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If you could add one block what would it be... Get your block idea into my mod!

Discussion in 'General FTB chat' started by PhoenixSmith, Sep 30, 2014.

  1. namiasdf

    namiasdf New Member


    HAHAHAHAHAHAHA. You said it.
  2. Hoff

    Hoff Tech Support

    I wanna understand what this is supposed to mean but at the same time I'm glad I don't.
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  3. rungok

    rungok New Member

    I... I want to see a Nest Block.
    Perhaps constructed using sticks and/or other objects, the Nest Block when set down creates a nest that takes up space like a half slab. You can put chicken eggs in it and it 'cooks' over time to hatch a new chicken.

    Even better, you could build a multiblock structure out of them (In 2x2 or 3x3 forms) to hatch larger eggs from creatures. Maybe even a 5x5 structure to hatch an ender dragon egg... Though why would you want to do that? ;)
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  4. Taiine

    Taiine New Member

    Slabs/stairs of ALL blocks.
    Mud. the top most layer of dirt if exposed to rain, or water for prolong time will turn to mud as it soaks up the water. Could act like soulsand, sinking in and slowing movement. Can be picked up as mud block. But after say half a days time of no longer being exposed to such, turns back to normal dirt.

    Seashells in the sea, give a reason to explore it more.

    A hopper that can connect to more then one block and split blocks evenly. Nice to attach 4 furnace's to a single hopper and have it split it's contents evenly between them.

    Sorting Hoppers. Hoppers you can tell it what item/items to look for and pull.

    Nests.. just as suggested before.. but I'd like to see them attract chickens to sit in them to lay eggs instead of them just popping where ever. Make it easier for egg collection if you can tell the chickens where to go.
  5. Someone Else 37

    Someone Else 37 Forum Addict

    Make sure it works with phoenix eggs, too.

    Maybe the phoenixes could act like those birds whose names I've forgotten in the Aether mod- they occasionally drop eggs (like chickens), which you can then incubate to produce a tame bird, to which you can attach a saddle and ride.

    Oh, and make the phoenixes burn up when they die, and spawn a new (immature?) phoenix. You might still be able to get a feather off a mature phoenix, though, if it doesn't get burned up in all the fire.
  6. ICountFrom0

    ICountFrom0 Forum Addict

    A wall block immune to spider climb.
  7. namiasdf

    namiasdf New Member

    Wow. Probably the best post of the year.
  8. Crhymez

    Crhymez New Member

    Slabs of all blocks Forge Mico parts

    Stairs of every block Carpenter blocks

    Seashells is in Mariculter

    Sorting hoppers or blocks that act like that are in Refined Relocation
  9. PhoenixSmith

    PhoenixSmith New Member

    This could be awesome. :)


    Thanks for the defense, the community has so many nice people, but there's

    Nest blocks are going to be coming with Phoenix I like the idea of something to do with the Dragon egg, and also chickens. A renewable feather producing farm/ a 1:1 egg to chicken ratio may both be in order.
  10. pizzawolf14

    pizzawolf14 New Member

    All this talk of birds and chickens and nobody has posted this? Preposterous!
  11. rungok

    rungok New Member

    I'm glad I could contribute.
  12. Archie Duffy

    Archie Duffy New Member

    I think you should be able to right click a coal block with flint and steel and instead of setting it on fire give it a glowing texture. It should last for at least a minecraft week and if you put a furnace on top of it, it should give it enough heat to cook things.
  13. Hoff

    Hoff Tech Support

    New idea: Head on a spike. Extremely medieval mentality here. Maybe just 2 iron ingots with a mob head on top in vertical fashion. Possibly make it to plant either flat on the ground or wall mounted like torches. The effect: in a 6 block radius around it, it scares mobs away like unto cats with creepers. However it will only scare the mob that has its head on the spike. This will mean needing to add a head block for all vanilla mobs as well I suppose.
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  14. yoy1zoz2mom3

    yoy1zoz2mom3 New Member

    Some sort of barricade would be nice
  15. pizzawolf14

    pizzawolf14 New Member

    Player heads too please. I'd like a hall of my enemies where I strike fear into everybody's hearts. Speaking of spikes, we should have crucifixion in Minecraft.
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  16. malicious_bloke

    malicious_bloke Over-Achiever

  17. Archie Duffy

    Archie Duffy New Member

    Fences are already in the game.
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  18. Hoff

    Hoff Tech Support

    But fences aren't as badass as these:

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  19. yoy1zoz2mom3

    yoy1zoz2mom3 New Member

    Exactly, something that would hurt mobs that walk into them, fences are so old, jeez, just climb over them already, they basically have rungs
  20. PhoenixSmith

    PhoenixSmith New Member

    Great ideas. I like the idea of spiked heads. :D Also some sort of wall defense thingy is definitely coming maybe caltrops, barbed wire, and some sort of hidden spikes. I should be putting some more features in by tomorrow. Right now Im working on exporting objs and importing them as java so I can start having models. :p
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