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Discussion in 'Public Packs' started by karmarcharger, Dec 3, 2014.

  1. tetshio

    tetshio New Member

    I was mining cobblestone so temp was too high in that area that I didn't realize it. I don't have silktouch but that came from crafting the two smashed ores. It would normally become the regular vanilla ore but this update puts it back to that type of block.

    First part done. Not sure if I need that blacksmith assistant as this is my first time seeing this contraption. (gonna backread because I remember I saw a video about it)

  2. Redominus

    Redominus New Member

    It's easier to just drink salt water up to 100%. The debuff stops at 70%
  3. TerraSleet

    TerraSleet New Member

    I'm completely stuck. How do I get cobblestone? I feel so dumb for asking a question like this :|
  4. joshie

    joshie New Member

    Those who can't use the blacksmith's anvil do you have at least 1xp? You need 1xp to do anything with it. Or did you try replacing it?
  5. asiekierka

    asiekierka Over-Achiever Mod Developer

    Did you also disable OpenBlocks block breakers/placers?
  6. RHSean

    RHSean New Member

    Yeah I'm talking about when it was normal and the reason I wanted silk touch on it is so that you don't have to mine 2 hardened ore to just get one normal ore
  7. Moasseman

    Moasseman New Member

    There are hardened gravel deposits sometimes on the spires/around the world. Smack that stuff with hammer to get stones. Craft 4 stones into 1 cobblestone :3

    (Or be a pussy and make a cobble generator from the lava/mineral water in sapling storage.)
  8. srdemon

    srdemon New Member

    This is my humble workaround for Stripes pipe. As all of us know, the blocking of ability to use Stripes Pipe just was a matter of time.
    The autor fix that and now we shoul use something instead of it.
    This is my project of automated cobble generator, which can be crafted soon after starting.

    I used a Drill cart, two pistons, two oblisian block to prevent the columns of cobble to kiss the skies, and one Redstone clock from Extra Utilites. And of course, some stuff from quests from Steve's Carts questline.

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  9. tetshio

    tetshio New Member

    Fresh water cooking

    Just needed to make the blacksmith anvil and a blacksmith hammer and can do it manually at first


  10. RHSean

    RHSean New Member

    It looks amazing not sure if it's early game though XD
  11. TerraSleet

    TerraSleet New Member

    I actually figured this out just before you replied, lol.
    Seems a bit grindy since you get 1 rock per gravel but oh well.
  12. creepermitch

    creepermitch New Member

    How do u get the quest book active?

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  13. MrOomi1974

    MrOomi1974 New Member

    Type /tp (playername) 905 55 1026 at the server console
  14. tetshio

    tetshio New Member

    It's still there but diamond pickaxe is disabled so if someone is lucky to get one from somewhere (haunted tools or chest), that be the best use for it. There's an alternative recipe though but still.

  15. Swift_slide

    Swift_slide New Member

    Well.... I've been saving some cobblestone...... Around the 100K if its not more. XD
    Maybe it's not enough....
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  16. Poyzon

    Poyzon New Member

    @karmarcharger regarding .18
    infinite water is enabled but liquid transfer node still expensive as **** and ender io reservoir still disabled, any reason why?
  17. Summit

    Summit New Member

    You are supposed to use the Flaxbeard mod. Karmacharger has stated it repeatedly.
  18. srdemon

    srdemon New Member

    Guys, anybody know, why might not work a blacksmith anvil? i put a snow block on it, left-clicking on anvil but snow block stay as normal block.
    I go in a test world, checked this method and it got me a snow clumps. After that i returned in normal world, and made a few clumps there.
    And now i can't make clumps again... What can it be?

    I found asolution.

    That situation caused by out of experience... I get some XP and it is works again.
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  19. Swift_slide

    Swift_slide New Member

    Well.... I don't know..... I don't use it. I still got the More-Planets installed for the water. It takes too much time to do it and I am not a big fan of the water. It is too hard to get.
  20. CR4ZYGAM3R

    CR4ZYGAM3R New Member

    how do u create another eazycore singleplayer world

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