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Discussion in 'Forum Games' started by Someone Else 37, Jul 26, 2016.

  1. erindalc

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    Vote Someone Else 37
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  3. Someone Else 37

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    Day 3 is over!

    (Totally forgot about the recap. Sorry guys; doing it now.)
  4. Someone Else 37

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    Avacyn may have saved erindalc's life yesterday, but the townspeople weren't convinced. After a day of very little discussion, he was led up to the gallows once again, and this time the rope did not snap. Investigation of his home revealed that he was a blacksmith, and for some reason he owned what appeared to be a few sets of very sharp steel claws. There was also a lot of what appeared to be dog hair strewn around the floor of the shop, yet no sign of an actual dog. Also, there were a bunch of claw marks on the inside of the door, and it looked like the hinges had been damaged and repaired multiple times. This guy showed all the signs of being an actual werewolf.

    That night, while canine howls tore through the night lit by the half-moon once again, but not as many as there were the night before. The howls were, however, much louder and closer than before, punctuated, right about midnight, by a bloodcurdling scream. By the time anyone got there, there wasn't much left of Robijnvogel, and the wolf that had attacked him was nowhere to be seen.

    • erindalc was lynched! He was a Village Ironsmith!
    • [​IMG] [​IMG]
    • Robijnvogel was eaten by the wolves! He was a Thraben Inspector!
    • [​IMG]

    Commence Day 4!
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  5. 016Nojr

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    I can still antismite pyure \o/
  6. Someone Else 37

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    GM error: I left a thing out of the recap.

    • RealKC was zombified!
    • [​IMG]

    Carry on.
  7. VictiniX888

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    Vote Nobody based on the assumption that the Nightfall Predator is not in the game
  8. 016Nojr

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    Vote victini, nobody would ever do that in the risk of having an extra wolf kill.

    Victini also asked for my role, I would guess that would be for tracking down who to kill.
  9. VictiniX888

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    Considering everyone other than you knows my role by now:
    I'm the Mad Prophet. And I need your role.
  10. 016Nojr

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    antismite Pyure then
  11. Lethosos

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    Vote nobody.

    Might be one, might not. But I was asked to. :)

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  12. VikeStep

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    I do feel that Victini has most everything under control at this point and am comfortable voting nobody

    I may be up an hour before end of day.
  13. Pyure

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    vote Nojr
  14. 016Nojr

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  15. 016Nojr

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    Have everyone voted?
  16. Shazam08

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    Vote Nobody

    They have now.
  17. 016Nojr

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  18. Someone Else 37

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    It can, although at this point, it's after day end time anyway, so... meh.

    Day 4 is over! Recap on the way!
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  19. 016Nojr

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    Plz dont kill pyure
  20. Someone Else 37

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    Yesterday was a day of very little discussion. About all that happened was that one cathar stood up and announced to the rest of the townsfolk that he had spoken with the geists of the recently deceased and that everything was under control and would be taken care of without any further violence. Some people were a little skeptical, but most of them went along with it. For the first evening in a few days, the gallows sat unused.

    That night, under the light of the full moon, the head cathar Thalia, one of the few humans that had been present during the catastrophic duel between Avacyn the archangel and Griselbrand the archdemon that had left them both imprisoned in the Helvault, decided it was finally time to crack open the moonsilver prison and release what was contained therein. On the one hand, she'd be letting out all the demons that Avacyn had bound into the prison over the past few centuries, which would certainly come back to cause problems in the future, but on the other hand, this werewolf problem was getting pretty severe and Thraben could really use the archangel's help right now. Thalia cast the spell to sunder the Helvault, shattering the moonsilver chunk into a multitude of glittering shards. Numerous dark streaks shot out into the darkness of the night just as a golden helix shot straight up into the air.

    Avacyn was back.

    The archangel then promptly flew off to fire a bolt of purifying light at a couple of ghouls that were marching toward Thraben.

    Later that night, one disgruntled cathar heard a werewolf howling near his home and realized that he could do something about it. He took up his staff and a vampire stake (just in case), stepped out into the night, and blew the unfortunate wolf to smithereens, cutting its howl short.

    No more howling was heard that night.

    • Nobody was lynched! He was nonexistent!
    • The Helvault was sundered by Thalia, releasing Avacyn!
    • [​IMG]
    • bigdbigd03 was slain by Avacyn! He was a Gravecrawler!
    • [​IMG]
    • RealKC was slain by Avacyn! He was a Gravegrawler!
    • [​IMG]
    • VikeStep was slain by a Slayer of the Wicked! He was a Silverpelt Werewolf!
    • [​IMG] [​IMG]

    All of the Werewolves have been vanquished from the town of Thraben! The villagers have won!

    Declassified GM Sheet

    Full list of winners and losers (and card pictures) coming up shortly.
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