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    Modpack News

    With the release of Minecraft 1.12, we have yet again released a version of our unstable pack. This pack showcases new mods on the new Minecraft version as well as provides mod authors a platform to get a large amount of playtime for new, untested code.

    Unstable is mostly just a tossed together collection of mods, but our lead modpack dev tfox83 has put together a list of the config changes he's added to the pack.

    There is currently a crash bug if you are using the legacy launcher on a mac and try to launch a 1.12 pack.

    Wiki News

    The editathon mentioned in the last news post, the Let's Just Do It Editathon, was a success! Lots of mods got documented, lots of translations were made, and in total thousands of edits were made by the community. We thank everyone who participated for contributing. The winner of the $20 steam gift card was user SirMoogle for his "sufficiently Thaumic" contributions, or his documentation of Thaumcraft 4 and addons.

    The wiki community is currently trying to come to a decision on what to do with the public wiki section on the forums. Input from community members, regardless of whether they have edited the wiki, would be greatly appreciated. You don't even need an account to provide your thoughts. And while you're there, there's lots of other important discussions happening and all input is welcome.

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  2. Drawdenion

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    Dang, still nothing on Beyond 2.0. We're all hyped though! Can't wait till more is done on it!
  3. Magzie

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    they already posted that all their dev was going to 1.12 modded.
  4. Magzie

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    which mod was put in to the crafting table crap cause it is preventing the craft book to be use to insert recipes into the crafting station. Note: I found it. Crafting Tweaks. You might want to disable this one for now if you are playing the pack until it can be fixed. Note 2: On testing the craft book does work with the craft station from TiCo FYI. I'm leaving the Tweaks mod off though cause I don't need it. Also I tested most of the other crafting thing and most don't give access to the crafting book.
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  5. Shaun Dreclin

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    still waiting on the new expert pack D:
  6. Magzie

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    The news said they were coming out with a new main pack first then expert. Don't know how long that will be seems like a while.

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