[Game thread] StormWolves (previously known as "Prolupus") [Werewolves/Mafia]


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May 8, 2013
"Matt... that sounds like such a nice name, doesn't it?
Well names don't matter a lot if you're a category 4 hurricane, now do they?

You folks underestimated the power of this hurricane a lot and were shaking your heads when guest after guest left "Shaky Highway", an old motel just off Route 75. It was only until the storm got so violent that a low-flying mailbox shattered a window and left a big dent in the fridge of the Parker family's room, that it occurred to you to to find shelter. Luckily, the owner of the establishment knew of an old bomb-shelter back in the woods owned by one of those paranoid locals who had skipped town as soon as the news about Matt set foot on Florida shore.

Luckily all of you made it to the bunker alive, except BigdBigd03, who got felled down by a tree on the way there. Ever since, you've been locked inside this empty hole in the ground, with enough food to last a few days. What only few of you knew, however, was that there's Werewolves among you. @dylanpiera found out first actually, but since he's dead now, only the bite marks on his mangled limbs are left to tell you this.

As any group of sensible people would do in a stressful situation like this, you decide to kill someone every evening to narrow down who the werewolves are and in the hope that some of you will leave the Everglades with their head attached to their body.

There's only one means you've found to vote with though. And that's the hundreds of poker chips that the owner apparently stored here."

If you look at the roles, you may notice that those are pretty normal for a game of Mafia. The rules for voting, however are pretty different. You can divide your vote over different people, if you want to. You are allowed to put each percentage of your vote on a different person, however since there are only 11 players, this is not technically possible.

Some rules
Votes can be cast in the following format:
<Vote|Antismite> <Player1> [<Percentage1>, <Player2> <Percentage2>] [, <Player3> <Percentage3>]*
For examples, see the role sheet.
Please bold your votes.
In case of lynch-vote ties, the voter who caused the tie gets lynched instead of the tied players.
If someone is in the top-two of the lynch two days in a row they will always get lynched.
If you don't vote, you'll automatically 100%-antismite yourself.
Please don't ghost.
The role-sheet should contain all this, and more information.

  1. Dragon_fang - Lynched D3, Villager
  2. Erindalc - Barman
  3. Fowltief - Killed N3, Doctor
  4. Nojr - Villager
  5. Profrags - Villager
  6. Pyure - Wolf - Rolecop
  7. RealKC - Lynched D2, Villager
  8. Scottly - Killed N2, Detective
  9. Shazam - Killed N1, Villager
  10. Someone Else - Wolf
  11. Vikestep - Lynched D1, even-night Vigilante
End of day

Day 1 begins now!
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May 8, 2013
Role convos have been sent!
Let the wind crack the trees like the measly toothpicks they really are!
(See last line of the OP)


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Aug 14, 2013
Waterloo, Ontario
yay I have my wolf conv-- wait. I mean, my lack of plausibly-incriminating convo.

Vote 50% vikestep, vote 50% Shazam08


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Jul 29, 2019
Alright, boys, let's do this.

Vote 11% Dragonfang
Vote 6% Erindalc
Vote 7% Fowltief
Vote 8% 016Nojr
Vote 22% Profrags
Vote 13% Pyure
Vote 5% RealKC
Vote 9% Scottly318
Vote 16% Someone Else 37
Vote 3% Vikestep

Someone Else 37

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Feb 10, 2013
Hey, um, question, can I vote 53% realKC, vote the rest dragon_fang?

If not, vote 53% realKC, 47% dragon_fang


Vote 10% Dragonfang
Vote 10% Erindalc
Vote 10% Fowltief
Vote 10% 016Nojr
Vote 10% Shaz
Vote 10% Pyure
Vote 10% RealKC
Vote 10% Scottly318
Vote 10% Someone Else 37
Vote 10% Vikestep

Cuz why not!


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May 8, 2013
Vote tally:
1. RealKC 213%
2. Fowltief & VikeStep 185%
4. Dragon_fang 157%
5. Pyure 111% Everyone above Pyure hasn't voted.
6. Nojr & Shazam 60%
8. Scottly 59%
9. Profrags
10. Erindalc & Someone Else​

Up for lynch: RealKC.
(@RealKC, a fair warning: If you vote and you don't vote for Fowl and Vike with different weights, for Dragon_Fang with at least 29% or Pyure with at least 75%, you'll still be up for lynch for causing the lynch tie.)

Haven't voted:
@VikeStep, @RealKC, @fowltief, @dragon_fang101

End of day will probably be an hour later, which IMO is not such a problem, because we started the day an hour late to begin with.
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Jul 29, 2019
vote 50% profrags and 50% Erin I thought I pushed send..

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