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Discussion in 'Other Servers' started by owned, Feb 28, 2015.


    DHILLON New Member

    IGN: DH1LL0N
    Age: 24
    Timezone: Eastern Time Zone (UTC-05:00)
    (optional) Extra info: I am just looking for a server with a good community to play on also I know a lot about ftb
  2. Philly_Cheasteak

    Philly_Cheasteak New Member

    IGN: Philly_Cheasteak
    Age: 15 3/4
    Timezone: EST (US East Coast)
    (Optional) Extra info: Yes I know I spelled cheesesteak wrong. Been a while since I've played Minecraft, took like a year long break, but I'm looking to get back into it.
  3. owned

    owned New Member

    Sorry for the late responses guys let me know if you are still interested in joining the server.

    We have plenty of room on the server willing to accept 10 or so more people i should have a website up by this weekend so keep an eye out for that if you are interested in that sorta thing.
  4. chardo440

    chardo440 New Member

    IGN: chardo440
    Age: 23
    Timezone: EST
    (Optional) Extra info: Just looking for a server with a few fun bunch of people to talk with while playing!
  5. owned

    owned New Member

    Accepted server ip is
  6. Tuckintaco93

    Tuckintaco93 New Member

  7. Extreme_Gamer134

    Extreme_Gamer134 New Member

    IGN: ExTrEmE_Gamer134
    Age: 15
    Timezone: GMT
  8. Martin4456

    Martin4456 New Member

    IGN: Martin4456
    Age: 13
    Timezone:GMT +1 (CET)
    (Optional) Extra info: i love playing infinity and wanna join a community server :), i like small servers with teamspeak.
  9. Dexal

    Dexal New Member

    @owned I don't know if it's a plugin conflict or thing along those lines but the placer block quarry and stuff that automatically place/break thing doesn't works if you can fix it :)
  10. owned

    owned New Member

    Sure i will look into it tonight when i'm home thanks for letting me know.

    EDIT: @Dexal Quarry and other block placer/breaker stuff fixed and server is now 1.3.4
    Last edited: Apr 3, 2015
  11. owned

    owned New Member

    Public server now Open no white-listing required see OP for more info!
  12. PastorBones

    PastorBones New Member

    IGN: PastorBones
    Age: 38
    Timezone: CST (-6 GMT)
  13. Darktoast

    Darktoast New Member

    IGN: Silenttoast
    Age: 16 (I'm very use to playing on mature servers)
    Timezone: EST (Eastern Standard Time) GMT -4 hours.
    (Optional) Extra info: I'm really excited to play on this server. All the servers I've found are either full of griefers or have a ton of banned items. It will be nice yo play without worrying about having your work blown up at any time.
  14. Dexal

    Dexal New Member

    @owned Can u disable the mob griefing pls :)?
  15. aznrage

    aznrage New Member

    Having trouble connecting, says I have invalid session every time.
  16. Siou_

    Siou_ New Member

    IGN: Siou_
    Age: 17(mature enough, don't mind cussing, i only cuss a little)
    Timezone: UTC+10:00
    Extra Info: Been waiting for a small server to play and make new friends.
  17. DjCrxnch

    DjCrxnch New Member

    IGN DjCrxnch
    Age 16
    timezone eu
    extra info i allways wanted to play modded but i would keep getting things took from me or the server would shut down i hope you whitelist me so i can be happy!
  18. owned

    owned New Member

    Whitelist server is currently down working on upgrading to 1.4.0 public server is still on 1.3.4.
  19. Dexal

    Dexal New Member

    Still down?
  20. iBootleg

    iBootleg New Member

    IGN: iBootleg
    Age: 23 (24 in a few months)
    Timezone: Us Central
    (Optional) Extra info: I'm Looking for a reliable white list server to play on. I'm fairly casual player (some weeks i play every day others i won't get on for more then a couple hours).

    Question: How often are you planing to reset the map? If its to often I won't get far.

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