Green team biomass not filling

Discussion in 'FTB Pyramid Reborn' started by Kayla Boucher, Mar 20, 2018.

  1. I broke into the biomass area because it was not filling. The resonant servo needs to be switched from whitelist to blacklist, then it works.
    Also almost all the computer screens are black so I can't see my quests. The computer emergency reset doesn't help.
  2. slowpoke

    slowpoke Administrator FTB Founder

    This is very weird. It makes no sense that blacklisting biomass would work. Which version of the map is this on? Can you confirm this is on the server side map for 2.0.1.I am on our test version of the map now and it appears to be working correctly.
  3. I'm sorry, but could you tell me how to locate that information? I believe it is though. When I open FTB the title says "FTB Pyramid reborn (v2.0.1) minecraft version 1.12.2" I only downloaded it two days ago.
  4. Iplay2L8

    Iplay2L8 Guest

    I had the same problem. its set to take industrial craft biomass bucket and not forestry biomass bucket
  5. slowpoke

    slowpoke Administrator FTB Founder

    We are still investigating this, but have not been able to replicate it at this time unfortunately.

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