Issues with nVidia drivers (378.49) preventing Minecraft loading

Discussion in 'Tech Support' started by Quetzi, Jan 26, 2017.

  1. Quetzi

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    There have been a lot of issues reported recently with nVidias 378.49 drivers. They are working on a fix but in the meantime the best course of action is to not update to that version. Alternatively you can try uninstalling 3D Vision as that has been reported to solve the problem for some users. There are a few things to look out for to identify whether this is the cause of your crash, these will be in your logs.
    • Game ended with bad state (exit code -1073740791)
    • - This will be on a line in relation to your graphics card and is the version number of the affected drivers.
    • The coremod X does not have an MCVersion annotation - This message isn't something to worry about and appears in logs under normal circumstances, however if your log ends and you have a line like this as the last thing in the log it could be this issue.
    If any of the above applies to your crash the suggested fix is to rollback your graphics drivers until nVidia can issue a fix: if you would like to try uninstalling 3D Vision first then you can do as it has been known to help in some cases, as has disabling SLI.

    Edit: nVidia have released a new driver hotfix addressing this issue:
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  2. Robijnvogel

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    Linking the Reddit post on this topic may be a good idea.

    Also rolling back using that guide doesn't work for everyone (for me the option to roll back was greyed out), so some people might need to manually download the previous version of driver and install it manually (like primitives).

    Due to issues of my own, that caused me one BSoD, but after that, everything worked smoothly again.

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  3. Thanks A Lot Guys!!! You saved me :p
  4. Quanyen

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    Help me :c

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  6. _Zeldaman_

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    Rolled back drivers, now Curse wont launch Project Ozone 2 due to "The System file cannot be specified"
  7. Robijnvogel

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    Have you restarted your PC after rolling back?
  8. _Zeldaman_

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    *facedesk* No, thank you. Will do now.
  9. _Zeldaman_

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    Well so much for that, same error
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    Thanks, I should of read this post first. I was having the same issue, a simple rollback really helped. Thanks guys, ya'll are a life saver. Now I can do my normal streams!
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  12. Bloody_Wicklow

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    Thank you for the post.

    I was receiving the "Game ended with bad state (exit code -1073740791)" after I updated to GeForce Game Ready Driver 378.49.

    After rolling driver back per the recommendation, I was able to load Skyfactory3 without a problem.
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  13. delmar93

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    uninstalling 3D Vision fix my problem. thank you.
  14. This would explain all the screaming and yelling in my house earlier in the week, now I know for sure that there was a problem with it. Any ideas as to when they're going to have a fix for it?
  15. Quetzi

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  16. This is awesome news can't wait to give it a try out.
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    This should be stickied on Reddit, I wouldn't have known about it had I not googled some more. Uhg, way to ruin Minecraft nvidia lol. Anyone remember the mianite days where nvidia had a kill count?

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  18. Robijnvogel

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    Is there any reason to assume that this is entirely NVidia's fault? Maybe Minecraft or Java has a bug in it somewhere that only occurred because NVidia more strictly checked some things after the update.
    Or is that out of the question?
    I remember a Java Update that broke Forge (concurrent modification), because Forge was treating some of Java's "Iterables" sloppily.
  19. BAMvsGAME

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    Whatever the reason Minecraft crashes on the latest nvidia drivers for me. Rolling them back fixes the crash on startup issue.

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  20. Robijnvogel

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    Fyi: There is a hotfix version of the driver as well.

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