House / Base Designs?

Discussion in 'Community Showcase' started by Narcisism, Jan 5, 2013.

  1. ChiTown03

    ChiTown03 New Member

    That looks awesome !!
  2. jnads

    jnads New Member

    You can do some cool stuff with Computer Craft, a Turtle, and the gimpy minecraft physics.

    Currently I have a house overhanging a mountain. It started as a 12x12 cobblestone house on the top of the mountain, but I needed more space. Turtles can fly, so I programmed one to build an add-on which just hangs in the air (more specifically, I had it build the 1st, 2nd, and roof foundation, then made the walls myself).

    There's a program on the ComputerCraft forums for building domes (whatever size you want). A giant glass dome house would be cool, and it doesn't interfere with solars :) (at least Advanced solars works I tested).

    Of course, given FTB, you could use Thermalexpansion Hardened Glass, which is creeper-proof, and much better looking than standard glass since it has gray accents instead of white.

  3. Tylor

    Tylor Well-Known Member

    I like wood buildings (especially birch), but they catch fire so easily.
  4. Predatorkillol

    Predatorkillol New Member

    You could use double wood slabs as last I checked they're non - flammable but i'm not sure now
  5. ItharianEngineering

    ItharianEngineering New Member

    double wood slabs became flammable when they added slabs for all the types of wood.
  6. Predatorkillol

    Predatorkillol New Member

    dammit[DOUBLEPOST=1357549620][/DOUBLEPOST]heres a tip don't put the heating on
  7. Cynsye

    Cynsye New Member

    A 9x9 doesn't have to be boring, try adding buttressing and break up the walls with various blocks. It's amazing what a little contrast and depth can do to bring a building to life.
  8. Celestialphoenix

    Celestialphoenix Too Much Free Time

    I dont think RP microblocks burn, if they do you can put birch covers over stone anticovers ect
  9. ItharianEngineering

    ItharianEngineering New Member

    You are right about that. So I guess you can just turn them into slabs with a saw and double them that way and it will work.
  10. Celestialphoenix

    Celestialphoenix Too Much Free Time

    I'm not sure if this was fixed, but a while back it was possible to halve vanilla microblocks into RP slabs of the same size, giving quad resources.
  11. Majicou

    Majicou New Member

    Just find a redwood biome and make a treehouse! Start it with a stairway up from a large hill, and make a platform out of wood around a first tree. Surround it with fences. Then you can branch out to other trees if you feel it is too small. Also, if you have anything that might explode, make a large room inside your hill as a workroom for dangerous materials.[DOUBLEPOST=1357561144][/DOUBLEPOST]Just find a redwood biome and make a treehouse! Start it with a stairway up from a large hill, and make a platform out of wood around a first tree. Surround it with fences. Then you can branch out to other trees if you feel it is too small. Also, if you have anything that might explode, make a large room inside your hill as a workroom for dangerous materials.
  12. Sphinx2k

    Sphinx2k New Member

    Like to see more ideas.
    I am terrible at building nice looking buildings but from the technical side (all tech trees + more resources than i could spend) i am done on my server with some friends. I have a big ugly looking tower with so much technik stuff in it that it kills the frame rate of everyone or the server tick rate if to much is moving through the magtubes.
    (pictures taken over a week ago)
    So i am thinking of starting over on a new place leaving my old tower behind with everything. I want to try and get a nice looking house with no big visible tech stuff, the needed stuff will be underground. So give me some good inspiration what i could do :)
  13. Bibble

    Bibble New Member

    One of my more interesting designs recently was when I found a red-rock mountain, and made a base in the side. it was still a kind of box room, but it was about 25 blocks long, and about 9 wide, with a big window (i.e. a whole wall) on one side, with extra rooms branching out into the mountain.

    Otherwise, I tend to hijack generated buildings. Things like villages and temples, it can be a challenge to make the machines and workshops line up properly, but not too bad. My current bas was built out of a TC3 dungeon. The later-game stuff was a tower plonked on top. I need to extend it a few floors up a bit (for extra mods and the like), but I enjoy it.
  14. thezeronumber

    thezeronumber New Member

    My base consists of a shoddily-extended blacksmith building from a village. Bed downstairs, open-air storage above and an enchanting room in another house nearby. Despite running around with enchanted diamond tools and having gained so many supplies that I require several gold chests this is my only residence.


    Screenshots were taken before I placed a world anchor to keep the sorting system working while I am away from the area (simply puts "vanilla and beta" items in the regular chest and "new/changed" items in the diamond chest). I take an ender pouch with me while mining so when my inventory starts getting full I can chuck stuff in and never have to worry about it. Once back home I manually sort the supplies; it's crude but it works. Recently I added barrels to cater for the excess of xycraft ores and nikolite I have.

    The main reason I have yet to build a proper home is because I am having too much fun mining with all of the different stuff the MindCrack pack has brought in. Ores galore and a whole lot more! When the novelty drains I will start work on something and have enough resources to do a decent job of it.
  15. Antivyris

    Antivyris New Member

    What I started doing a long time ago is building a room based on need. I take some dirt and consider those my machines, then make walls and floors with cobble. So, bottom floor, is Thaumcraft, two small storage rooms, factorization, nether portal, mining shaft down, and finally a bedroom. After laying it out, build up 3, and roof it. Now, you 'can' end up with a square house, but you don't have to. Add in things like bay windows, lofts, attics, pitched roofs, etc. That said, here is where I really, really wished the builder actually worked.
  16. Tylor

    Tylor Well-Known Member

    I have two base ideas I hope to implement one day

    1. Huge (255-high) tree.
    2. Flying frame base, Wolfenbach Castle-style
  17. jnads

    jnads New Member

    My house:

    I used a turtle to add onto it. I started out with a 9x9-ish shack. Then built the 2nd floor (are that's in reinforced stone right now).

    Then I made a Turtle ComputerCraft program to build the rear portion. Had the turtle build 3 platforms overhanging nothing. Then filled in the walls.

    Currently upgrading it to reinforced stone to survive a nuclear blast.




  18. ICountFrom0

    ICountFrom0 Forum Addict

    I don't think I could handle seeing that house everyday.

    In less then a week I'd break holes in the floor, toss in buckets of lava, and then drop water next to the lava to make pillars to "hold it up" or ... something.

    Part of why when I build the most you see from me is a few towers above the ground, and windows in cliffs.
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  19. thezeronumber

    thezeronumber New Member

    Heh, I think I'd do the same. The perfectionist in me wants to see it balance "lyke reel lyfe".
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  20. Supremeone

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