Problem journeymap teleport function for normal players

Discussion in 'Server Tech Support' started by smeagol001, Aug 29, 2016.

  1. smeagol001

    smeagol001 New Member

    hey there..

    i want to run a ftb infinity evolved server for me and some friends but i cant seem to get teleport from yourney map working for non opped users.
    is there a fast way to get that function working since not everyone can set warp points but just use them.....

    Greetings Smeagol
  2. Henry Link

    Henry Link Popular Member

    The jouney map teleport was designed only for OPed users. I would recommend people use Mystcraft linking books or RF Tools teleporters until they can get to the point of getting the Draconic charm that does teleporting.
  3. smeagol001

    smeagol001 New Member

    thats to bad since it seems somehow the ppl i op are in creative mode regardles the world setting and that i want to avoid
    but i really want them to be able to use that convient teleporting interface without the worries that they would doo shit they dont supposed to do with other commands and such
  4. Henry Link

    Henry Link Popular Member

    Well as an alternative you can give everyone the Draconic charm. Maybe set one up in creative strongbox at spawn. That way can set their own teleports as they want them setup.
  5. EODCrafter

    EODCrafter Guest

    I'm really surprised Forge Essentials does not have a node to set this to true. Have you looked thru all the Perms in forge essentials? IE Items list.txt ect...I don't have the Journey Map Mod installed since players just disabled it anyway so looking at mine won't find the node.

    EDIT: Ahhh, just give them the /tp perm, then they can use Journey Map's TP feature.
    Here are most the Nodes....(I haven't tested this but it should work.) should be all you need for them to use it.....
    The command would be
    /p group {JourneyMapUsers} allow

    fe.teleport.back                                                                              # (default: true)
    fe.teleport.back.ondeath                                                                      # (default: true) Allow returning to the last death location with back-command
    fe.teleport.back.ontp                                                                         # (default: true) Allow returning to the last location before teleport with back-command
    fe.teleport.bed                                                                               # (default: true)
    fe.teleport.bed.others                                                                        # (OP only: true) Allow teleporting to other player's bed location
    fe.teleport.cooldown                                                                          # (OP only: 0) Allow bypassing teleport cooldown
    fe.teleport.crossdim                                                                          # (default: true) Allow teleporting across dimensions
    fe.teleport.from                                                                              # (default: true) Allow being teleported from a certain location / dimension
    fe.teleport.home                                                                              # (default: true) Allow usage of /home
    fe.teleport.home.other                                                                        # (OP only: true) Allow setting other players home location
    fe.teleport.home.set                                                                          # (default: true) Allow setting of home location
    fe.teleport.jump                                                                              # (OP only: true)
    fe.teleport.jump.tool                                                                         # (OP only: true) Allow jumping with a tool (default compass)
    fe.teleport.personalwarp                                                                      # (OP only: true)
    fe.teleport.personalwarp.delete                                                               # (OP only: true) Allow deleting personal warps
    fe.teleport.personalwarp.max                                                                  # (OP only: false) Maximal personal warp count
    fe.teleport.personalwarp.set                                                                  # (OP only: true) Allow setting personal warps
    fe.teleport.portal                                                                            # (OP only: true)
    fe.teleport.spawn                                                                             # (default: true)
    fe.teleport.spawn.others                                                                      # (OP only: true) Allow setting other player's spawn                                                                                # (default: true) Allow being teleported to a certain location / dimension                                                                               # (default: true)                                                                        # (OP only: true)                                                                                # (OP only: true)
    fe.teleport.tpa                                                                               # (default: true)                                                                          # (default: true) Allow teleporting other players to your own location (inversed TPA)
    fe.teleport.tpa.loc                                                                           # (OP only: true) Allow teleporting other players to any location
    fe.teleport.tpa.sendrequest                                                                   # (default: true) Allow sending teleport-to requests
    fe.teleport.tpa.timeout                                                                       # (default: 20) Amount of sec a user has to accept a TPA request
    fe.teleport.tpahere.sendrequest                                                               # (default: true) Allow sending teleport-here requests
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  6. smeagol001

    smeagol001 New Member

    okay where do i have to do the code and command since if i type the command in console it says unknown command
  7. mc.crab

    mc.crab Well-Known Member

    You need to install Forgeessentials to do what @EODCrafter said.
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  8. EODCrafter

    EODCrafter Guest
    ForgeEssentials is a serve-side only mod so just add the mod that has *server.jar" to your Mod folder, you don't need the client Mod.

    But the group I used is fake, {JourneyMapUsers}, you need to create that group or use the default group or just give everyone access to tp which would be _ALL_...Like this....
    /p group _ALL_ allow
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  9. smeagol001

    smeagol001 New Member

    okay when i install forge essentials the server says something about commands registered twice....
    can i ignore it or what do i have to do?
  10. EODCrafter

    EODCrafter Guest

    I have always ignored that warning, Forge Essentials has an entire Wiki devoted to help, I don't really want to re write that. It's pretty much just like the old essentials for Vanilla Minecraft. You should be able to give people commands based on Permissions now rather than just opping people.
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  11. smeagol001

    smeagol001 New Member

    so it doesnt matter that warning i assume right? if so thanks for helping me
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  12. EODCrafter

    EODCrafter Guest

    I'm going to assume you have FTB Utilities which dupe a lot of the commands in FE. You can edit the command.cfg in he Forge Essentials directory and remove all those dupes if you like. I wouldn't mess with FTB Utilities cause that handles chunk claiming and a lot of other useful Apps. Let me know if it works, like I said I removed Journey Map cause players disabled it any way. These are all the Dupe commands, I assume are used by FTBU....
    [ForgeEssentials]: Command gamemode registered twice
    [ForgeEssentials]: Command alias kill of command fekill registered twice
    [ForgeEssentials]: Command alias weather of command feweather registered twice
    [ForgeEssentials]: Command help registered twice
    [ForgeEssentials]: Command alias ? of command help registered twice
    [ForgeEssentials]: Command tp registered twice
    [ForgeEssentials]: Command alias spawn of command fespawn registered twice
    [ForgeEssentials]: Command alias reload of command fereload registered twice
    [ForgeEssentials]: Command alias back of command feback registered twice
    [ForgeEssentials]: Command alias enchant of command feenchant registered twice
    [ForgeEssentials]: Command time registered twice
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  13. XxLadyWolfxX

    XxLadyWolfxX Guest

    I dont understand. i tried using this /p group {JourneyMapUsers} allow but i keep getting an unknown comand.

  14. grandrolf

    grandrolf Popular Member Trusted User

    Do you have forge essentials in the pack your trying this on?

    If no, what pack are you using?

    EDIT: Also notice that this post you posted in is 2 years old and things change

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