Impossible to find server creation instructions on website; Wiki was wildly unhelpful.



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When looking simply for somewhere to download the necessary files to host a server on my personal machine, why have I had to jump through so many dang hoops? I've been looking for the past 30 minutes just for a dang download link.

And I look on the wiki, and I literally see this:

10/10, very helpful.

So after more googling I finally found the link, and I figured I'd try to make it easier for the next person and update the wiki.


Someone please update the freaking wiki to make it easier for the next guy.
The correct link is <snip, this is the wrong place>
And please consider posting a download button on the main page of the website. I had to freaking dive into the rabbit hole to wonderland just to figure out where to download the dang server.
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On my FTB launcher, there is a button that says Download Server....This has always worked for me.
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Jul 29, 2019
downloading the server pack is vastly easier. Still not the only answer. It is possible to create a server with any pack instance.
  1. Find the Forge Version compatible with that pack(this is usually listed in "manifest.json" for the packs on the curse launcher, and in the pack profile on the install area of curse app).
  2. Download that version of forge from the official forge site.
  3. Run it and select install server. Select a empty folder for it and let it install the files.
  4. Copy these files to another folder(I will call "SP\" for convenience) you will be dedicating to that server instance.(don't use the original location. In case the files are needed later)
  5. Copy the files from the modpack instance to SP\.
  6. Now you can run the forge.jar by double clicking on it(usually), or by creating a bat file to open it with java.

This setup will, likely, crash repeatedly. '
  1. Every time it crashes look at the logs for it and try and figure out which mod it is. likely client side only(likely a GUI mod). Failing that turn off anything you suspect of being client side only(the mod's official page helps with this, usually. (if it is a curse pack then curse forge would be the place to start looking))
  2. at some point it will generate a file named "eula.txt" in the packs root folder. edit that file and change the "false" in line 3 to "true".
  3. at another point it will successfully generate a world. now edit the pack as desired. Delete the world file before whenever the edits are tested
  4. when the pack is configured open the file and edit that.(especially set "level-name=" to something other then "world") more info on setting that up can be found on the official minecraft wiki. (It is covered their rather well there)
To stop a server type "stop" in the terminal for it. As a extra precaution I usually type in "save-all" before that.
if you want to enable cheating for specific server goers then typing "op minecraftID" in the server terminal will allow them to do that. Replace minecraftID with the actual users id.
a lot of the other stuff can be found on the official minecraft wiki.

this is mostly how i get it done. there are errors in here of course. Anyone the least bit uncomfortable with learning, or troubleshooting should likely get someone else to run the server, or at least let them set it up if it is disconnected from the net by a firewall. I feel this is try of any game server though. Especially ones that players from the net can get on. If you plan on letting any one else on the server it would be a good idea to learn about server security(something I should actually put more effort into learning actually).

edit: sorry, wasn't looking at the location of this thread. Should have really paid attention to that.
might have been referring to this page: . it does have the dead link in it.
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But FTBLauncher is being deprecated and some of us our wanting to learn how to download our server files through the new Forge-sponsored methods before FTBLauncher goes away. Also it is not clear from the FTBLauncher what version of a modpack's server files are actually going to be downloaded. For example the server files for DW20's 1.10.2 modpack shows that FTBPresentsDirewolf20110Server.Zip is going to be downloaded. This is the same filename as the version I downloaded 2 weeks ago. It isn't until after this download has completed and you take a very close look inside can you tell that it is actually the 1.1.4 version. Whereas after clicking on the "+ 1 more" entry for this modpack it is very clear that you are going to be downloading the 1.1.4 version. That alone is more than enough incentive for me to use the server downloads available on I find it anyway.


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Aug 20, 2012
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You do realize that the "+ 1 more" button is not intuitively obvious. I too went down the same path that the OP did. In fact I have gone down it two or three times this last year or two. Please make the server files more visible.
We (FTB) have made our feelings on the visibility of the server downloads known, making the process easier from within Curse is one of the features that needs to be in place before we retire our launcher.