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Whitelist Server Koozcraft [DW20 1.7.10] | [Fresh Map] | [Community-based] | [No Banned Items] | [PvE] |

Discussion in 'Direwolf 20' started by Koozman28, Jan 19, 2015.

  1. Koozman28

    Koozman28 New Member

    KoozCraft is recruiting again! The members of Koozcraft and I are hoping to build a server community with trusting members whom all contribute to the progression of all individual members. Since opening the server (on 11/3/14), we have steadily been a growing community! Server will be running on a custom built dedicated machine, 8 core AMD CPU, 16GB RAM. The new map will go live on 1/21/15 (or 21/1/15 for you internationals).

    We also have a TeamSpeak server up and running 24/7.

    Difficulty: Hard

    There are in-depth rules in-game. But for the most part:

    • Use common sense
    • No Griefing
    • No PvP unless both parties agree (We're working on a battle arena!!)

    If you're interested in joining our server, please leave a post or send me a message with the following info:

    • MC Username:
    • Skype ID:
    • Age (18+):
    • Play style:
    • Experience with Mods:
    • About Yourself:
    • What can you contribute to the server?:

    After I recieve the above info, We'll work on setting up an interview with one of the mods of the server via Skype or TeamSpeak. Hope to see you guys around! ~Koozman28
  2. Illegalpizza12

    Illegalpizza12 New Member

    • MC Username: illegalpizza12
    • Skype ID: royhicks84
    • Age (18+):15
    • Play style:community builder
    • Experience with Mods:goot with 1.6 mechanics but new to 1.7 mechanics
    • About Yourself:i play football so i wont be able to play as much i want to but will as much as possible without that getting in the way
    • What can you contribute to the server?:i love to build with others and am almost always on teamspeak on an old server i played on to talk even when there's no one on
  3. 06koconnell

    06koconnell New Member

    • MC Username: 06koconnell
    • Skype ID: i'd rather not give that out, i'll be on team speak if people want to talk
    • Age (18+): 19
    • Play style: more of a function over looks builder, If i can make something look good i will but i'm not very good at it
    • Experience with Mods: been playing with mods for about 4 years
    • About Yourself: I'm a friendly guy looking for a nice server for me and my friend to play on without any lag
    • What can you contribute to the server?: I can offer a wealth of mod knwledge, Having played for so long i have a reasonable amount of knowledge with most mods
    This is my friend, we'll be playing together
    • MC Username: supermonkeyman3
    • Skype ID: it's my friend and i don't feel right giving out his info to someone else
    • Age (18+): 18
    • Play style: same as 06
    • Experience with Mods: been playing since minecraft 1.1
    • About Yourself: he's played with me a lot and so plays very similarly to me
    • What can you contribute to the server?: He'll be my assistant and help me when i get stuck
  4. chowe

    chowe New Member

    • MC Username: chowe010
    • Skype ID: vxd_calamity
    • Age (18+):20
    • Play style: engineer
    • Experience with Mods: All of them
    • About Yourself: Im a full time Student studying biochemistry and love modded minecraft
    • What can you contribute to the server?: i know alot about the mods and can offer designs and insight.
  5. Sotmaster

    Sotmaster New Member

    username: Sotamaster
    Skype: Sotamaster
    Playstyle: Mad Scientist
    Experience: Mostly IC2 and vanilla redstone
    About: Full time Student, working a job, looking for a steady server and community, this is the only game I allow myself to play, beside chess on my phone.
    What can I contribute?
    I build machines to automate many functions. I create interesting and fun designs for houses, and attempt to optimize many processes such as the collection of mining resources.
  6. jt_d123

    jt_d123 New Member

    • MC Username: jt_d123
    • Skype ID: jt.deel (the one with the xsplit pic)
    • Age (18+):19
    • Play style:co-op, or solo.
    • Experience with Mods:I play and host some custom mod maps with my friends and I.
    • About Yourself: i am a calm and laid back individual. I love to sit down and play a game. I recently left minecraft 4 months ago to play the new expansion pack of WOW. Now that I have completed that exploration, I am looking for a new server to call my home. The last server that I called my home I played on for 2 years. When i came back to it. they had chosen a path that would make the server less enjoyable to me. I love to play and be able to communicate with other players, aswell help new players and be able to have the option if i were to get stuck on any one thing that someone could help me.
    • What can you contribute to the server?: My enjoyment in making conversation with others. And my experience in minecraft with bug testing and finding a work around with other mods. Plus I love to build and enjoy co-op mega builds with others.
  7. DeltaOperations

    DeltaOperations New Member

    • MC Username: DeltaOperations
    • Skype ID: login4skypexdd
    • Age (18+): 19
    • Play style: Archmage :D
    • Experience with Mods: moderate - I can find my way around most of the mods, hoping to gain even more in-depth knowledge on your server ^^
    • About Yourself: There's a lot of things I hate. One of them is trying to describe myself in a few words. I'll let you build your own impression :p
    • What can you contribute to the server?:My moderate ComputerCraft knowledge, lots of chatting, philosophical perspective. Also, anything that I'll build.
  8. Methii

    Methii New Member

    MC Username: Methii

    Skype ID: I never skype, I do have teamspeak if that alright.

    Age (18+): 26

    Play style: I like making pretty builds, farm a bit and just hang out with friends

    Experience with Mods: I have played a range of modpacks for years now, most big ones and some of the smaller ones.

    About Yourself: I'm a friendly, helpful, laid back guy from the Netherlands who likes to just have fun and hang out with friends. I play pretty often and like to be part of a community.

    What can you contribute to the server?: I think I'm able to build pretty things, and if people need help with game- or mod mechanics they are not familiar with I'd be glad to help out.

    I would like to join your server, thanks for taking the time to read this :)
  9. Zambito

    Zambito New Member

    • MC Username: stillhigh41514
    • Skype ID: KushMan0723
    • Age (18+):19
    • Play style:hermit builder
    • Experience with Mods: zero mod experience
    • What can you contribute to the server?:i love to build i go on teamspeak from time to time. friendly person enjoys helping others
  10. Tr0xi

    Tr0xi New Member

    • MC Username: Tr0xi
    • Skype ID: Tr0xi
    • Age (18+): 18 (turning 19 this year)
    • Play style: Mining and building big projects and having fun
    • Experience with Mods: started playing with mods when direwolf uploaded the first ftb map videos.
    • About Yourself: I ran my own server couple years ago and made new friends and had a blast with them. I adpat easily with people.
    • What can you contribute to the server?: Fun moments and helpful hand
  11. Constam

    Constam New Member

    • MC Username: Constam
    • Skype ID: Constam
    • Age (18+): 26
    • Play style: Building castles and tunnels mostly. Experimenting with the new things the game has added recently.
    • Experience with Mods: Various single player mods adding new creatures and machines. None on multiplayer servers.
    • About Yourself: I play on a vanilla server mostly but a friend of mine, ArtNoobly, talks about a lot of things on this modded server that sound fun. I've been playing minecraft off and on since it came out and I'm looking for something new.
    • What can you contribute to the server?: Interest in playing the game and learning new things rather than griefing or unwanted pvp.
    Last edited: Feb 9, 2015
  12. KowKrisis

    KowKrisis New Member

    • MC Username: KowKrisis
    • Skype ID: KowKrisis
    • Age (18+): 24
    • Play style: I enjoy building interesting bases. Not all of them end up good, but I try.
    • Experience with Mods: I have been playing modding minecraft since 1.2.5. I use the tech mods more so than the magic based ones. Just a personal preference on my part, nothing wrong with the magic ones.
    • About Yourself: I enjoy playing with others and seeing how they handle problems and figure out solutions to them in their builds. I also enjoy using computer craft to reduce complicated redstone setups into just a few blocks.
    • What can you contribute to the server?: I am willing to help with any large community projects or lend a helping hand with smaller ones, or I can just be someone to talk to if help is not needed.
  13. fallingskies17

    fallingskies17 New Member

    • MC Username: fallingskies17
    • Skype ID: FallingSkies17
    • Age (18+): 17 (Im almost 18 my birth day is july 16th please consider)
    • Play style: I love everything from building huge bases to making cool contraptions to adventuring the wilderness. I'm sure to be able to get along with everyone and their play styles too.
    • Experience with Mods: I've been playing FTB for the past 3 years and have tons of mod experience.
    • About Yourself: I'm 17 I love computers and programming and videogames (such as minecraft)
    • What can you contribute to the server?: I am very kind and know a lot of the mods very well and could be potentially helpful to anyone who has any questions.
  14. Koozman28

    Koozman28 New Member

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