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GregTech Machine Upgrades?

Discussion in 'General FTB chat' started by SpartanBlockhead, Jun 3, 2013.

  1. With the latest update of the FTB Ultimate pack, every GregTech machine has "Possible Upgrades: O T B M" underneath its name. What does this mean? I'm hoping this means we can finally use overclockers, but that's probably not the case. Does anyone know?
  2. Moasseman

    Moasseman Well-Known Member

    Have you played the 1.5.2 packs?
  3. Adonis0

    Adonis0 Popular Member

    It is actually that you can use overclockers
    O = overclockers
    T = transformer
    B = Battery
    M = MJ conversion upgrade

    Realise however that the overclocker mechanism in these differ slightly to the IC2 machines
    you get 2x the speed of the previous upgrade, and requires 4x the energy to do so.
    This means that they stack up very quickly. Very fast, but very power hungry
  4. Captain_Oats

    Captain_Oats Well-Known Member

    Can place Overclockers (O), Energy storage (B for battery I assume?), transformer (T), and an upgrade that allows machines to run off of MJ (M) instead of EU by right clicking the machine with the upgrade in your hand. I don't know how to remove the upgrades, but you can view what upgrades a machine has by using the portable scanner.

    A quick search should go into more explanation on how overclockers affect EU draw and processing speed. The decrease in efficiency becomes pretty substantial as you put in more overclockers, so be careful.
  5. Adonis0

    Adonis0 Popular Member

    Question, while we're talking about them
    How do you remove the upgrades once you've put them on?
    That's one that I haven't figured out yet
  6. whizzball1

    whizzball1 Forum Addict

    You can't.

  7. No, mainly because they don't include Redpower. I'm a heavy Redpower user and I won't go to 1.5 until it updates.
  8. Shakie666

    Shakie666 Well-Known Member

    A tip: don't bother with overclockers in GT machines. The amount of extra power they need is outrageous, and you can't remove them without breaking the machine. You'd be far better off just making multiple machines.
  9. Siro

    Siro Well-Known Member

    I was somewhat surprised when my industrial centrifuge started sucking down around 2000eu/t after clicking too many times with overclockers (I kept forgetting whether or not I had overclocked it). It would be awesome if there was an indicator of some sort as to what upgrades have been applied (or I'm just missing what's right in front of me if it actually exists).
  10. danidas

    danidas Well-Known Member

    Only way to remove a upgrade is to remake the machine and avoid upgrading it in the first place.

    The only ones that really matter are the coils for the industrial blast furnace as they allow you to upgrade it to higher heat levels with out upgrading the casings. Other then that don't bother with them unless you have a ton of energy to spare are swimming in UU matter and iridium.

    You can use the new scanner Greg added to find out what upgrades a machine has, a long with a ton of other info.
  11. Siro

    Siro Well-Known Member

    Excellent, thanks!
  12. newbelius

    newbelius New Member


    Is there a different Gregtech scanner than the non-craftable one? Unfortunately, the scanner looks like it would be useful if I wasn't on a server.
  13. Harvest88

    Harvest88 Well-Known Member

    Yea Assembler put in Lithium battery (empty) and a Cropanylizer, and it's a 16eu/t 640 seconds recipe.
  14. namiasdf

    namiasdf Well-Known Member

    Remember, once the upgrades are applied you cannot remove them. Once upgraded, all the vanilla recipes will be changed as well. Furnaces requiring iridium and sticks that require sunnarium. -Beware-
  15. Shakie666

    Shakie666 Well-Known Member

    Except that sunnarium isn't even part of GT, its part of advanced solars. If your going to make false statements like this, you should at least get the facts right.

    EDIT: Actually to be fair, you were right about upgrades not being removable. Its why I prefer to just mass produce the machines (usually centrifuges and assembling machines).
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  16. Harvest88

    Harvest88 Well-Known Member

    Plus it's more effective to use more than one machine. You can save power and even stretch your energy out if your know what's your doing. (Logistic chaises anyone?)
  17. Lawbroken

    Lawbroken Retirement Retired Staff

    Please play nice.
    I don't want to lock this thread so early.

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