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Whitelist Server LukeyCraft Feed The Beast - Mindcrack - 1.4.7 - 50 Slots!

Discussion in 'Mindcrack' started by AterRuit, Jan 31, 2013.

  1. AterRuit

    AterRuit New Member



    UPDATE: We are now running MYTOWN, PVP is DISABLED, Creeper Explosions are DISABLED, and ITEMS ARE KEPT ON DEATH.
  2. Lamp218

    Lamp218 New Member

    IGN: Lamp218
    Will you obey the Rules?: Yessir
    Age: 16
    Favorite Mob: Chicken
  3. Rbneville

    Rbneville New Member

    IGN: FuriousXDaddy
    Will you obey the Rules?: Yes
    Age: 17
    Favorite Mob: Blaze :)
  4. Xavier4

    Xavier4 New Member

    IGN: XavierEvol
    Will you obey the Rules?: Definitely
    Age: 13
    Favorite Mob: If you mean 'Mob', my favourite mob is or are pigs. But if you mean 'Mod', my favourite mod is GregTech when added to IC2.
    Note: I know I'm pretty young but I'm enoughly mature for a server, also I'm spanish but my english shouldn't be a problem.
  5. alexmarbleking

    alexmarbleking New Member

    IGN: alexmarbleking
    Will you obey the Rules?: Yes! :)
    Age: 13
    Favorite Mob: Enderman

    Hope you accept me! :D
  6. lazythirdeye

    lazythirdeye New Member

    IGN: lazythirdeye
    Will you obey the Rules?: yes
    Favorite Mob:sheep
  7. MadTaff

    MadTaff New Member

    IGN: madtaff
    Will you obey the Rules?: Of course!
    Age: 13. Yes I'm young, but mature.
    Favorite Mob: Probably an Enderman. Just because they only attack you if you look at them!:cool: If this was meant to be "Favourite mod" then most likely Forestry.
  8. AterRuit

    AterRuit New Member

    All IGN's above my name are now Whitelisted! Welcome to LukeyCraft! Enjoy your stay!
  9. Kaiyas

    Kaiyas New Member

    Guys , you will not regret joining this server! I have been on for quite a while and I am proud to say that I still am on this server!

    You will love it! (Infinite pussy included)
  10. AterRuit

    AterRuit New Member

    Shhh!!!! Don't tell anyone!!!!
  11. Frederickx2

    Frederickx2 New Member

    Guys. I don't know if I'm getting the IP address on, but I was white listed a week ago and I still cant get on.
    IGN: Frederickx2
    Please tell me a IP if the one on the first page is wrong?
    Also if I've been un-whitelisted because I haven't been on, please re-whitelist me.
    Sorry If I've missed something :p
  12. megamit

    megamit New Member

    IGN: mit240
    Will you obey the Rules?: Yes!
    Age: 17
    Favorite Mob: if mob: Slimes. If mod: Forestry.
  13. JordanReynolds

    JordanReynolds New Member

    IGN: Amr0
    Will you obey the Rules?: Yes, just looking to have a laugh
    Age: 18
    Favorite Mob: Creeper (a)
  14. AterRuit

    AterRuit New Member

    I have update the IP address! We are now: MINDCRACK.LUKEYCRAFT.COM

    All IGN's above this post are whitelisted! Welcome to LukeyCraft!
  15. gilfort

    gilfort New Member

    IGN: gilfort
    Will you obey the Rules?: sure, why not?
    Age: 21
    Favorite Mob: (Mob) Skelleton, (Mod) I think Thaumcraft would be the one..^^
  16. tachyony

    tachyony New Member

    IGN: Tachyony
    Will you obey the Rules?: Yes, obviously
    Age: 28
    Favorite Mob: Skeleton archer (never gets old)
  17. AterRuit

    AterRuit New Member

    Gilfort, Tachyony,

    You guys are now whitelisted! welcome to Lukeycraft!
  18. mooo312

    mooo312 New Member

    Whitelist App:
    IGN: mooo312
    Will you obey the Rules?: Of course
    Age: 16
    Favorite Mob: Cow
  19. AterRuit

    AterRuit New Member

    You are whitelisted Mooo312! welcome to LukeyCRaft!
  20. BuzzFuzz

    BuzzFuzz New Member

    Great Server, come and check it out!!!

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