[GAME THREAD] TarkirWolf


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Jul 29, 2019
And what if you are a wolf? Then they don't really learn a lesson right? :p
If I was the gm. And look at pyure's history. (Wolf then "wolfish" neutral) i woudl've not made him a wolf again. :p

And i don't know about the neutrals in this game. Like normally haven't checked out the sheet yet.

But i like this experiment. Cause
Pyure said:
For the record I don't have any plans for alliances at this time.


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Jul 29, 2019
Vote Nobody.

No point in choosing anyone without reason. (The whole Pyure on N1 is merely tradition speaking, truth to be told.)

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Someone Else 37

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Feb 10, 2013
End of day 1 in about four hours; just so y'all are aware.

Speaking of which, here's a vote recap:
Nobody (8): Vike, Lens, Traj, Leth, Epic, Sora, RJS, Cheese, Striking
Pyure (6): J, sg, Nojr, Pizza, Dylan, MewTwo
Vike (1): Pyure
RJS (1): SpwnX

Looks like everyone's voted... if any of you haven't sent me your power targets and you intend to do so tonight, you have four hours.