Inventions Discussion, help, venting, & showing off creations thread

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Jul 27, 2013
Used to be you could have one iGrinder casing, and put four iGrinder blocks around it and have them share the casing. So you'd get four different grinders for the one casing. Not sure if you still can but it was nice, because I could have three running with water and the fourth running with one of the special fluids.

Me personally, I'm building massive Railways. So far I've laid about 2k blocks worth of tracks. And I have another 6k planned out. One structure in each kind of biome, using Highlands Large Biomes. All connected with rails, rather than just wimping out and teleporting it. Items, Power, Fluids, all carried on the rails of progress.

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Jul 29, 2019
Now on my journey, I have built some thermal expansion machines, some tesseracts, and lain down the foundations for my base. Apearantelly, bricks actually have a quite high EMC value, which is quite annoying.

2016-06-13_23.44.41.png I have also built my this tower, which I plan to use as a power plant (though it really looks more like an office building.)
I know I'm not the best at making my bases look detailed and nice, but this is good enough for me right now. I think I am going to use buildcraft fuel to start with, then maybe branch out to big reactors or another source of power.


Since there is no Tinkers Construct, and i absolutely love Immersive Engineering. I started to work towards biodiesel as soon as I had the resources for it.

Now working on the Diesel generator so I can use the Excavator.