    1Drous1 New Member

    Dude i love the Lukeycraft FTB it's awsome, no griefing no worries! Lukeycrack = FTW
  9. QuantumZeruul

    QuantumZeruul New Member

    Hello! I'm been looking for a good server with a good community.

    IGN: QuantumZeruul
    Will you obey the Rules?: Yes
    Age: 31
    Favorite Mob: Zombie Pigmen. Bacon + Gold = Win
  10. dor27

    dor27 New Member

    IGN: dor27
    Will you obey the Rules?: yes
    Age: 18
    Favorite Mob: zombie

    IGN: plattnerx
    Will you obey the Rules?: yes
    Age: 17
    Favorite Mob: angry zombie
  11. Plasma

    Plasma New Member

    IGN: Plasma_Elf
    Will you obey the Rules?: Yes
    Age: 16
    Favorite Mob: Thaumcraft golems
  12. Jeffrey

    Jeffrey New Member

    Will you obey the Rules?: Oh yeah,definitely
    Age: 17 almost 18
    Favorite Mob: Pigs~
  13. bmkdarkstar

    bmkdarkstar New Member

    IGN: darkstar5786778
    Will you obey the Rules?: Of course.
    Age: Just turned 17.
    Favorite Mob: Blaze, they will eat your soul.
  14. Komrad822

    Komrad822 New Member

    IGN: Komrad822
    Will you obey the Rules?: Of course
    Age: 17
    Favorite Mob: Ghast, the nether is just not the nether without them
  15. PunyPwner

    PunyPwner New Member

    IGN: PunyPwner
    Will you obey the Rules?: Yes.
    Age: 12 (13 In July)
    Favorite Mob: Lich King from the Twilight Forest :p
  16. PhilsGeneralTso

    PhilsGeneralTso New Member

    IGN: PhilsGeneralTso
    Will you obey the Rules?: Yes, absolutely
    Age: 13 (I am responsible)
    Favorite Mob: Twilight Lich!

    I hope you guys reply back to me soon! I do not check this a lot.. So, if you accepted me, can you shoot me a email at: [email protected]? Thanks!
  17. Battledonkey

    Battledonkey New Member

    IGN: BattleDonkey
    Will you obey the Rules?: Yes, anarchy is never fun.
    Age: 19
    Favorite Mob: Endermen
  18. AterRuit

    AterRuit New Member

    Server is Closed for now due to lack of donations. Sorry guys, I can't pay to run this box myself. I'll bring it back up if we ever get the fundage.
  19. easdra

    easdra New Member

    Whitelist App:

    Will you obey the rules: yup

    IGN: easdra

    Age: 15

    Fav Mob: Blaze
  20. nicemannot1

    nicemannot1 New Member

    IGN: nicemannot1
    Will you obey the Rules?: yes
    Age: 13
    Favorite Mob: enderman

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