How to turn in Mana?

Discussion in 'FTB Pyramid Reborn' started by joshuad156, Sep 15, 2018.

  1. joshuad156

    joshuad156 New Member

    Anyone play this yet know how to turn in Mana? I tried via a mana tablet, like you can with liquids, but not happening.
  2. DinnerBeef

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  3. Orejasgrande

    Orejasgrande Guest

    I was wondering the same thing. It is not in the turn-in chest either. Unless I'm missing something. I'll check Bug report page, but I can't find any info on this newest version anywhere.
  4. joshuad156

    joshuad156 New Member

    My apologies, didn't realize this was the Bug Report forum. Totally didn't mean for this to be a bug report.

    Answering my own question here, I did figure out that simply using a spreader into the quest block at the end of the row fills the mana. So had to bring a pool, spreader, and some mana in a tablet and filled it up with less than a pools worth of mana.
  5. Orejasgrande

    Orejasgrande Guest

    I don't think it is just for "Bugs" . Either way you are right. I had figured it out before checkin back here. Thanks

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