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Whitelist Server =[KabooseCraft]= || Direwolf20 pack || Whitelist || 14 slot || Norway || CLOSED

Discussion in 'Direwolf 20' started by kaboose87, Jan 4, 2013.

  1. stankfinger92

    stankfinger92 New Member

    IGN: Stankfinger92
    Age: 20
    Reason for Joining: Trying to find a small friendly group for a FTB server after having zero luck in the new Tekkit.
    Have you been banned: Never that I am aware of
    Reason for ban(If u were banned that is): N/a
    Additional Info you can put(Optional): I've played a lot of Tekkit, technic, and a bit of FTB. Mostly I only play with friends like my good friend Zero Fategod who has been there through my fun times in tekkit and we both compliment each other in our building designs.
  2. Zero_Fategod

    Zero_Fategod New Member

    Reason for Joining: To play with my buddy Stankfinger92
    Have you been banned: Yes
    Reason for ban(If u were banned that is): For a misunderstanding. The server had looting but not griefing. I was out and about one hay when I found a 4X5 wooden shack with a computer on the door. believing that no one lived in such a small shack I "Griefed" (looted) the computer. which resulted in me being banned for like 7 minute.
    Additional Info you can put(Optional):I'v played Tekkit for about a year and am well versed in the workings of most mods. The buddy stated above convinced me to try FTB.
  3. Shmurrr

    Shmurrr New Member

    Reason for Joining:I just wanna join
    Have you been banned:Nah

  4. Datafox

    Datafox New Member

    IGN: datafox
    Age: 17 but mature for my age
    Reason for Joining: I've been searching for a good server to play at after I couldn't stand my old server still being Tekkit, even though it's not updated anymore as ForgeBukkit broke in a Minecraft update. I've recently been playing Direwolf20 pack a lot, and I can say that it's my favorite mod pack up to date, so it's obvious that I'm seeking for a server with said pack. Also, the server is located in UK, and it's Norwegian, so as a Finn I shouldn't have much lag or other network problems. To put it simply, I need a new server to kill all my spare time, and this server looks perfect.
    Have you been banned: Nope, I got kicked once though because one of the mods took "damn" as a very offensive swear word.
    Additional Info you can put(Optional): I'm a friendly Minecraft player with lots of mod and multiplayer experience. I am fairly social and good with different kinds of personalities. I normally help other people but don't ask or accept help if I don't really need it, as I like to do everything myself. Also, I don't like talking that much, so if I do get accepted I won't probably use mumble that much. I like being social and my English is good, but I'm just not a person to talk. Especially in foreign languages, as I stutter a lot. I think that's all.
  5. kaboose87

    kaboose87 New Member

    I have now added new players to the whitelist. next draw for whitelist is 1 week from now (18.jan)
  6. ShadowStriker

    ShadowStriker New Member

    Reason for Joining: Need a nice peaceful server to have fun in and advance in technology
    Have you been banned:No
    Reason for ban(If u were banned that is):
    Additional Info you can put(Optional):I am very experienced in all the mods, especially Redpower, Computercraft, and Industrialcraft.
  7. countryboy2327

    countryboy2327 New Member

    Reason for Joining:like to play on servers w less ppl and that is a nice community to get to know new people
    Have you been banned:no
    Reason for ban(If u were banned that is):
    Additional Info you can put(Optional):shy and will help with alot of things if ppl ask
  8. Datafox

    Datafox New Member

    What the hell just happened to the server. Kicked me out and throws end of stream.

    EDIT: Nevermind, it's fixed. DO NOT throw stuff into portals xD
  9. kaboose87

    kaboose87 New Member

    only one responded to the whiteliste inntake on the server. i have now removed the others and a new draw for members will be 18.jan so stay tuned
  10. Math-Man

    Math-Man New Member

    IGN: gk40000
    Age: 18
    Reason for Joining: Have been looking for a small and nice server
    Have you been banned: Nope never
    Additional Info you can put(Optional): Been playing MC since indev and with mods since the first mod came out
  11. Hurrah

    Hurrah New Member

    Reason for Joining: Looking for a small server to have fun in.
    Have you been banned: NO
    Reason for ban(If u were banned that is):
    Additional Info you can put(Optional): NONE
  12. kaboose87

    kaboose87 New Member

    i have added new members, but there is still room for more :) so let me know if you want to join
  13. Schjarmer

    Schjarmer New Member

    IGN: Schjarmer
    Reason fr joining: i want to play on a server witch dont give me lag+ want to have fun with other ftb players
    banned: no way
  14. kaboose87

    kaboose87 New Member

    there are still open places :)
  15. Math-Man

    Math-Man New Member

    I know it has been 10 days and if you think I didnt login for 10 days it is acceptable you unwhitelisted mebut I was busy last week
    so can you add me back to whitelist
  16. samSorge

    samSorge New Member

    IGN: Unknownelf
    Age: 27
    Reason for Joining: smp is just not cutting it :p
    Have you been banned: no
    Additional Info you can put(Optional): i'd like to build shared machine rooms/areas like dw20 did on Forgecraft. Or i'd like to help anyone setting something like that up
  17. Gillas

    Gillas New Member

    IGN: xGIllas
    Age: 14
    Reason for Joining: Beacouse i searching for good community and good server where i can play :)
    Have you been banned: no
    Reason for ban(If u were banned that is): N/A
    Additional Info you can put(Optional): I like build new systems structures and i love design
  18. MrDexter

    MrDexter New Member

    IGN: MrDexter
    Age: 18
    Reason for Joining: I have played alot MindCrack and wanted to try Direwolf, so when i was looking for servers i saw this one, and it looked like a pretty good server that i wanna check out! I just wanna build and make new friends on the server.
    Have you been banned: Never seen a reason not to be loyal.
    Reason for ban(If u were banned that is):
    Additional Info you can put(Optional): I'm 18 years old, coming from Oppland, Norway. I'm a nice guy and you won't see me doing or saying anything i shouldn't Looking forward to see you all in game! :D
  19. datajugend

    datajugend New Member

    Age: 25
    Reason for Joining: Looking for a relaxed server. Særdeles digg om den er norsk også.
    Have you been banned: No
    Reason for ban(If u were banned that is):
    Additional Info you can put(Optional): Bor i Oslo, er fra Kristiansund.
  20. Makin911

    Makin911 New Member

    IGN: Makin91
    Age: 21
    Reason for Joining: Ive been watching the direwolf20 vidoes like you said and ive been looking for the same thing ever since.
    Have you been banned: no.
    Additional Info you can put(Optional): i'm from Norway. i recently finished my military service and have alot of free time. i tend to spend it on my own minecraft server. but its gotten inactive right now. its hosted by creeperhost aswell, so i know they deliver.
    i will try and get on irc and talk to you there!:)

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