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Whitelist Server [Hidden Valley] [Ultimate 1.1.2] [Survival] [16 slots] [White-List] [PVE] [Grief Protection]

Discussion in 'Ultimate' started by Vaisnt, Jan 12, 2014.

  1. Vaisnt

    Vaisnt New Member

    Hi candycool, welcome to the server, i'll ad you to the whitelist right away.[DOUBLEPOST=1390351793][/DOUBLEPOST]
    Hi battledwarf, What do you play in band? Your application has been accepted on temporary terms! You have been added to the whitelist.
  2. BattleDwarf

    BattleDwarf New Member

    Thank you and I play trumpet
    Last edited: Jan 22, 2014
  3. Candycool

    Candycool New Member

    Same here, it says I'm not whitelisted either
  4. EndangeredPandasers

    EndangeredPandasers New Member

    In game name:mmitchell11 (Made at a young age.)
    Location in USA:Massachusetts.
    Reason why you want to join:I haven't played FTB Ultimate ever, so I decided to search for some servers for Ultimate v1.1.2.
    A little about your self:Simple guy, likes being on el computer. Nice guy, the cool type.
    Previous Servers:
    No FTB Ultimate 1.1.2 servers, played a little on a server before, I got bored >.>
    An Image of Previous Works: I never took a screenshot of one, and I never play alone...I'm just not a lonely type of guy.
  5. chupari2

    chupari2 New Member

    Age: 17
    In game name: chupari
    Location in USA: not in the us its the netherlands :p
    Reason why you want to join: looking for a new server because the other servers had either loads of griefers or shitty admins
    A little about your self: just that im pretty much always trying to help other, and im bored most of the time or happy depends on something i dont know my self :D
    Previous Servers: quite alot but left those for the reason stated above
  6. LilBoda

    LilBoda New Member

    Age: 17
    In game name: LilBoda
    Location in USA: Pennsylvania
    Reason why you want to join: I'm tired of playing alone.
    A little about your self: I enjoy building huge bases while outfitting it with advanced Technology. Plus I love helping people!
    Previous Servers: I have been on a few FTB servers a while ago.
    An Image of Previous Works: I just got a new computer so i don't have any pics of builds :/
  7. RyoZIN

    RyoZIN New Member

    Age: 20
    In game name: RyoZIN
    Location in USA: Ohio
    Reason why you want to join: Play with a few friends.
    A little about your self: I mostly do tudor and medieval builds. I will not talk about my personal life for my own reasons.
    Previous Servers: Dozens of servers I don't keep track
    An Image of Previous Works:Both my laptop and Desktop have been recently wiped so I have no work saved.
    Last edited: Feb 2, 2014
  8. Frostbringer

    Frostbringer New Member

    Age: 17
    In game name: Frostbringer
    Location in USA: Massachusetts
    Reason why you want to join: Because I have been looking for a fun Feed The Beast server, with a good community.
    A little about your self: I love to join in on helpful communities that will help me learn about the different mods in Feed The Beast.
    Previous Servers: I haven't really played much FTB, and have never applied for any server before.

    An Image of Previous Works: I don't really have pictures of my work, I frequently format my hard drive. Sorry :(
  9. Under9Thousand

    Under9Thousand New Member

    Age: 18
    In game name: Under9Thousand
    Location in USA: The UK :U
    Reason why you want to join: I'm a relatively inexperienced FTBite, so I'm looking for a small and friendly server with a strong community.
    A little about your self: I'm a British college student. I also play LoL, Borderlands and WoW when the cravings get too strong for me. I'm terrible at all of them.
    Previous Servers: N/A
    An Image of Previous Works: good lord the skills http://prntscr.com/2ruydz

    KNIFE4LIFE8 New Member

    Age: 14
    In game name: KNIFE4LIFE8
    Location in USA: Alabama
    Reason why you want to join: I would like to play with my friend JGStoneJr as he has taught me a lot about FTB.
    A little about your self: I am looking forward to playing on a server. I am looking for a small, quiet server that I don't have to worry about greif or anything like that.
    Previous Servers: CraftBlock, Admin on HungryCraft, ParadiseMC

    An Image of Previous Works:I will send you some on Skype if you like...

    Thanks for considering!
  11. NanoVampire

    NanoVampire New Member

    In game name:nanoball
    Location in USA:sorry but i actually live in Australia,Sydney NSW
    Reason why you want to join:Well to be honest.I am not a big fan of the new packs there is a Private pack called TPPI which is available made by the reddit FTB team but not alot of people have a server on it some people nickname it as the future ultimate pack but I like ultimate always did and always will that's the main reason i want to join.
    A little about your self:I'm a nice guy a good builder who loves to help out in the community but never really liked much due to my age. (im mature) I can always help out with technical stuff like a chunk not loading or u not being able to load in since i understand java a bit.
    Previous Servers:Tons but none of them really fitted my server description always got griefed or stolen from or the staff and owners would hate me and ban me since they were corrupt.

    An Image of Previous Works:Like before some guy said u didnt state what kind of previous works so here it is. images.jpg

    *Extra Info* thanks for takin your time to watch this :p
  12. confresi

    confresi New Member

    Age: 21
    In game name: confresi
    Location in USA: Virginia
    Reason why you want to join: I want a small active community with something new. All I've really ever played since Alpha was vanilla or minor mods.
    A little about your self: I'm a graphic design major in my 3rd year of college. Been playing minecraft since early alpha.
    Previous Servers: SerenityMC, Exodus Minecraft, Mongoose Country.

    An Image of Previous Works: http://imgur.com/owr23Df.
  13. Repto

    Repto New Member

    Age: 12 turning 13.
    In game name:
    reptophile (no not a pedophile to reptiles, it's just an old word for reptile lover that nobody uses and i thought it would be catchy, and yes, reptiles are one of my favorite hobbies. Breeding them.)
    Location in USA:
    San Diego, CA
    Reason why you want to join:
    I'd like to join the server because I've always wanted to play on a whitelist server because I thought it would be a better community with nicer people.
    A little about your self:
    I am 12 years old and turning 13 in March, and I am very mature and basically cool with all kinds of people!
    Previous Servers:
    I haven't been on any FTB Ultimate WHITELIST servers before, but I mainly played on BrieRie.
    Skype if I ever want to Skype somebody: daniel.petkov.24
    IRL Name:
    Daniel like in my skype name ;)
    Regards, Repto! reptophiles face.png
  14. BrandonBP

    BrandonBP New Member

    Age: 41
    In game name: BrandonBP
    Location in USA: Gulf Coast
    Reason why you want to join: I like your rules as listed and would love to try the Ultimate modpack.
    A little about your self: I owned a MindCrack server for 6 months last year. (was too expensive :) )
    Previous Servers: I've been playing for a while and have mostly played Mindcrack and vanilla. A bit of Tekkit.

    An Image of Previous Works: Don't have any saved, sorry. But I've made an awesome large airport with a nice runway lighting system and once made a large creeper for the town square using green wool handfarmed from silly green sheep.
  15. Tinman74

    Tinman74 New Member


    IGN: Highwaymanink
    Age: 37
    Why I want to join: Minecraft is more fun with others!
    Experience: I played 2 years ago but my computer couldn't handle it. I still consider myself new.
    Location: Vancouver, Bc Canada
    I don't have Skype or external chat programs
  16. NicholasFoxden

    NicholasFoxden New Member

    Age: 17 (September 2, 1997)
    In game name: NicholasFoxden
    Location in USA: Colorado Springs, Colorado.
    Reason why you want to join: Ultimate is just a lot of fun, and playing by myself in SSP is well... boring.
    A little about your self: I'm generally a really laid back person. (sometimes to the point of laziness...) I love music, I love playing instruments and MAKING music, and I can Zerg rush a modpack like it didn't have progression in the first place. :D
    Previous Servers: The only Ultimate server I can think of off-hand is GalagarCraft, and that one is the one me and some buddies ran a long time ago. We then moved to 152wgt, so it wasn't Ultimate for very long. Other then that, I play on MinePlex, or DHMC.
    An Image of Previous Works: I'm not sorry to say, I'm not the kind of person that takes images of my builds. When I build something great, I let the build itself show how much time and effort went into it. Usually, I do smaller-scale builds, but with really high complexity.
  17. Zatharus28

    Zatharus28 New Member

    Age: 31
    In game name: Zatharus28
    Location in USA: Louisiana
    Reason why you want to join: Looking for a small server to play on
    A little about your self: Just a person looking to play the ultimate pack with other players.
    Previous Servers: Buildception, Mineception, Direstraights

    An Image of Previous Works: Don't have any images of previous works. sorry
  18. fireballfirebs

    fireballfirebs New Member

    Age: 12(i am very mature)
    In game name: fireballfirebs
    Location in USA:Arizona gilbert
    Reason why you want to join:i like ftb but all the servers i play on people steal my power,items,and my head
    A little about your self:i play chess and i play vollyball practise saterday and games on wensday
    Previous Servers:goreacraft

    An Image of Previous Works:this is a new pc i don't have an image

    i hope you accept me and i can play as soon as possible
  19. PrOfAsSs

    PrOfAsSs New Member

    Age: 17
    In game name: PrOfAsSs
    Location in USA: I live in Lithuania
    Reason why you want to join: Well, whitelisted servers are always better. Also i want mine english to get better. Also i need a game so i can spend my freetime.
    A little about your self: As i mentioned i am from Lithuania in Europe. IRL name Donatas. I like gaming as other people always trying to communicate with others. And always good to admins so i never get to a trouble.
    Previous Servers: FTBees

    An Image of Previous Works: Don't really have an image but i really like mansions and i work with bees mostly.
  20. Acialwip

    Acialwip New Member

    Age: 17
    In game name: Acialwip
    Location in USA: I'm from the UK but I have good internet and I stay up late so timezones will link up for playing times
    Reason why you want to join: I want to join because I love building with communities and I love the mudpack.
    A little about your self: I'm 17 from Oxfordshire, England. I'm at college doing business. I play a lot of minecraft since 2011.
    Previous Servers:
    An Image of Previous Works: No previous images, I only just got back into minecraft.

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