House / Base Designs?

Discussion in 'Community Showcase' started by Narcisism, Jan 5, 2013.

  1. Tylor

    Tylor Well-Known Member

    Floating house = no wandering in mobs.
  2. DanteGalileo

    DanteGalileo New Member

    Did you get a lot of hostile wisps in the early days?
  3. LeC

    LeC New Member

  4. Bibble

    Bibble New Member

    Not so much whisps, but lots of Giant's (which I let the sunlight take care of) and witches (which are really annoying when they gang up on you!)
  5. jnads

    jnads New Member

    Heh, thanks for the feedback. Yeah, sometimes I feel compelled to extend it to the other peak, but then laziness gives in (I told the turtle to build 20 x 20 add-on).

    I'm just surprised nobody pointed out I was sleeping under the stairs o_O.
  6. nevakanezah

    nevakanezah New Member

    Those floating stairs would be amazing in a void age.
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  7. jnads

    jnads New Member

    Throw in some Portals and you have the beginnings of an MC Escher-esque house!
  8. Narcisism

    Narcisism New Member

    So many ideas @[email protected] and my computer picks this time to start acting up T.T So I can't even play with any of them D:
  9. Celestialphoenix

    Celestialphoenix Too Much Free Time

    Don't Tempt me.
  10. OERB57

    OERB57 New Member

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  11. SaintZantiago

    SaintZantiago New Member

    This is my first house, + exterior and interior since I started with minecraft.
    Or at the very least it's parts of it.
    I started with minecraft about a month or so ago.
    And everything is done in Survival mode + hardcore gregtech (ftb ultimate pack)

    There's a minor gallery I just made with some pictures of it.
    Nothing special since it's my first house.
    1. Storage below ground.
    -Creosote oil tank
    -6 Coke ovens to make coal coke
    -Blast furnace
    -3x Lava tanks(10.3million liters, the biggest tanks you can make)

    2. Above ground
    -Fully automatic wheat farm, turning wheat into bread under the roof to the right. And across from that is a fully automatic tree farm. (not rubber tree, you can use any sapling you want.
    -Solar panel underneath the hardened glass floor (40solar panels)
    -Twilight and Netherworld portal under the roofs to the left
    -And you can see part of the svimming pool, and a fountain.

    3 Just a fountain idea I had, I feel I need to change the building material, but it's got a good shape, and when we finally got the water to run like we wanted it looked really really good actually.
    It's not just a multiple stories fountain, the water is actually running in a spesific pattern.

    4. Another above ground picture where you can see more of the house, roof windows, and a mystcraft abode.

    5. Entrances to the mystcraft and thaumcraft cave, my thaumcrafting area is to the left and the mystcraft is over the bridge to the right.

    Like I said, form wise it's not the best. But I think it's fairly decent seeing as it's my first ever house build in minecraft, and this is on a local server where me and my roomate, the guy that got me into minecraft is just toying around.
    We got two massive quarries to get us all the matterials, so currently we're working on setting up a sorting band and bigger storage area for all the materials.
    We could potentially let one or two more guys on the server, as I'm the one hosting it.
    But we'll see.

    P's great ideas I've seen from people however. I like it :)
  12. SaintZantiago

    SaintZantiago New Member

    Next thing we're building is 4 massive pillars and then building a dome out of hardened glass on the pillars.
    It's gonna take a month probably but we'll see how it turns out. With the AURA in the area closing in on 600, we're gonna have a LOT of house pets to say the least.
  13. SatanicSanta

    SatanicSanta New Member


    Meadows are my favorite XBXL biomes...
  14. Oatmonster

    Oatmonster New Member

    I'm personally a big fan of using fairly small interlinked hexagons as the foundation for larger honeycomb like structures. Xycraft engineering blocks also look great with that design.
  15. SaintZantiago

    SaintZantiago New Member

    I have to agree.
    Even while being new to minecraft, I quickly changed from the flat buildings to something with more form.
    And now that we have most of our base fully automatic, I'm working on a massive, and by that I mean massive in every sense of that word dome to have above our base as a "roof".
    But for that I'm gonna use 4 circular pillars, and the freaking size and mats needed.. Christ it's rediculous.
    Keep in mind we don't spawn in anything, so everything we build are farmed, and built by hand.
    That's why we haven't dared venture into nuclear power and what not.
    Even if we have to when we want to build that damn graviton chestplate+solar helmet...
    Iridium plate's give me a headache...

    I'll post a picture when our 150x150 dome is done..
  16. SatanicSanta

    SatanicSanta New Member

    Nuclear is safe as long as you know what you are doing.
  17. SaintZantiago

    SaintZantiago New Member

    That's the thing.
    We have no clue how to play it safe with nuclear power and such. :p
  18. SatanicSanta

    SatanicSanta New Member

    Google is your friend.
  19. SmexiiBacon

    SmexiiBacon New Member

    The download is broken. could you please fix it :D
  20. liltwista3331

    liltwista3331 New Member

    Could u upload the map for us to download maybe

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