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  1. Ulfari

    Ulfari New Member

    Cause you don't need energy for obsidian making, but you do for sand
  2. Cole Pram

    Cole Pram Guest

    I personally liked the obsidian generator because you can make one really early game, which you can get gravel from, which you have a WAY better chance at getting iron drops from when sifting. My first play through I spent days (few hours a day) grinding for over a week for Moon Rock to get Iron, then finally got into minechem to decomposed cobble to get iron, which still took a ton of time, just because I got so sick of digging massive mine shafts for material to sift... Then I went to Mars and didn't take any extra fuel or power source with me and got stuck there. Which I wasn't as frustrated as people might think. I learned a lot on my first play through and was really excited to put some ideas into a new game.

    On my second try it took me about two evenings to get the obsidian generator up, completed some quests for the decomposer and synthesizer and I'm making a ton of iron now using obsidian to get gravel. About 8-10 hours of play in and I've generated enough iron to build an additional decomposer and synthesizer plus pipes, nodes, farms, sifters, and Stirling generators, which I plan on using to build a better power source. I REALLY like minechem and kind of like that I can't just crush cobble for gravel for sand for dust. I got way to good at building resource generators in Agrarian Skies and Skyblocks that seem like a great idea, but then you just sit around gathering ridiculous amounts of materials with nothing to use it for. Once you're producing infinite materials and have the ME system running it just doesn't feel like there's anything else worth doing.

    I do miss the Applied Energistics ME system though, would have been super handy for storing/accessing chemicals and materials later in the game, and I'd love to build a space station with an ME system on it. Just seems like it'd make sense. Seriously, who's going to build a space station / moon base and store tons of raw materials in barrels...
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  3. I had the automation setup using - 2 auto sieves, a auto obsidian gen, 2 decomposers, and a Synthesis Machine, 14 Stirling generators, a Auto Crafter tier 3, a auto hammer, a furnace, and a router system with barrels from jabba.

    How the setup working was quite complex (i think)

    First i had a cobble gen setup to make cobble, instead of using a transfer pipe with a world interaction upgrade, i used a block breaker, that fed into a jabba barrel, then from there a transfer pipe would pipe in into 6 crucibles that had lava under them. as the crucible produced lava i pipe that into tanks for storage, from there i pipe some lava into the i think ender io tank (uses iron bars in the recipe). once all my tanks were full of lava, i would proceed to drop 1-4 empty buckets into the ender io tank, which would then fill them with lava and transfer them to a dispenser, which would dispense it and turn it to obsidian, which would then be immediately broken by another block breaker, and stored in another barrel. from there the obsidian would be pumped into a decomposer, then to a Synthesis Machine, and then into a chest, then a barrel (chest was there to make it so i could still use it without losing items). from the barrel it would go into two auto sieves. once sieved the items would be sent to the router, besides iron which would be sent to a auto crafter, with would make it into gravel, send it to the crusher, and so forth till it became dust, at which point it would be sent to a furnace to be smelt, and sent to the router to be sorted to its barrel.

    this was all powered by a decomposer with a world interaction upgrade to decompose water into H2 0, the 0 would be sent to a trash can, and the H would be sent to a barrel for storage and later usage.

    Later however i changed it to a setup that used double compressed cobblestone, a decomposer, and a Synthesis Machine, which made more Iron faster, but had WAY more byproduct, had to upgrade my O barrel to nearly a tier 3 with a larger storage upgrade, currently has over 500 stacks of 0
  4. icedsdcard

    icedsdcard Guest

    I setup quite a few autocrafting relocators for compressed cobble(lots of iron and titanium, which is useful for replacable armor and sword, need lots of barrel upgrades). For the first step of auto-compressing, I split the tubes outwards from one, then again to the autocrafters, then merge to the barrel. Unsure if this tricky setup was necessary, maybe I could have just had a line of autocrafters. For gravel sifting, I modular-crusher cobble into sand. I use endstone(lava+glowstone) modular generators fed by infinite water decomposers. There's a limit on how effective the endstone gens are, I think around 4*4*4*4-7*7*7 is best? Don't build a 12*12*12, pointless and produces less energy. After a while I suppose you could have the advanced ones but this is a very neat upgrade from stirlings.
  5. chrisf

    chrisf Guest

    According to the formula that you can see when holding shift and looking at a modular multiblock block, endstone efficiency tops out at 55 blocks.
  6. Methusalem

    Methusalem New Member

    I've started with Nuclearcraft and want to build a Fusion Reactor. But looks like there is no way right now to automate the production of Deuterium. It is supposedly possible to put empty Fluid Cells into the electrolyser, but that doesn't work. Is there any other way to automate the creation of water cells?

    The Nuclearcraft Github mentions that there is a recipe for TE Fluid Transposer to refill cells. Is it possible to add a similar recipe for the EnderIO tank (via Minetweaker or the EnderIO configs)?
    For now I probably just add a shapeless recipe to craft an empty cell plus a water bucket into a Water Cell, but it would be nice to do it without having to change the recipes in the mod pack.
  7. turbodiesel4598

    turbodiesel4598 New Member

    Hmm, it seems not, without the transposer... an oversight on my part - I'll fix this with an 'empty cell + water bucket' recipe for the next version.
  8. Methusalem

    Methusalem New Member

    Cool, thanks.

    By the way, Nuclearcraft is a really awesome mod. Nice machines and much more interesting than just dropping down a Big Reactor.
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  9. GlitchMonkey

    GlitchMonkey New Member

    Is this pack still being supported?
  10. turbodiesel4598

    turbodiesel4598 New Member

    Version 1.7b is out and adds that recipe. If you want to update, then it is very important that you disable all of your fission and fusion reactors before doing so, unless you want any overheating or glitchyness, respectively, which I doubt you would want.
    Fission and Fusion has changed a lot, so keep an eye on the YouTube for uploads on how to assemble them and how they work.
  11. byTıtanıum

    byTıtanıum Guest

    Hello, I am having error while launching GalacticScience on ElectricalAge. How can i solve it ?
  12. roykinn

    roykinn New Member

    Same error here, I'm able to download and launch other modpacks just fine :/
  13. UDON

    UDON New Member

    I have some trouble with building a Modular Furnace, seems I can't use Solid Fuel Bank.
    Is there other way make Modular Furnace works?:confused:
  14. how do i make a local server so i cna play with my friend every thing online just workes for the normal minecraft and some mods ...
  15. NewEpicDan

    NewEpicDan Guest

    Before I start off, I'd like to say that the pack is amazing, and it's great fun to play with friends.

    I've been playing around in a creative world, and I've found that the telepad in the stargate dimension doesn't work, and even though I'm in creative I can't break or place any blocks. I'm playing on the newest FTB update, and I'd more than love to know if there's a fix for that before my friends and I begin making the stargate. (Don't worry, I used a world import for the server map so the gate co-ords should be the same)

    Another note is that there seem to be quite a number of typos throughout the questbook, maybe you'd like some help with that?
  16. EcosVeros

    EcosVeros New Member

    I guess I have a bug or problem that I have to report. During the Initialization phase of the launch through the FTB launcher, the game would proceed to load up. It loads straight up around 37 in the initialization phase then stop and crash at the Dalek mod. I do have optifine installed.
  17. jbl113

    jbl113 Guest

    Hello, sorry for my English, I am French.
    I have a problem to take the bloodaltar. The address of the door stargate is good but once on the world, I cannot break any more of block and thus I cannot take the blood altar. someone can help me?
    Thank you
  18. MagOirc

    MagOirc Guest

    I have an issue with loading the pack its was fine until my computer restarted whilst in the game. the error is with modular systems
    UCHE modularsystems{2.2.1} [Modular Systems] (ModularSystems-1.7.10-2.2.1.jar)

    * The RF API that is being used (1.7.10R1.0.13 from <unknown>) differes from that that is reported as being loaded (1.7.10R1.0.2 from Bookshelf-1.7.10-1.2.0.jar).

    Wondering if anyone knows how to fix it?

  19. SirWill

    SirWill Active Member

    Yes but we check the github issues and not this thread the most time.

    I can start the modpack without any issues, please report your issue with your log here:

    There is no easy way to do that.

    That's intended, the blood altar is there to create the key not to take the altar.

    If you don't use the mod as storage, remove it. The mod ist broken and unusable anyway.
  20. Watchful11

    Watchful11 Forum Addict Team Member Third Party Pack Admin

    New thread here: click
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