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  1. Caithleen

    Caithleen New Member

    New thread here: click

    Code : THX2MYM (try lower case maybe)

    The nuclear dawn is here. Large powers around the world launched their nuclear arsenals, making the earth a place without future for mankind.

    Luckily you have a chance to survive this. Due to the space projects of your uncle Richard you happen to have a space rocket in your backyard and the coordinates of the outpost base on moon. And since im such a great storywriter, thats about it ;)

    This pack is kinda leightweight, so older comps might run it well.

    Theme :

    Survivalpack without hunger or mob modification. Your greatest enemies are oxygen supply and power (which results in oxygen supply ...). The reports about the moon having abundant resources to mine turn out wrong, there are only traces which you will have to extract from the dust and stone itself.

    The energy is tiered, the more you advance in HQM and the planet systems, the better power supply you can build (up to enormous fission reactors).

    Automation is also tiered a bit to the planetary advancement.

    The mod resolves around minechem an ex nihilo. Storage options are a bit limited. The purpose is to have new toys that make you think about how to best use and automate them without going the standard route we know from so much 1.6/7 modpacks. Magic is currently not in, it doesnt fits the theme.

    Perhaps we will see a mild magic mod like botania come in.

    About tiering

    There is some progress with HQM that you need/want to do at the start but after the initial series you are free to progress the way you want - with HQM or without. Some key materials are spreadout through the different planets, so your galacticcraft progression is tied to your overall progression.

    There is a special "progression" questline in HQM that will offer you special rewards at milestones you reach.

    About power and balancing

    The starting power is quite limited. The XU generators dont work in the low gravity of the moon somehow. But i made sure you have plenty of fresh new and interesting power sources. They wont deliever much power when you start your journey but open up later in the progression to a modular powersystem with advanced generators and even huge (17*17*17) fission reactors that yield large amounts of power. Green energy has been limited.

    Power should follow a progression, not be something you just spam until you have more then you need.

    Many items, including keyitems, are only obtainable through the use of minechem. For example if you want to produce rocketfuel for your generator, you cant simply throw some potatoes and unrefined sugar in. Those hightech machines need elements and molecules instead, so you have to throw sucrose and cellulose in!

    On the other hand ... it was never so easy to fusion atoms to make a nether star..

    Outstanding mods :

    Nuclearcraft - a mod that adds several machines to play with isotopes and use them in small generators or even a large multiblock fission reactor.

    Think of it as the "more scientific" big reactors.

    Quantumflux - It has the perfect trashcan - you throw an item in, you get 400 rf in reward! Also has some very interesting generators that extract rf from the void itself

    4Planets - the more planets, the better!

    Armourers Workshop - got tired of your skin? Make your 100% customized skin yourself!

    Gregs Lightning - Well it adds only one thing ... floodlights. No more torching!

    Openautomation - RF Lasors! Pew Pew!

    Super Massive Tech - Harvest the power of the stars for your energy needs. Seriously, you put
    stars in the harvester and get power out!


    Ex nihilo+ex astris

    ...and some more

    Play it on the mym server :

    You might need to use the mym launcher since the FTB launchers version can be a bit behind sometimes when we update.

    - Use compressed Cobble in his decomposer for less energy use!
    - You can (and should) look what your base is made out off, perhaps decompose a bit?
    - Sugarcane is love!
    - Stirling Generators are a good early power buff up
    - Gravel yields so much more stuff in the sieve ... if only you could synthesize it ... oh wait ...
    - Minechem liquids (and their effects) can be poured into the world.
    - Swords can be coated with minechem stuff.
    - You can use moonturf&co in the crucible.
    - You can artificially create the moonblocks for sieving with minechem.
    - You can quarry the other planets and sieve for stuff.
    - Put a bucket of aspirin in your doorway, then a bucket of sucrose above it. Instant regen, hunger regeneration and speed 2.
    - You can coat foods with minechem chemicals as well, just put the food and the chemical together in the crafting grid.
    - Use minechem to make burnable stuff. Some molecules work just as good as coal and you get more of them per wood log.
    - Get an early Lava production running. You can decompose one Obsidian for 16 Silicondioxide!

    Source :

    Current Status - 1.4.12
    MYM.LI Server Alpha - done
    MYM.LI Server Beta - done
    MYM.LI Server Release -done

    Submission to jampack - done
    Submission as public 3rd party pack - done
    Avaible on FTB Launcher - Code : THX2MYM (try lowercase maybe)

    Issues :

    Guides, tipps :

    Changelog :

    Modpack authors : Caithleen
    Contributors : Slind, SirWill, ChetwyndKid
    Art by Pitschweis
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  2. Pyure

    Pyure Not Totally Useless

    At a glance this looks rather promising Caithleen. Looking forward to seeing your FTB Launcher access available.

    Can you clarify if your mods list includes all mods or just "interesting" mods? I realize you said the pack is lightweight, I'm just curious.
  3. Caithleen

    Caithleen New Member

    Its not a complete list, more the core game mechanic ones and interesting ones. We are at 66 mods, which also includes cores and mods like minetweaker. There are quite some others that play more the underdog role, like Refined Relocation.
  4. Pyure

    Pyure Not Totally Useless


    Just for the sake of completeness, I'd love to see you provide the full list (for instance, I find Refined Relocation to be a very interesting mod, so even if it doesn't play a large role or you've minetweaked it massively, its still interesting to know). Possibly asterixing the particularly important mods :)

    I hope you had decent luck getting minechem into the pack. I've found it a bit unstable at times.
  5. Caithleen

    Caithleen New Member

    Yes i will include a complete list, but havent decided on some mods yet. ELN is currently in e.g.. During beta there might still be changes to that.

    Minechem works like a charm on our beta server, it was even not too bad to balance :)
  6. Pyure

    Pyure Not Totally Useless

    Fantastic :)

    Hope to check it out soon!
  7. Caithleen

    Caithleen New Member

  8. Pyure

    Pyure Not Totally Useless

    Why are the credits divided into sections such as "Agrarian Skies"?

    Also: you mispelled Treecapitator :p
  9. Caithleen

    Caithleen New Member

    Thanks for the typo report. Its devided since that community runs many servers and helped me to get a alpha/beta server running with islands plugin (and many other plugins) :)
  10. Crhymez

    Crhymez New Member

    Thats because those are other packs on the MyM launcher. They need to give credit to the pack maker and mod authors to use them. If you notice in the AG one there are mods that are not in the original AG, its what the server calls "plus".
  11. Caithleen

    Caithleen New Member

    Pack code in original post!
  12. TLomon

    TLomon New Member

    Found a possible bug. The moon turf, dirt, and rock will not go in the sieve. However, your quest book indicates it should. Intentional? Trying to get clay now on the moon.
  13. martinMC

    martinMC New Member

    I had this problem too, turned out minetweaker wasn't in the pack. Installed it (and modtweaker not sure if its needed) and everything was fine.
  14. Caithleen

    Caithleen New Member

    The mods are in the pack (bth sumbmission and what the client just downloaded for me). But theres a type that prevents a part of the tweaks from loading.

    Manual fix until update is through :

    File : Galactic Science\minecraft\scripts\xxx.zs - Line 15 exchange

    mods.exnihilo.Sieve.addRecipe(<GalacticraftCore:tile.moonBlock:3>, <exnihilo:seed_cactus>, 100)
    mods.exnihilo.Sieve.addRecipe(<GalacticraftCore:tile.moonBlock:3>, <exnihilo:seed_cactus>, 100);

    Uploading new version to launcher.
  15. goreae

    goreae Ultimate Murderous Fiend

    For those that don't see the difference, they forgot a semicolon. This is why you test.
  16. Caithleen

    Caithleen New Member

    I even had 3d party test it before the upload, seems my repo download was from the wrong version :/ Sorry for that, FTB launcher update is pending.
  17. Caithleen

    Caithleen New Member

    Fixed version is on the launcher!
  18. Caithleen

    Caithleen New Member


    Server is in open beta!
  19. martinMC

    martinMC New Member

    1.0.6b ? Are you using a different numbering version on your own launcher from that used on the FTB launcher ? It is still 0.05
  20. Caithleen

    Caithleen New Member

    FTB Launcher is just lagging behind due to the approval process. You can allways use the mym launcher for the latest version :)

    With open beta we went to 1.x.x

    Oh and FTB cant do the "b" so its 1.0.6 there...
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