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Discussion in 'Mod Discussion' started by MajPayne21, Jul 8, 2014.

  1. MajPayne21

    MajPayne21 New Member

    Hi all,

    I'm having a server problem with GasCraft. I don't know how, but someone has apparently exposed a gas source block in a cavern/ravine. I now have, according to Opis, about 17,000 tile entities of natural gas spread over the irregular roof of the ravine and causing a lot of lag as they move around.

    I need to accomplish a few things: eliminate the existing tile entities with minimal world damage and find the source and eliminate or contain it.

    The problem is that I don't know where the source blocks are. I don't even really know how the mod works.

    Things I have tried:
    Quarry the area - quarry plus, even with pump plus, gets 'stuck' when the head runs into a gas block and absolutely will not proceed.

    Light the gas on fire to force it to explode - the sudden dropping of entities has caused the server to crash, and the player doing the lighting frequently is kicked with an error in the console. I am afraid to continue with this method due to apparent risk of world issues.

    Gas mask and find the source block - as far as I know, the only sources are the shale gas bedrock pieces (some of my problems are probably due to not understanding how the mod works). I haven't been able to find an obvious source.

    Things I am thinking of trying:
    Deleting the chunks in the region file and regenerating them. This fixes the ridiculous number of tile entities but does not prevent a recurrence.

    I am open to using a mod-based solution if one exists to capture all the gas and 'cap the wellhead', but I still have to find the source.

    I'm not really pleased with the 17,000 constantly updating tile entities. I would also be willing to use config options or force-remove the mod if that would delete the existing entities, but I don't want to corrupt the world, if possible.

    I do have backups, so if something goes wrong, at worst I am back where I started.

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  2. midi_sec

    midi_sec New Member

    make a backup of the world and attempt to worldedit the offending entities out.
  3. Kirameki

    Kirameki New Member

    You should be able to just delete/purge all of that entity type from OPIS to solve the problem. I don't recall exactly how the gas works, IIRC it dissipates if spread thin enough. I was also not aware that it generates in pockets, natural gas is normally only available by fracking a shale resource block - I'd be suspicious of whoever "found" that as they more than likely placed the source blocks manually or set up the fracker with a vent or exhaust module to just dump the gas into the world.
  4. Padfoote

    Padfoote Brick Thrower Team Member Forum Moderator

    IIRC there are actual pockets of gas in the world.
  5. Kirameki

    Kirameki New Member

    I don't believe these are gascraft though, since the gas inside is invisible and doesn't spread at all even if disturbed, and when ignited just burns out w/no explosion.
  6. Padfoote

    Padfoote Brick Thrower Team Member Forum Moderator

    Taken from the MCF post for Emasher's mods:
  7. Kirameki

    Kirameki New Member

    OK, you got me there. Though, if that's the case I'm confused how it turned into 17,000 TEs like OP stated. I've mined my way into (and mistakenly placed a torch and ignited) these and nothing like that ever happened.
  8. Padfoote

    Padfoote Brick Thrower Team Member Forum Moderator

    Could very well be a weird glitch that occurred, or someone screwing up as you said. I doubt there was a pocket large enough for 17k entities, and I still doubt that several pockets would be enough for this.

    Also, can OPIS delete TEs? I thought it could only handle entities.
  9. Kirameki

    Kirameki New Member

    Hmm...I thought it was TEs that I had to wipe out once, but not entirely sure. I'll have to double check tonight, at work right now.
    There's also a command-line world editing tool I found a while back that may help, I need to find where I installed it on my server. Sigh...if only they'd make a *good* SSH client+keyboard for android.

    Found it:
    Can replace all block types in a radius around a specific point in the world. I've saved a couple corrupted worlds with this tool before.
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  10. Padfoote

    Padfoote Brick Thrower Team Member Forum Moderator

    I've messed with OPIS a little and know it can handle entities, but I'm not sure about TEs. I guess it could be possible, but the damage potential behind that makes it doubtful.
  11. Kirameki

    Kirameki New Member

    You're probably right, I was probably thinking entities. I'm derping left and right today, maybe I should stop posting.. :p
    Though I'm pretty darn sure OPIS gives coords for tile entities, or at the very least OP can TP directly to the TE and then get coords, or extract coords from the player data w/NBTEdit if the client crashes.
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  12. Padfoote

    Padfoote Brick Thrower Team Member Forum Moderator

    It'll give the coords to pretty much everything. So that's a solution.
  13. MajPayne21

    MajPayne21 New Member

    Thanks for the responses, guys! I agree that it's odd to end up with 17,000 TEs for this, but based on my knowledge of gascraft, the gas blocks split into additional TEs by splitting the 'concentration' of gas in one TE to multiple, new TEs. The TEs spread and then dissipate if concentration gets low enough, but my issue is that they are trapped in a ceiling and constantly shifting around, causing a lot of updates.

    Maybe to confirm, could someone run Opis on a server using Monster 1.1.2 and let me know the number of active 'Natural Gas' tile entities detected?

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  14. Kirameki

    Kirameki New Member

    I can run it on mine in 3 hours when I get home, sure. Are they labeled exactly as 'Natural Gas'? If I don't detect any I'll dump some out into a contained area and see what happens.
  15. MajPayne21

    MajPayne21 New Member

    Yes, they are tile entities that should be called Natural Gas in Opis. It would be wonderful to have a baseline amount to compare to. I suspect that in your 441 chunk area that a few pockets exist, so a couple hundred to a thousand wouldn't surprise me. I think our problem is that someone was mining and found a source or a natural pocket and opened it to a huge ravine with a roof.

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  16. Kirameki

    Kirameki New Member

    Alright I just ran Opis and checked my world - nothing. No natural gas anywhere.
    So, I gave myself a vial and dropped it in a small room. it spawned 24 tile entities with that name as a green gas. 9.180 timing, 0.383 mean value. They only appeared under the Tile Entities (type) list, though. Hmm, I see the difficulty. What you CAN do, though, is go to the Chunks tab and look for the chunk with the most tile entities, then you can narrow your search down easier. (note the coords are in chunks, so multiply them by 16.)
  17. darkcamo12

    darkcamo12 New Member

    There is a gas block the looks the exact same as stone and once broken turns into the national gas and spreads like crazy

    I have ran into a few on the server I run and found the only way to remove the gas was world edit using the //replacenear command
  18. Padfoote

    Padfoote Brick Thrower Team Member Forum Moderator

    If it gets to be a real problem (as in a continuous one), you could MCEdit out whatever is spawning the gas in the first place or clear out the gas pockets in areas like ravines. It kind of makes the mod difficult, but it's better than having crippling lag.

    Obviously, backup everything first.
  19. ScottulusMaximus

    ScottulusMaximus New Member

    Why don't you just set it's id to 0?

    EDIT: yup in the configs the gas has an id, set to 0 and it'll all magically go away... I'm guessing it's one of these:

    I:"Corrosive Gas ID"=3162
    I:"Gas Block ID"=3163
    I:"Gas Pocket ID"=3164
  20. MajPayne21

    MajPayne21 New Member

    I tried actually harvesting the blocks from the ravine roof with Engineers Toolbox fans. That turned out to be a massive PITA because the fans have relatively short range and only work on the same y-level. Also, it appeared that disturbing one of the gas tile entites caused it to start growing and spreading all over the place. At this point, I believe there may be a bug where the original gas block may not be losing fluid content, because I had one block spawning 40 or more 'child' blocks and just generally making a mess of things.

    I did learn that you can 'reset' a quarry plus if it hits a block that stops it (like natural gas) by right clicking with a wrench or crescent hammer. The more you know!

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