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Discussion in 'Public Packs' started by dmaster8, Apr 28, 2015.

  1. Articdive

    Articdive New Member

    RAM - Random Access Memory,
    The More RAM you have allocated (given) to a program or game the faster it will run*
    * = not nessarily i.e MC can take any amount of ram but over 4-6GB it doesn't help anymore
    FTB modpacks are very intensive*
    *=Average not every one!
    and for some modpacks to run you will need to give them 2GB or over, I personally play with 4.25GB for nearly all modpacks
    if you are using 32Bit JAVA then FTB limits your Ram to 1.5GB (which means you can't play like nothing!)
    to change your ram settings -->
    1. Open your Launcher (Ftb_Launcher.exe or .dmg or whatever you use)
    2. hit the Options Tab (NEAR THE TOP LEFT)
    3. change your ram settings to (Insert amount here)
  2. Muckbeast

    Muckbeast New Member

    How do you do it in the Curse launcher?
  3. dmaster8

    dmaster8 New Member

    Click on the gear next to your friends list, then click settings. Once you have done that go down to 'Minecraft', there you can see all you Minecraft settings. To increase your memory allocation (aka RAM) just move the slider bar up :)
  4. Riftweaver

    Riftweaver New Member

    i had a lot of fun with this modpack. the base it gives you was nicely laied out and fuctional (although i never used the creeper kitchen as a kitchen. i just put my bed in there). i particularly liked that there was a rather large pool of lava right behind the big empty room at the bottom. that just happened to be where i put my TC smeltery.. so very helpful :) also, this modpack really helped me get to know how to use agricraft and magical crops. and pams harvestcraft.. but that mod adds way too many foods.. lol however i do have some comments. i mostly finished up the questchains. i didnt get to the AE stuff, since i was getting kind of bored at that point, and i dont really ilke AE2, as much as the first one..

    the whole storyline was about the meteors and somebody causing them right? i never saw a single meteor fall during my week or so of playing. was that suppose to happen? and i was kind of expecting that eventually i would have to track down and kill the person who was destroying the world or something.. bu t the questlines just got off topic and started about storage and collecting really stupid guns. was there more planned? i feel like theres no closure to the overall story (i know.. story in minecraft is limited, but still, its been done in other packs)

    another question, were those botania beacons suppose to just be background stuff? because i went around and collected them all, thinking it was going to be a requirement for something important.

    no matter what, though, this was a great modpack. lots of quests to do, nothing too difficult, and a great little base that i enjoyed running around in :)
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  5. Whyndancer

    Whyndancer New Member

    So, out of curiosity, did you disable jungle biomes somehow? I would like to get bananas and coconut and cinnamon and dragonfruit, (I am a mildly obsessive collector when it comes to stuff like this) and I'm assuming these trees spawn in jungle biomes because I cannot find any of these trees or any Jungle biomes whatsoever (or ocean, but that's less annoying)
  6. johnny.k

    johnny.k New Member

    Hey Dmaster8, It wont let me craft the dough from creeper in the kitchen. I spawned them in, but still hasn't let me claim the reward, do you know what's wrong?!
  7. johnny.k

    johnny.k New Member

    Totally agree, but im still having fun with it with only 8 hours of playing ;)
  8. Pudding01

    Pudding01 New Member

    Um... why is the launcher saying that 1.1.4 is recommended over 1.1.6?
    Or is my launcher just being weird?
  9. Pudding01

    Pudding01 New Member

    I put FPS plus into the pack and I'm still having TERRIBLE frame rate. Suggestions?

    I've played on larger modpacks using FastCraft, but FastCraft causes this one to crash...

    I'm getting like 1 FPS. Please, I NEED HELP!!!
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  10. brush324

    brush324 New Member

    Is anyone else having a problem with their game being stuck in Cheat mode?
  11. dmaster8

    dmaster8 New Member

    Is your pc good specs? If not I can't really help, sorry :)
  12. gabe1030

    gabe1030 New Member

    When I try to breed minicio and potato I almost always get potato seeds, is that normal? Also, what does minicio accio and imperio essence have to do with seeds?
  13. Tigerlore

    Tigerlore New Member

    Hey, I notice you have line breaks in the description of your pack on the FTB Launcher. How do you do that? "br/" ? I just got my first pack up and, well, I want it to look nice. :)
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  14. dmaster8

    dmaster8 New Member

    idk I just gave watchful the description like that.
  15. Excaliber283

    Excaliber283 New Member

    Hi, first off, this is a great modpack, second, the seeds are glitchy. Sometimes I will plant one seed and it plants and stays in my hand. Especially the corn seeds. Also, are there supposed to be gravel ores?
  16. Djbapt

    Djbapt New Member

    Hi, in the ship rooms there is light without torches. In the AE2 room, I tried to make a zombie farm with the spawners (for heads) but when I circle the spawner area, there is still light inside, and the zombie doesnet spawn as well as I want. Where does the light comme from? I tried to remove all strange block from Ztones but there is still light.
  17. lmclark

    lmclark New Member

    Mod pack is awesome!
    I did run into one small problem.. and its my own fault. Just need a solution :)
    I lost the spawn egg for Sargent Slimus. (got as reward after creating pistol).
    I crafted the other weapons... then I lost the Sargent Slimus egg.
    There does not seem to be a way to craft one. What do I do now?
  18. lmclark

    lmclark New Member

    Some seeds (Earth, as an example) require essences (Accio, in the case of Earth) to create.
  19. lmclark

    lmclark New Member

    The pam's harvest tropical garden and the jungle trees spawn outside of a jungle biome .. just look around for a single jungle tree.
    No need to find a jungle biome.
  20. xavlap

    xavlap New Member

    I can play like 2 minute and it crash saying the NIVADA OpenGL detected a problem with the display driver ans is unable to continue and it send me to this site http://www.nvidia.com/page/support.html for help? and its error code 8 but befor ts was not saying that

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