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    Edited 05 Sept 2016:

    Thanks to everyone for visiting my thread! After my Crackpack mysteriously disappeared, and then I played through a decent bit of the awesome Unstoppable mod by @Boqzo1, I'm returning again to put up another build journal. Even though I've already played through it, I'm teaming up with Boqzo1 in order to play through FTB Infinity Evolved: Expert Mode. Some of you may remember that I hosted a server last year starting at the launch date of IE:E that culminated with about 15-20 players. We played from Halloween night (talk about madness!) through New Year's when everyone opted to begin 2016 doing something else.

    Well, I want to give it a go again because we never got around to creating the Creative Mode items that signified the end of the game. I'd love it if you followed along.

    Click here to read the FTB Infinity Evolved: Expert Mode Build Journal.

    When my eyes opened on this world for the first time, I felt as if I was in a dream. The entire world around me looked as if it was a cartoon of sorts. Everything was out of proportion, including the giant redwood trees growing in front of me. Against the backdrop of a clear, blue sky, they appeared to extend into the very heavens before they stopped. Underneath, the ground was dark as night because the tops of the trees blacked out the sun.


    After getting to my feet, I noticed giant yellow birds, similar to ostriches, and giant orange carrots growing out of the ground. I approached the birds hesitantly due to their size, but they were docile and didn't even seem to think I was a threat. When I turned my head back to the tree, I could see why. There were zombies underneath it!!

    Apparently the daylight scared them as they didn't come to me, but they never looked away once their eyes locked onto me. I quickly headed the other direction, now knowing that I needed to find shelter before night came.

    As I wandered, I saw a unicorn, several pegasus, and even a type of horse that I'd never read about in human mythology. I don't know what it is, but it looks like a whale and a horse created a baby together.


    As I walked, I looked through my coat and discovered that I had only a few apples and a book about tools. It didn't take long, but I found a flat, rocky area that wasn't too far from a village and immediately followed the instructions in the book. I created a tool set, then went about creating a small house to protect myself before the first night fell.


    It's not much to look out, but the walls are made of heated stone reinforced with birch timbers. I have a nice front porch with an outdoor grilling area, and I replanted a few berry bushes. Apparently the outcropping I'm on is immediately over a pool of oil. I'll have to see if I can make use of it later on.

    The first night, I slept soundly in my new home. I have a quaint little bedroom with a bookshelf and nightstand to put my glasses on.


    This world is so strange. As I followed the instructions in the book, new books just *poofed* into my jacket pockets. By the time I'd built my tools and work tables, I had 2 more books talking about all manner of things, things to make weapons and things to make my tools stronger.

    Why would I ever need a crossbow that can shoot 40 bolts per minute? Perhaps this world will be a very dangerous place.

    As the next morning dawned, I decided to explore the village and meet my neighbors. As I walked over to them, I saw a few zombies out wandering around. I hid before they saw me and watched them. As the rays of the morning sun hit them, they burst into flames and quickly died, leaving glowing orbs and brains everywhere. Maybe I'll need to re-read that weapons book!

    The village was full of strange people. They made grunting sounds and all wanted to either give me emeralds or get emeralds from me by way of trading. One claimed to be a farmer. He said he'd give me an emerald if I'd give him wheat, but he had an entire wheat garden outside of his house! I went outside and got what he wanted and then he gave me an emerald. I'll have to do that again later so I can build up some currency!


    I stayed too long in the village and, as the sun set, noticed all of the villagers panic and run inside. I followed one into his mountain home overlooking the village. He had soft wool flowers and the entire house stank of creosote, but it was better than being locked outside. I went upstairs and watched out the windows to see what the night brought with it, and I'm so glad I stayed inside! Skeletons with short bows appeared, as did more zombies, and these horrible looking green things that hissed if you got too close. A few old women appeared, holding glass bottles with a glowing liquid inside. None of the monsters approached them, so I was immediately scared of them as well.

    At one point in the night, the zombies broke into one of the homes and killed an entire family, turning them into zombies. I felt bad, but there were too many and we could do nothing. When morning finally came, all of the monsters went back into hiding. I thanked my host and immediately trekked back to my own place.

    Surviving in this world won't be easy. I'm starting with nothing but the scraps donated by the villagers, but I'm sure I can make a go of it. I'll document all of my journey here so that those who come after me will be able to follow my progress. Hopefully they'll find it useful, or at least an entertaining read.

    Until next time....
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    [reserved for updates and links to "important" posts]

    Notes about this journal:

    I'll be playing the FTB Crackpack modpack that was released a few weeks ago. I've never played Crackpack on any platform before, but I'm familiar with some of the mods it contains. I've added Veinminer to the pack to make mining easier, and I've removed the Special Mobs after I had a violent encounter within 10 minutes of starting the world. (I came across a gigantic, multi-headed spider called a Crawler that spawned 3 hostile spiders every single time I hit it. Before I noticed, I was being chased down by 12-15 spiders and killed several times.)

    I'm playing this on my personal pc, not on a server, so I can't invite you to join me. If this goes well, my next play though may be on a multiplayer server and I may record video as well as doing a written journal.

    If you like what you read, please leave comments! Tell me what you like, tell me what you don't, and even tell me things you might like to see. I've got a decent imagination, but I find myself severely lacking in Minecraft sometimes. I love to see what others have done.

    Thanks for reading and I look forward to a lot of interaction with you!

    Journal Entry #1 - Getting Started
    Journal Entry #2 - the Lexica Botania, Bats, and the Nether
    Journal Entry #3 - the Thermal Expansion Company & Food
    Journal Entry #4 - Starting the Kingdom

    7/10/16 - I removed the Unicorn & Chocobo mods. The Pegasuses kept multiplying, and before I knew it, I had an entire field of them flapping their wings. The world gen of the choco-carrots was also getting in the way, and I honestly didn't see myself ever taming magical horses or giant ostriches. Once I got rid of those two mods, I did notice a slight decrease in my lag.

    The Crackpack journal died an untimely and unseemly death shortly after it was born. If you'd like to read about the Unstoppable Journal, that picks up in this post.
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    From which mod is the horse-siren mob?
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    It's interesting so far. Glad you dropped special mobs. That just makes life a nightmare. Veinminer will eventually be out classed by the Atomic Disassembler, but I'm waiting to see what you do. Nice starter house.
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    i think its safe to say its supposed to be minecraft on "crack" X D
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    Journal Entry 2:

    It's been about 2 weeks in the strange, short day/night cycle this world has since I first appeared here. I haven't recovered any memories of my life before I woke up underneath the redwoods, and I have no reason to believe I will at this point.

    As I lay in bed this morning, thinking of the next steps to making this place habitable, I was scratching my left arm and noticed a strange bump. I looked down at my arm to find that three letters had formed underneath. They were "NEI" and they glowed a green-ish color.

    I ran my finger over the letters and some sort of magical, virtual menu appeared in front of me showing all manner of machines and magical apparatus. If I stared at one, it would open up a "recipe" showing me how to create it! This was a game changer! The "tinkers" books that I had been given were awesome, but this really opened up things for me.

    As I looked through all of the stuff I could do, I noticed an interesting green & yellow book called the Lexica Botania. The author told all of these tales of the magical power of the strange, glowing flowers I'd seen all over my valley. To make the book, all that I had to do was to bind together a tree sapling and a blank book. I had plenty of both in my storage chests, so I quickly put 1 of each together and then I had my own copy of the book!

    After reading through the book, I saw that I would need a decent bit of open land, so I walked down into my valley and found a nice clearing near a small pond and started the basic setup.

    I needed storage for all of the different flowers (I had gathered a lot while I was hunting for necessary things, not knowing if they'd come in handy or not). I also needed something called a "petal apothecary."


    After that, I had to make a strange white flower that the author purports will turn rock and logs into objects with more magic properties. I was highly skeptical, but it only costed 4 flower petals and some wheat seeds, so I threw them into the P.A. and was amazed when the flower flew back out into my hands! Maybe this will work after all....

    2-3 hours later, I had converted 64 logs and 64 pieces of stone into the Lexica's chosen materials, I had crafted 3 yellow flowers that took the power of the sun and turned it into a magical essence called mana, and I had also crafted a peculiar flower that ate coal and turned out massive amounts of mana.


    I'm going to gloss over a few details here, but I had a hard time finding all of the flowers in close proximity to my base. I would need massive amounts of flowers in order to make this magic work for me, and I remembered reading in the book about something called a Jaded Amaranthus. Apparently, if I put this flower close to my mana pool, it would create all of the flowers I needed. This seemed like a no brainer, but some of the ingredients needed to make it were in another realm called The Nether. I pulled up my NEI, researched it, and created a portal to this zone. While I was doing this, I kept getting buzzed by bats, so I swung my sword at them and managed to kill them.

    As soon as they'd died, I saw their essence immediately pull itself into my body and I felt very strange for a moment. When I looked back at my arm, a small image of a bat appeared next to NEI. When I brushed my finger over it, I started to feel queasy, then the world seemed to grow bigger, and suddenly I was morphed into a bat! I was able to fly around!


    Next I headed into this other dimension.


    Let's just say that this zone was made from the same stuff your worst fears and nightmares are made from. Molten rock everywhere, flames on the ground, strange creatures that were horrendously horrible to even look at, and the smell of sulfur permeated everything. I won't be spending more time than necessary there. In my head, I'll always think of that zone as hell.

    Once I got back to my base, I proceeded to make the Amaranthus flower and test it out. It worked like a charm!

    (It's the flower in the very center with the green & purple strands instead of petals.)

    Since it worked, I built out the land a little and then built a greenhouse on top of it for all of the flowers. This way I could control where they were, and I also had a "safe house" of sorts if I needed to work into the evening. I also created more of the coal-eating flowers so that I could get more mana more quickly. This book promised a lot of things, and it appears to be truthful, so I'm going to need more mana.


    This was the majority of my progress recently. I did build 3 machines to automate my ore processing from mining trips and I put them into the building behind my house. According to NEI, one is called an Ender IO Stirling Generator, and the other two are made by something called Thermal Expansion. I guess those are large companies somewhere in this land, but I'm not sure. Maybe I'll find them as I travel.


    This appears to be all of the progress for now. I can't wait to use my bat form and fly around to see what else is out there, and I can't wait to see what else I can build from the Lexica Botania. I wonder what the other books in my NEI do for me?
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    Journal Entry #3:

    Another week or two has passed in this world, and I no longer have any hope of going home again. I can't even remember where home was. This depressed me for a day or two, but then I realized that I needed to get a move on building things, mining for ores, and food production if I ever hoped to live in comfort again.

    My muscles have hurt so badly. I ended up mining all the way to the bedrock of the planet. It turns out that different ores are found at different levels in the stratus. I found this marvelous glowing red rock once I got within 45-50 feet of the bedrock that has properties that pass a signal of sorts. Mentally, I refer to it as redstone since that's what it looks like. (Original, huh?)

    After my discovery of the NEI button in my forearm, I spent a few sleepless nights looking through things and found that I could sort and search via mental commands. After surveying everything that the Thermal Expansion company had listed, I decided those machines needed to be built to get myself underway. I also decided that my small machine building wasn't going to be big enough, so I terraformed the land beyond my smeltery, evening it out, and built a much larger building to house the machines in.

    I also looked at TE's energy storage, which they called Redstone Flux, but I didn't like the little cubes. I searched more and found that the EnderIO company had blueprints for storage that showed progress bars to let me know how much energy they contained. I think they were called capacitors and I built the smallest one since I needed the other machines to make the more difficult ingredients.


    I also decided I needed a way to mass produce food and cloth because I was getting sick of berries, so I created an irrigating water system and planted some cotton, grapes, and other fruits that I'd found in the nearby area. I plan to expand this out later and even see if I can fence in a few pigs and sheep so that I can start getting meat, but I'm happy with this for now.

    I also decided that it was getting really expensive making all of these torches to light up my base. When I was in the Nether dimension, I saw clusters of glowing yellow stone. On a hunch, I assumed my bat form, grabbed my alumite hammer, and went to get some. Once I returned home, I put this glowstone (again, original huh?) on my worktable and took my diamond hacksaw to it, and I was able to cut it into small strips. I lined my walkways with it, and they light up the night as well as the torches do, if not better. They even have the side effect of helping my cotton to grow around the clock, so I can get more out of each harvest.

    Finally, right before I made this journal entry, I had managed to accumulate enough mana from my coal-eating flowers to make 24 pieces of mana steel, which I then crafted into armor. According to my Lexica Botania, wearing a full set of armor would decrease the mana requirements for making things, so I figured it was a win/win. I no longer had to wear armor off of the dead zombies and skeletons I killed at night. This blue armor is very lithe, fitting me perfectly! Once I put it all on, it moved with my body and made battle so much easier than that discarded armor had done previously. I'll have to do some more research and see if this armor can be upgraded somehow.
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    Journal Entry #4:

    I've taken on a massive project. The night time monsters are getting more and more plentiful as I settle into my base. The constant moans of the zombies, the *thwick* of arrows being fired into my house and surrounding land, the cackling of the witches, and even the explosions of the suicidal green monsters that creep around make it so that I can't even sleep through the night. When I go out in the morning, I have to have a sword ready, and I'll often change into my bat form first so that I can fly out and up very quickly to avoid what may be lurking around the corner of my home.

    It's time to build something more fortified, something that can protect me throughout the night. In my travels around this strange world, I've seen unguarded villages completely overrun by the monsters, with gardens that were nothing but weeds and no villagers left behind. I've seen other villages, however, surrounded by high stone walls. They are their own kingdoms. This is what I need.

    About a mile or so from my base, there is a high plateau that I found. It has a steep drop off on most sides that I could build up from. It'll be tough to drag all of the stone up to the top, but I think it's worth it. I've already built the walls out, which took many weeks, and I was constantly bombarded by all manners of armor-wearing zombies and skeleton archers trying to stop me from building my safe haven.

    You can see some of the monsters in the center of this picture. I had to kill them to clear the area after building the wall.

    This is after completing the diagonal wall.

    The sheer drop means that this side will be extremely easy to defend. No opposing army could hope to enter from this side.


    At the very top of the map you can see the dirt walkway that connects my small home to my machine room. In the northeast, you see the small village. You can also see the size and scale of the kingdom I'm setting up. I had to chop down hundreds of trees and place thousands of pieces of stone.

    If you've looked at the map and pictures, you can see how much effort this took. In my NEI, I found a magical device called a builder's wand, but I couldn't find the ingredients to make it and was forced to do this by hand. Now I have to lay out a city within my walls, and then I'll invite the citizens of the village to come and take up residence in my kingdom. I've grown to really like them, so I hope they take me up on the offer. I'll need some of them to guard the walls, others to run shops, and even some to tend to the farms and lumber yard that I'll eventually need. In exchange for the safety of my walls, I hope they'll help me to run this new city.
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    OK I've hit a slight snag with this world. You know when you're using the Curse thing, and you click and delete a modpack because it sucked? Well, I wasn't paying much attention and might have accidentally clicked this one instead of the one I meant to click. I also deleted all backups out of habit before I realized it.

    On a bright note, Comedy Central is showing the South Park mockumentary of Dog The Bounty Hunter right now. At least there's that.
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    Time for a new pack? I suggest Modular Mayhem, because it's awesome.
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    I just read through the mod list and I've never used half of them. What makes it so good?
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    It's got a theme, but no expert mode style 'You MUST play this way'. Everything either fits into the category of modular mods, or multi-blocks. For example, Steve's Carts can mine/farm/tree cut. Or Advanced Generators, which can eat steam or any sort of fluid fuel, from any of the mods that add it in the pack, and the generator structure itself is a multi-block. Or Silent's Gems, which is a replacement for Tinkers, that has alternative functionality. Instead of adding a hammer to your inventory, you can add a pick axe that mines a 3x3. Or an axe that chops the entire tree, but still only chops out one plank.

    Immersive Engineering and Magneticraft do almost nothing that aren't multi-block, and Railcraft more or less originated the concept.

    And then the mother of all mods that fit, Engineer's Toolbox. Not only are the Sockets modular, but you can build your own multi-block. Built-in 3x smelting, guaranteed, and surprisingly easy. Does require a fair bit of power, but you can set up near a river and build a hydro-electric dam and produce all the power you'll ever need. Or just use solar, or it's in-built reactor system. Steel? Got that, and it's pathetically simple if you've got the stuff to make it. (Getting the stuff is tricky, but eh.) Can also act as frames. Frame mining with in-built ore doubling? Ore Trippling if you're slightly insane.
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    I'd recommend using the modpack on curse called Unstoppable. I'm the one who developed it and it's really based around freedom and doing anything you want with a big pack with a ton of mods to play with! It's got all kinds of mods in there along with some nice world generation ones as well with an end game goal of avaritia if you so choose. I'd love to see you play it!
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    So I've played in a couple of modpacks that had Avaritia, but never used it. What's the whole point of it?
  17. KingTriaxx

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    Getting more resources once you already have far too many.
  18. GamerwithnoGame

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    Or, to give a little more detail than @KingTriaxx ;) It adds a 9x9 crafting table that allows crafting of extremely expensive, very powerful items. You require vast amounts of resources, such as foods and metals, and it dynamically increases the complexity - so on vanilla the singularities would be iron, gold, lapis, redstone and nether quartz, but if a mod adds copper, tin and lead, singularities of those will also be needed. Likewise, the Ultimate Stew needs more items if you have a mod that adds more food.

    Basically its the endgame of endgame, but you can make some fun things like the Crystal Studded Cosmic Neutronium Wand, for example.
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    Yeah it's just a fun thing to do if you've essentially "beaten" the pack in the normal sense. It's not required though unless you try to get the transmutation table from project e. But aside from avaritia the pack has a lot of mods for you to play with that would be cool for you to share here :p
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    I started another Infinity run last night (regular mode) just to see how fast I could get to big power generation. In less than an hour, I was able to make a large mountain base (carved out the corner of a mountain) and mined enough stuff that I had a large smeltery and a 3x3x3 Big Reactor producing 262 RF/t. Filled up 4 leadstone batteries in that time, too. If anyone wants them, I can post pix, but I wasn't looking for a long play through on that one.

    Fair enough, I'll give it a go. I don't have a YouTube recording setup (yet - saving up for a new graphics card first), but I can definitely do a blog-style LP here in the forums since yall seemed to like what I was doing before.

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