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Discussion in 'Public Packs' started by dmaster8, Apr 28, 2015.

  1. nat2601

    nat2601 New Member

    Ya, lol, sry if I sounded rude. XD
  2. Smiteme69

    Smiteme69 Guest

    Finished this modpack as a You Tube series last month. It's a great HQM modpack for people trying their first HQM, there is one major bug, to unlock the quest 'The cherry on the top of the cake' in the 'Seeds FTW!' chapter you have to make a stone shovel which I discovered in the last episode. It is a short HQM but good fun all the same.
  3. KubrosCZ

    KubrosCZ Guest

    Hello dMaster8.
    This ModPack is awesome but I need help.
    I don't know how to use smeltary without lava?
    And can I mine stone and another block? Because in the book is writed : The Lab Give you everythinh to need to survive.?
  4. Smiteme69

    Smiteme69 Guest

    Hi KubrosCZ, when I did my You Tube play of this I actually went out into the world for the lava, but in my last episode I found lava in the largest room downstairs through the wall on the back right corner, you can actually hear it popping.
  5. KubrosCZ

    KubrosCZ Guest

    Thanks you very much m8. Yas I hear a lva popping and thanks you and thank you that you wrote to me that I can mine. :3

    If you want you can send me your video: 3
  6. Smiteme69

    Smiteme69 Guest

    No problem pal, as for the video I don't know if I can link to it, but just search for my channel on You Tube - Smiteme69.
  7. charles gary

    charles gary New Member

    I can't figure it out for the life of me but is there a way to build your crops up because they are not cross breeding to grow stronger. Any ideas or suggestions would be helpful

    Edit: I figured it thanks
  8. jikuja

    jikuja Launcher Dev Launcher Developer Global Moderator

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  9. Tsykai

    Tsykai Guest

    Hi. Good morning / afternoon / evening for anyone reading this review. Mr Author of this modpack, sorry but none of the download options are working and I really wanted to play this modpack. I hope you will see this comment and arrange the download options. Hugs!
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  10. tomatosos100

    tomatosos100 Guest

    can't play already? :(:(
  11. Minh Tung

    Minh Tung Guest

    Hey guys, i discovered that the modpack cant be downloaded in curse because the mod called "Project-X-Reborn" is not in Curse anymore.
    I'm rebuilding the modpack by look at the manifest.json that is provided by curse. if you guys are interested, I would try to find alternative way to share it to you
  12. Minh Tung

    Minh Tung Guest

    Update: I cant find the Project-X-Reborn mod any where. This concerns me because Sulfur from the mod is required to make Corn Seed, which is part of the "Creeping Kitchen" quest line.
    If anyone has this modpack install, plz check ur folder, and give me the mod [email protected]
  13. Rjwiger

    Rjwiger Active Member

    in your screenshot above its in your download bar at the bottom left?
  14. Minh Tung

    Minh Tung Guest

    At first, I thought I found it. Later on, I realize that the mod doesnt do its job. In fact it is only 1b
  15. killerjwb86

    killerjwb86 New Member

    Your download link for the server file is down for 1.1.6 and i cant find it anywhere else.Can you plz update it.If anyone else has the files and could upload it somewhere would be great, THX.
  16. creeperslayer217

    creeperslayer217 New Member

    ok so i just had a quick question i am playing on a solo world and have unlocked the ME area is it supposed to be powered if so mine isn't if not then it works out on my singleplayer world however on a world i am playing on with a friend it was powered is it supposed to be?

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