Gunpowder farm

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Nov 14, 2022
So im new to modded minecraft and have been playing some FTB University 1.16 and I've been having a lot of fun with Botania in particular.
After looking online for some fun ways to automate mana genaration I think its pretty clear an Entropinnyum farm is the best/most efficient way to go.
Now i've seen a bunch of different setup's on how to set up such a farm completly automatically in some really creative ways, but I never see anyone mentioning how to actually get the TNT/gunpowder required in an automated fashion.
I know you can just get an average mob farm but I find it hard to believe there isnt a more effiecent way within the modpack, so I've been wondering how some of you guys go about it.



Too Much Free Time
Nov 9, 2012
Tartarus.. I mean at work. Same thing really.
I think Botania lets you transmute flint into gunpowder (then using other mods for cobblestone->gravel->flint)
Quite a few mods add a crafting recipe- giving you options to automate charcoal, sulphur etc...
And there's always the go-to method of using bees (if a bee mod is present)