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Feb 10, 2013
The draconic newcomer, Nicol Bolas, has already begun to manipulate the denizens of Tarkir into fighting against the spirit dragon Ugin. However, another newcomer, a man who calls himself Sarkhan, has come to protect Ugin at all costs. But to what end?

This is the game thread for TarkirWolf, if you haven't figured that out already; and here you all will decide the fate of Tarkir. Don't post on this thread if you haven't signed up here.

End of Day (hopefully it's not too badly derped for anyone)
Roles and Rules
NOTE: I changed a couple things at the last minute. Ugin's passive ability will now redirect the wolfkill as well as Acid-Spewer et al, and Bolas and Yasova's abilities will notify their target whether or not they are successful.

These players are in the game (remind me if I don't update this with role reveals when people die):
  1. VikeStep- Sultai Necromancer, killed by Lightning Shrieker N1
  2. lenscas
  3. trajing
  4. the_J485
  5. SpwnX- Wardscale Dragon, died defending theEpic5 N2
  6. Pyure
  7. Lethosos- Yasova Dragonclaw, killed by SpwnX N2
  8. TheEpic5
  9. sgbros1
  10. 016Nojr
  11. SoraZodia
  12. pizzawolf14
  13. dylanpiera
  14. HeilMewTwo
  15. RJS
  16. LivingAngryCheese
  17. Strikingwolf
Oh, and Shazam, I need some alts. Ten or so would probably do it; I don't care which ones.

Let the games... BEGIN!
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Mar 11, 2014
Wow Pyure, you are very popular this game :p

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