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Discussion in 'Community Showcase' started by Narcisism, Jan 5, 2013.

  1. Narcisism

    Narcisism New Member

    So, I've been using 9x9s for awhile, and I'm tired of it. I want to make something that looks nice. Except that I'm woefully lacking in that kind of creativity, except for when bridges are involved.

    So to that end, I'm looking for ideas for houses and bases that fit 2 main criteria:
    1) It must be aesthetically pleasing. I'm tired of box houses.
    2) It must be able to, in some way, fit a storage room, a "bedroom", all the basic TE machines, all the basic IC2 machines, a Thaumatorium, MJ generation (engines of some sort), and some form of EU generation beyond the basic generator. EDIT: Whoops forgot a few things: Redpower-based Sorting System and Blutricity Generation.

    This doesn't necessarily have to be all one building. It could be some sort of industrial complex, or a village or something. I'm just not very good at designing pretty things, so I need some ideas.

    Basically, I need inspiration xD So you think you guys and gals can lend me a hand?
  2. ChiTown03

    ChiTown03 New Member

    I felt the same way i was building 9x9s and it started to get boring so i just recently started a new world and decided to carve out a nice mountain landscape. Ill update as i progress.
  3. Narcisism

    Narcisism New Member

    Woah. That is a nice little valley thing you've got there. Don't suppose you'd care to share the seed? I love areas like that xD So much potential in one small area. Makes me eager to try it xD
  4. ChiTown03

    ChiTown03 New Member

    Well then you'll love what my plans are for this lil valley. Before i started i made a copy of the map and messed around in mcedit for a bit so i can get some sort of idea and this is what i came up with.

  5. ncreen_same

    ncreen_same New Member

    I'm working on this
    2013-01-06_08.12.46.png 2013-01-06_08.13.05.jpeg
    Each floor has a conduit/cable/pipe floor in between which is smaller than other floors.

    It's looking pretty over the top at the moment and I'm trying to spend some time filling it with machines, finding automating the industrial grinder is still pretty hard even in this huge space

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  6. Whovian

    Whovian New Member

    Wait. MCEdit with FTB?
  7. ChiTown03

    ChiTown03 New Member

    Yea it works, well kinda. Just don't use it with your main world because it will turn mod items into strange vanilla minecraft items, i.e. rubber trees turned into netherbrick fences.
    Also i think if you select an area and modifiy it , as long as there are no mod blocks in that selection you should be fine[DOUBLEPOST=1357425535][/DOUBLEPOST]

    Looking good!! That is always my problem. I like to build these big structures, but then it looks plain because i have nothing to fill it with. Although i do have some interesting ideas for this new world that i just started, so pretty excited about that.
  8. Narcisism

    Narcisism New Member

    I used to be good at building. Then I took a Direwolf20 to the mind-set. >.>

    More seriously, I might have to build some sort of crazy industrial complex in that valley or something. Gonna look around for a few other ideas, then maybe snag that seed and do a merge of a bunch of different buildings. If I can get my computer to run reasonably well, or rent a cheap, crappy server to play on. Or find a generous donor ;) I have a junk computer that can't really run Minecraft in SSP, so I have to find other methods. :(

    Oh, and something that the VoxelBox people taught me: If a room looks empty, put in some floor decorations, some hanging light fixtures, or some paintings on the walls. It will fill it up nicely, even if you don't actually put anything in the room. If you have a big empty room, make some furniture. RP2 MicroBlocks are GREAT for making furniture.
  9. netmc

    netmc New Member

    in my pre ftb world, I used nether brick and infernal brick to make a warehouse district of sorts. in the front, I used nether brick, then placed infernal brick in a 1 wide 2 tall "window". on the sides, I used cobble instead of the infernal brick. the back was left solid. I used jungle wood planks for the floor. it really did make it feel like an old industrial complex that had seen better days.

    I made a bunch of single purpose building with railcraft moving everything between buildings, and the railcraft tanks storing all the liquids. I ended up abandoning the whole thing because of some funky light bugs in that version of minecraft. :(
  10. Esparoba3

    Esparoba3 New Member

    most of the times I build these:
    they are essentially 9 by 9's , but at least they look a lot nicer than Direwolf20's flat stone ones, and most of my machines/storage is underground
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  11. ChiTown03

    ChiTown03 New Member

    A little update on my chest room and farms. I havent done much with the front yet because I havent really started TC3 . Once I research the wand of equal exchange , were gonna have some fun.:D
  12. Predatorkillol

    Predatorkillol New Member

    Love the look of the farm with the water flowing down
  13. Narcisism

    Narcisism New Member

    Woah. That looks cool. What pack are you using, btw? I tried your seed and couldn't find that valley xD
  14. madaffacca

    madaffacca New Member

    Every given time somebody posts his own house design...

  15. ChiTown03

    ChiTown03 New Member

    I'm using the DW20 pack but i don't think that should matter as long as its 1.4.6 it should be the same? Although i did disable a few laggy biomes for xlbiomes. I dont know if that makes a difference. If you would like i could start a fresh world of that seed and upload it.
  16. Narcisism

    Narcisism New Member

    Thanks ^_^ So many ideas when I look at that. Another thought would be if I could find a hill next to an ocean. Seaside villa, anyone? :p
  17. ChiTown03

    ChiTown03 New Member

    There is 2 villages nearby, 2 thaumcraft dungeons and a volcano about 500 blocks away.
  18. Tylor

    Tylor Well-Known Member

    I like vertical tower design. With jetpack, vertical movement is actually much faster than horisontal 2012-09-09_00.29.16.png
  19. Atdiy

    Atdiy New Member

    My "house" is also known as the hive ship --


    and inside one of the four floors:

    Automatic sorting system - and spots for a bunch of machines. I think we have pictured a centrifuge, squeezer, electric furnace, carpenter, macerator, thermionic fab, compressor and rolling machine :)

    There's more storage below:

    And it's powered on the top by advanced solar panels!

    And bedroom's:

    The bee automation system is tucked into the ceiling of the bedroom :)
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  20. Celestialphoenix

    Celestialphoenix Too Much Free Time

    I'm ashamed to admit I built a 9x9 once ... ok 4 times ... in a square.

    So I added some side windows, ripped out the internal walls, stuck in a glass floor and stacked it up a bit. Bumping out the walls a little allowed for 4 windows and keeping a central axes for my paths makes a pretty neat farm.

    Its not as imaginative as living on a boat, but it's easy to add extra basements and modules as needed.
    (My current challange is keeping the cube and turbine hall- but building all the farms ect underwater, reverse aquarium style)

    As for my pre direwolf style?
    (This is an old screenie, the city grew about 4x bigger with a massive arena, naval and skydock, Cathedral (wip), and slightly eccentric NSFW locals).

    Take the tour! (except for peoples personal houses, everything was me- over the space of 3 months)

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