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Whitelist Server [Hidden Valley] [Ultimate 1.1.2] [Survival] [16 slots] [White-List] [PVE] [Grief Protection]

Discussion in 'Ultimate' started by Vaisnt, Jan 12, 2014.

  1. Vaisnt

    Vaisnt New Member

    Hidden Valley Feed the beast Minecraft Server
    Server ip: Hiddenvalley.g.akliz.net.
    Server Location: Boston, MA

    1.1.2 version​


    Our new Feed The Beast Server is now accepting applications, we boast a mature community for members to enjoy. Our Acceptance is via Application Only. The land has been mostly been untouched. You can have your own plot of land via: The plugin grief Prevention, and a golden shovel. Also highly considering the Towny Plugin.


    List of plugins: [Chat manger][Towny][essentials][Permissions EX][Plugin Metrics][WorldEdit][WorldGuard]

    Please summit an application with these required fields:

    In game name:
    Location in USA:
    Reason why you want to join:
    A little about your self:
    Previous Servers:

    An Image of Previous Works:
    Rules: No racism.
    Note: Please listen to Moderator's/admins/owner's they know what they're talking about and are willing to help you. Please don't be afraid to ask any questions in your post below.

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  2. Vaisnt

    Vaisnt New Member

    Moderator you can review this now, please and thanks.
  3. Troliuxas

    Troliuxas New Member

    Age: 13 (Turning 14 next month)
    In-Game name: CrazyPear2000
    Location in USA: I don't live in USA, I live in UK, Northern Ireland
    Reason why you want to join: I want to join this server because I want to enjoy playing this server with my friends and other players of the community. Another reason I want to join this server is because there are alot of griefers in other servers I have been in.
    A little about myself: I enjoy building projects with friends and other people & I love engineering.
    Previous Servers: I have played alot of servers but I haven't played online multiplayer for a while now (I played alot of LAN with my brother). But the most recent I can remember is WidowCraft.
    An Image of Previous Works: Well I don't have any images of my works because I had alot of pictures of my buildings before my PC was re-installed and all the files got deleted :(... I built a giant military base and a medieval town with my brother on LAN (And it was deleted too by my small brother... He sometimes accidentally deletes some of my saves because he can't read properly yet)
    Since I'm under 18, here's my skype: erikas-ir-andrius
    I guess that's it.

    (Oh and I posted this on the last forum post before you moved the server to FTB)
  4. Vaisnt

    Vaisnt New Member

    Hello your application has been accepted under trial terms. I will add you to the white list as soon as I can.

  5. Troliuxas

    Troliuxas New Member

    Thx, forgot to tell you, this is my only temporary account (Because It's my brothers), when I'll get my own account I'll inform you
  6. MagicBrowlie

    MagicBrowlie New Member

    In game name:MagicBrowlie
    Location in Europe: Norway
    Reason why you want to join:Want to try out minecraft again. It has been a long time since I last played, and now I am looking for a small server where I can have some fun, without people flying everywhere to kill me in their fancy quantum.. :)
    A little about your self:What can I say.. I'm a boy from Norway who enjoys ftb. I like soccer and kiting.
    Previous Servers: Aerialheights and a few ones that are shutt down

    An Image of Previous Works: *Coolimage*
  7. Vaisnt

    Vaisnt New Member

    Your application has been accepted. Welcome to the whitelist, and enjoy your time on the server!
  8. mitar ruzic

    mitar ruzic New Member

    In game name:Markus031098
    Location in USA:Sorry,dont live in the usa,i livein ireland
    Reason why you want to join:I was looking for a good,small,friendly server to join for the last few weeks.The ones that i have found where griefed to freaking hell or were run by power abuseing admins and mods.I am a friendly person that gets well with people.If i am allowed onto the server and if you will let some of my friends on because i have been looking with them for the last few weeks and i would feel out of place if i got in and they didnt.
    A little about your self:I am 19,go to uni.I get on well with people.I love dota+TF2 and if anyone has a steam account i will add them.
    Previous Servers:I have been alot of severs and i mean alot,some of them are like powercraftmfusion and the beast unleashed,i didnt stay for long because of some of the things that i had mentioned

    An Image of Previous Works:*cough cough*I dont have any pictures sorry*cough cough*
  9. masterchief3683

    masterchief3683 New Member

    In game name:masterchief3683
    Location in USA:I live in Germany
    Reason why you want to join:I've been looking for a nice server to play on with the hopes of playing on a server that doesn't reset some of the progress everyday,but has a great community to interact with.
    A little about your self:I'm a 19 year-old student from Germany who enjoys playing FTB with some friends or other people.Besides gaming,I also enjoy playing football and volleyball.
    Previous Servers:
    I have played on many different servers,but almost all of them had map resets which made me leave those.
    An Image of Previous Works:Couldn't find any sorry
  10. Vaisnt

    Vaisnt New Member

    Your application has been accepted. Welcome to the whilist, and enjoy your time on the server. Also; your friends are definitely allowed just have them use the forums and make sure they mention your name in the post.[DOUBLEPOST=1390014869][/DOUBLEPOST]
    Your application has been accepted. Welcome to the whitelist, and enjoy your time on the server.
  11. DrCoolAid

    DrCoolAid New Member

    In game name: Dr_CoolAid
    Location in USA: Colorado
    Reason why you want to join: I'm looking for a great community that likes FTB as much as me
    A little about your self: I Get along really good with other people, i'm nice to other people and i really like FTB
    Previous Servers: I Have played on many servers, they either get shut down or map resets, and the i just stop playing them.

    An Image of Previous Works: I don't have any images of my past work, sorry.
  12. Nolyak

    Nolyak New Member

    Im not sure what the issue is right now, but every time I login to the server I'm just slowly falling through nothing and shortly after that the server seems to crash. The first time the server crashed it was just as i was placing some wooden conductive pipe but I doubt that has much to do with it.
  13. mitar ruzic

    mitar ruzic New Member

    The is a old bug that happened to me before,it was fixed when i re-downloaded the pack.
  14. Nolyak

    Nolyak New Member

    Ok, thanks. I'll give that shot.
  15. Nolyak

    Nolyak New Member

    Well tried that twice. Still having the same problem.
  16. Maigus

    Maigus New Member

    In game name: Maigus
    Location: Germany
    Reason why you want to join: Want to play with others, more fun to show buildings than building them just for myself
    A little about your self: I am a student in mechanical engineering
    Previous Servers:-

    An Image of Previous Works:
  17. Vaisnt

    Vaisnt New Member

    Your application has been accepted. Welcome to the whitelist, and enjoy your time on the server.[DOUBLEPOST=1390074554][/DOUBLEPOST]
    I'm not honestly sure why you have had these problems, i do know that java just updated. I will look for solutions when i can, but i don't believe its server side.
  18. Vaisnt

    Vaisnt New Member

    Your application has been accepted. Welcome to the whitelist, and enjoy your time on the server.
  19. Nolyak

    Nolyak New Member

    Ok well from what i've read it has to be server side. It sounds like a bad block that is causing a server crash. When I log in it's loading the chunk with the bad block resulting in a server crash. I have been able to chat with other people on the server in the minute or 2 before the crash and they are lagging out until the server crashes as well, but only when I log in.

    Also i can get into single player no problem with the same pack.

    Since the block I placed when the server crashed was a wooden conductive pipe that leads me to believe it is an issue with the BC pipes or at least some issue with the one i placed when the server first crashed.

    If my spawn point could be reset I may be able to remove that block and fix the issue, or an admin might have to use McEdit to remove it if it causes issue when the chunk is loaded after spawn as well.

    I have re downloaded both the pack and launcher and made sure i have only the newest version of java 64 installed several times, as well as tried another pc but had the same problem every time.

    *Edit for typos*
  20. Nolyak

    Nolyak New Member

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