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Whitelist Server LukeyCraft Feed The Beast - Mindcrack - 1.4.7 - 50 Slots!

Discussion in 'Mindcrack' started by AterRuit, Jan 31, 2013.

  1. AterRuit

    AterRuit New Member


    LukeyCraft Feed The Beast!
    We are a 1.4.7 Mindcrack server with custom code. Our rules are simple and easy to follow.

    1. No griefing
    2. No Raiding.
    3. No pvp (pvp is disabled)
    4. No lag machines.

    We welcome ALL FTB mindcrack players, whether you be old or new, there is a spot here for you! All of our staff are kind, and helping. The server is a dedicated 16Gig box, With 20tb bandwith.

    Unfortunately, we do whitelist but we update it almost IMMEDIATLEY. So I hope to see you in game!
    You can apply for whitelist in this thread.

    Whitelist App:
    Will you obey the Rules?:
    Favorite Mob:

    Server Info: 32 Gigs RAM, AMD OCTO-Core Processor, 1gbs Bandwith, Hosted in Amercia. Dedicated 24/7.

    You can Join us at www.lukeycraft.com Or on our team speak 3 at: hackpve.lukeycraft.com
  2. alex.fri

    alex.fri New Member

    Whitelist App:

    Will you obey the Rules?: yes !!!
    Favorite Mob: buidcraft,redpower
  3. Shadowquinn

    Shadowquinn New Member

    Whitelist App:

    IGN: shadowquinn1974
    Will you obey the Rules?:Of course
    Age: 38 (yes I am an old man)
    Favorite Mob: Slimes
  4. MrZebra177

    MrZebra177 New Member

    Will you obey the Rules?:Yes.
    Favorite Mob:Wolf
  5. merehunt

    merehunt New Member

    IGN: merehunt
    Will you obey the Rules?: Yes.
    Age: 20
    Favorite Mob: Creeper :eek:
  6. jurgenroo

    jurgenroo New Member

    IGN: jurgenroo
    Will you obey the Rules?: yes
    Age: 39
    Favorite Mob: angry zombie
  7. SoliceEclipse

    SoliceEclipse New Member

    IGN: SoliceEclipse
    Will you obey the Rules?: absolutely
    Age: half a month till 17, yay for Valentines day.
    Favorite Mob: Mob or mod? My favorite mob is probably enderman because they only hurt you if you annoy them. Favorite mod is currently ic2 and the various addons, but I think Xycraft will replace it once it is finished.
  8. Awesome

    Awesome New Member

    Will you obey the Rules?:Yes.
    Favorite Mob: Probaly creepers because they will creep! :cool: And explode! Such a awesome monster!
  9. AterRuit

    AterRuit New Member

    You have been whitelisted! See you in game![DOUBLEPOST=1359673746][/DOUBLEPOST]
    Welcome Aboard![DOUBLEPOST=1359673785][/DOUBLEPOST]I was going to reply to each and everyone, but I just got home from work, and I'm tired. XD

    YOU'RE ALL WHITELISTED!!! :3 See you in game!
  10. Vivek115

    Vivek115 New Member

    IGN: Vivek115
    Will I obey the rules: Yes, I do intend too.
    Age: 13 (I know, really young.)
    Favorite Mob: Magma cube.
  11. Baronballistic

    Baronballistic New Member

    IGN: Baronbalistic
    Will you obey the Rules?: Yes of course!
    Age: 13
    Favorite Mob: The Creeper!

    Hope ot hear from you soon![DOUBLEPOST=1359674067][/DOUBLEPOST]Sorry, Forgot to add this, is the server 24/7?
  12. bluechiken0funk

    bluechiken0funk New Member

    IGN: Bluechiken0funk
    Will you obey the Rules?: Of course i will
    Favorite Mob: sheep
    Age: 19
  13. Nadox97

    Nadox97 New Member

    IGN: rupert3642
    Will you obey the Rules?:yes, i hate griefers
    Favorite Mob: Skeleton Jocky
  14. Valdevon96

    Valdevon96 New Member

    IGN: Valdevon96
    Will you obey the Rules?: Yes
    Age: 16
    Favorite Mob: Enderman :p
  15. AterRuit

    AterRuit New Member

    Yes! We are 24/7!

    And everyone above this is now whitelisted.
  16. Sam D

    Sam D New Member

    Will you obey the Rules: Yes
    Age: 13
    Favorite Mob: Wither :p
  17. bluechiken0funk

    bluechiken0funk New Member

    im having trouble joining the server. ip is not working for me
  18. AterRuit

    AterRuit New Member

    You are good to go![DOUBLEPOST=1359691990][/DOUBLEPOST]
    This is odd... this is the first time I've ever had any problems....What does it say? And where do you live?
  19. Tomatillo

    Tomatillo New Member

    Will you obey the Rules?:Of course
    Favorite Mob:Quest Ram
  20. AterRuit

    AterRuit New Member

    Good to go!

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